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Chicago is the best


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Second City ranks first


MLB.com asked 95 players representing all 30 big league teams the following question: What is your favorite road city in the majors and why? Chicago was the winner with a whopping 35 votes. "It's everything you want," said A's right-hander Tim Hudson. "A big city, great shopping, great restaurants. … It's like New York, but clean and not as chaotic." Added Indians lefty C.C. Sabathia: "You know, it's just a nice city. There's a lot of places to shop and nice hotels. It's a fun place to be."

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I'd love to get any of the Big 3...if I could have my choice they would go in this order:


1.  Mark Mulder

2.  Tim Hudson

3.  Barry Zito

Same here - I like Mulder the best two, I really like guys who grew up loving this team and have the chance to play for them would be a dream to them, I guess. Guys like Mackowiak (SP? I know I butchered that pretty badly, from Pittsburg) and Mulder, I'd love to see either of them in a Sox uni.

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I asked before but never got an answer.......why is Hudson a sox fan?  how do you know this?  did he grow up in Chicago? thanks

Not sure bout Hudson but I know Mark Mulder grew up in Chicago and is a big White Sox fan. ;)

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