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De-troit sucks! 9-16 game thread 6:10


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12 hours ago, chw42 said:

White Sox pitchers: oh so, throw him breaking pitches in the zone? 

This just shows you how the Sox pitchers and Katz are the dumbest and most clueless in baseball. Baez goes 3-3. Are you f#*king kidding me! Everyone in MLB except the Sox, apparently seem to follow the 0-Swing% stats. Baez is dead last in the majors in the swinging out of zone stat at 47.3%. WTG your dumb idiot Sox pitchers and coaching staff for throwing Baez pitches to hit!

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12 hours ago, Lip Man 1 said:

32nd game this season the Sox lost to a team with a losing record.

And it is the 71st time in 145 games they have scored three runs or less.

Of course, why would our boys need to take a last place team seriously when the Tigers are last in MLB in runs scored and 33 games under 500 going into the game. 

Another typical Sox game where the entire team goes hitless collectively at the plate:

Moncada 0-5
Sheets     0-3
Gonzalez 0-1
Pollack    0-4
Gradual  0-4

RISP - 2-12 


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13 hours ago, chw42 said:

Yoan with his patented 0-5 after looking like a world beater the day before. 

Patented is a good word for it!

I am sick and tired of his cavalier attitude and these constant up and down games. He needs to go and not be on the roster next season, along with several other players gone.

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13 hours ago, GreenSox said:

Let's hope it's not quite like it, because the return for Carlos Lee was a joke.
The value was that it created payroll space to sign players they needed.

Uhh they got Pods to lead off and had a pretty good season. 

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