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Hendriks speaks...

Lip Man 1

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💯 this regarding Keynan Middleton, who just joined Liam on the IL.


“The big thing is, if anything goes wrong you say it to their face, rather than blasting it,” Hendriks said.


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11 hours ago, Lip Man 1 said:

Hendriks to Garfien: "I’m hoping they pick it up. I mean, it’s a longshot, but look, it is what it is, and I hope to be here."

Seems to me this new term thrown around when it comes to underachieving teams is "clubhouse culture" is overrated.

I do think the team missed his personality.

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Obviously they won't pick up the option but what if they could re-work the deal into a 2 year deal that is back-loaded + buyout/option that guarantees him the same amount of money owed?

Example: 2024: $3 Million (let him rehab towards end of the year in minors)

                 2025: $9 Million

                2026: $9 Million option/$3 Million buyout

Or use the opt out and then pay him a lesser 2 year deal I guess would work too.

Edit: with this in mind, maybe bringing him back on some sort of multi-year deal would be great for the team next year. He might be the kind of guy who would rather rest and hang out with the team (at least maybe for the home games) and be in the dugout than sit at home. And then you would have that personality of his on the bench until it's time for him to go work his way back in the minors.

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4 hours ago, Squirmin' for Yermin said:

The Sox need an everyday player leader.. A pitcher can't be that. ESPECIALLY a bullpen guy

Leadership is organic.  It cannot be created, contrived or traded for.
Maybe a leader will blossom.
Until then, I'm good with my leader in the pen - isn't that where all the sleeping was going on anyway?

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