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  1. 4 runs in 18 innings against one of the worst pitching staffs in baseball, that‘ll do
  2. I bet it is, if not, I just want a 10% cut of the future ad revenue
  3. I’d rather watch a guy on youtube eat expired TV dinners than this offense
  4. props to lynn for a great game even after the delay. Diekmann looked nasty, but he‘s had that filthy stuff his entire career he just tends to completely lose any control from time to time
  5. I still hate Nate Schierholtz with a passion because one dude on WSI wouldn’t shut up about him 😂
  6. This would still be highly situational tho. Homers and walks aren’t.
  7. That wouldn’t make that much of a difference though. Putting the ball in play and hitting the other way would be WSI‘s (RIP) collective dream come through tho 😆
  8. This Sox team is the definite proof that batting average is a useless stat. This should be a laugher at this point. 12 hits - 11 singles
  9. They really wanna leave the sinking ship,huh? 😆
  10. Jesus Christ, you still have to hit the ball in the air to hit homers. It doesn’t really matter in that case if you swing an aluminum bat or a piano leg. Don’t be dense. Vaughn is hitting the shit out of the ball, but his launch angle (just like the entire team) is lower than it should be. Your hot take is: he doesn’t have enough power for 1B.
  11. The thing is: Firing Rick Hahn doesn’t accomplish anything. The reason the Sox have been a dysfunctional mess is that nobody knows who is really in charge. Hahn, KW, LaRussa? Or is Jerry so hands on that he is the de facto GM? Rick Hahn might as well be the best GM in the world, but with the way the organization is set up he would be just another fall guy.
  12. I like that you conveniently left out Matt Wisler in the Kimbrel trade who was a top level prospect and that they had to take on a godawful B.J. Upton. Just to make your Padres look better. 😆
  13. reading this after your vaughn post made me think about the White Sox offering Vaughn for Gallo and now I want to die.
  14. Shelby Miller trade also during his tenure there
  15. you have watched enough baseball that you should know that baseball is a high variance sport. If you replay last year‘s alds 10 times the sox probably win that series 4 times. The absolutely dreadful Dbacks probably win that series three times.
  16. pretty amazing that nobody ever talks about how disastrous his tenure in az was.
  17. joe kelly even at his best has always been erratic, but that double he gave up was more bad luck than anything
  18. free agency would be the obvious answer, but realistically that means shedding some payroll. Of course Keuchel will be off the books as well.
  19. These conversations about Soto will lead to a reunion with cesar hernandez 🙃
  20. Pollock for Gallo, throw in Sheets too. Pray that Gallo finds his mojo again. Working with Menechino, he will probably become a singles hitter tho 😆
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