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Kopech to the bullpen, Urena starting Saturday.

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48 minutes ago, Chisoxmb35 said:

Not really. It was one of those trades that didn't really work out great for either team. Sure the Red Sox won a title, but I would not attribute that to the trade they made with us. 

No way in hell the way Moncada and Kpoech have turned out we didn't get slaughtered. You don't trade a guy like Sale without receiving  major young talent that pans out. In fact by Jerry's own criteria:


"You have to have four prospects who can’t possibly miss to get one," White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf told CSN. "I’ve seen so many players over the years who were going to be phenoms, they were going to be future Hall of Famers, and we don’t even remember what their names are anymore. That’s why when you’re trading a player of stature you’ve got to get multiple can’t-miss prospects back. That’s why it makes it tough to trade a player of great stature."

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So is Urena the favorite to start on 2024 Opening Day, assuming the Sox don’t sign Zach Greinke?

White Sox Starter 2023 ERAs: 

  • 2.25 Urena  
  • 3.64 Clevinger
  • 4.38 Scholtens
  • 4.98 Cease
  • 5.19 Kopech

White Sox Reliever 2023 ERAs:

  • 3.14 Santos  
  • 3.52 Ramsey  
  • 3.60 Crochet  
  • 3.60 Patino  
  • 3.75 Peralta  
  • 4.70 Toussaint 
  • 4.88 Banks
  • 5.26 Lambert
  • 5.29 Shaw
  • 5.40 Hendriks
  • 5.79 Padilla
  • 6.88 Bummer
  • 7.27 Navarro
  • 11.74 Cronin
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