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3/2/2023 3/1 Sox vs Colorado, 2:10PM CT, no tv

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1 hour ago, zisk said:

As a well known Burger booster, I'd love to see him get 500 at bats. And I don't care who has to sit

to achieve this.


Why are people suddenly Burger stans?  He can mash LHP, something most of this roster can already do.  But he cannot play defense.  He is borderline unplayable at 3B defensively, and has never really played 1B in his life and has no other defensive utility.  He will continue to struggle against RHP, which, coupled with awful defense, gives him no role on this roster unless one Moncada, AV or Eloy are hurt. 

I like Jake and all, and think he's great depth to store in AAA.  But 500 at bats?  Wtf.  That makes no sense.  

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