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  1. The White Sox traded a utility player they failed to protect on their 40 man roster for a nice left hnaded reliever and a 34 year old reliever who had good peripherals last year but also sucks because one guy knows he sucks. We can be done talking about it.
  2. QUOTE (GoSox05 @ Jan 9, 2018 -> 09:51 AM) If we are only going to have TV personalities as President, let's do it right. Guy Fieri for President. Welcome to flavor town America. Oh god yes
  3. QUOTE (wrathofhahn @ Jan 10, 2018 -> 01:42 PM) Just think that guy used to be a GM in another life. Actually, it was this life that he was a GM of a team, which is somehow worse.
  4. This is not a good time for the White Sox to be buying someone like this unless they get a ridiculously discounted deal, and that's not going to happen.
  5. The Sox waited until June last year to claim Alen Hanson, but they seemingly always end up with a skinny utility player who has no real discernable skills other then the ability to (likely) play multiple positions. This year, they got him in January.
  6. QUOTE (ptatc @ Jan 9, 2018 -> 09:31 PM) How do you have a blown save while not allowing a run to score? QUOTE (CWSpalehoseCWS @ Jan 9, 2018 -> 10:40 PM) Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure if a relief pitcher enters a game with the tying run on base from a previous reliever and allows them to score, they get charged with a blown save, but the run is charged to the previous pitcher. Correct. In his blown save against the Angels, Soria allowed a hit to Ben Revere that scored an inherited runner. That was the only hit he allowed in 1.2 IP. He also allowed 2 walks, but one of them was walking that Trout guy intentionally, and he struck Pujols out with the bases loaded, so it worked out. He actually had a great outing that day other then allowing 1 inherited runner to score. He's human and inherited runners will score.
  7. In 5 of 7 blown saves, Soria allowed 1 or 0 runs. Relievers will give up a run here or there. He only really had 2 very bad blown saves. That's why context is important. Roberto Osuna had 10 blown saves this year but I'd take him closing games for the White Sox in a second.
  8. QUOTE (cjgalloway @ Jan 5, 2018 -> 04:26 PM) Ending the year at Winston Salem would be good. Then we can set eyes on ending in Double A the next year. Then by year 3 we can try to end the year in the MLB.. If Robert starts 2019 in AA, he is ending the year on the MLB roster, barring something terrible happening.
  9. QUOTE (GoSox05 @ Jan 5, 2018 -> 11:27 AM) Has to end at some point right? If the Patriots kicked out Bill Belichick, something tells me he would try and get a job with a rival team. He seems the vengeful type. I am a big fan of Sean McDermott and think he's going to be a good coach in this league, and I know that Belichick is 66 in February and probably only has 5 years or so left as it is, but I would dump McDermott in a second to bring Belichick to the Bills.
  10. QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Jan 5, 2018 -> 09:43 AM) 1. Yes. 2. No - it isn't cheap to sign guys who aren't that good. You pay a lower overall price, but you wind up like the 2015 and 2016 white sox - expensive and crappy. 3. Yes, would much rather see Sanchez at 3b. These are my answers as well.
  11. Yelich is arguably better than Adam Eaton and is signed to an even friendlier deal than him. Eaton netted Giolito, Lopez, and Dunning. What do you think Yelich is going to cost?
  12. QUOTE (Lip Man 1 @ Jan 4, 2018 -> 02:51 PM) Little: There's an old saying...if something happens once it's a fluke...twice, it's a coincidence...three times? You've got a trend. They weren't required to be mentioned but would it have killed them to do so? Especially since the drought was longer than Boston's? And especially considering their previous omissions? Let's put it this way, the folks in the front office already know about it and have contacted that organization about it. They obviously felt it was meaningful. The Red Sox fan base is probably ten times the size of the White Sox. The Cubs are the same. Anywhere you go in the country, you will find an abundance of Yankees, Red Sox, and Cubs fans. You will not find the same thing with the White Sox. This doesn't really bother me either.
  13. QUOTE (FT35 @ Jan 4, 2018 -> 03:01 PM) I’d do these 3 players: 1. Rodon (injury prone, Boras agent, will be an expensive risk to resign.) 2. Rutherford (5th or 6th OFer for us if we got Yelich—Yelich, Jimenez, Avi, Robert, Delmonico?) 3. Basabe (further back in the OF mix than Rutherford—has a lot of developing to do and we don’t develop hitters well.) If this isn’t enough, either agree to take on a vet salary or say goodbye—no increasing the exiting prospect talent. Marlins would want nothing to do with Rodon, and Basabe's stock is way too low. If the Sox are to acquire Yelich, it would take out a huge chunk of the prospect talent pool, and as was alluded to above, if the guys they keep get hurt or don't progress to the point you need them, the Sox are suddenly running out a skeleton crew again. There is enough talent in the minor league system that 2019 should be competitive with an eye towards 2020 of being a division favorite. This always brings me back to the Stanford Marshmallow test, and if the Sox can pass it, they'll be rewarded very well.
  14. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Jan 4, 2018 -> 02:32 PM) Phil Rogers arguing for the White Sox and Yelich https://www.mlb.com/news/christian-yelich-w...sox/c-264272478 His argument is poor. The timing of Yelich does not feel right for the Sox.
  15. QUOTE (bmags @ Dec 29, 2017 -> 04:31 PM) And quite frankly Castillo having a severe regression like that will recreate fears that our pro scouting is garbage. I just don't understand the -3 defense projection for him. His worst season was 2015, and he spent time with 3 teams that year, so I can understand a lack of familiarity contributing to that, and he was still at 4.3.
  16. Very quick math on Jose shows ~6 WAR combined the past 2 seasons. Divided in half, that puts him at 3 WAR per year. Drop some WAR due to his spot on the aging curve, and he's at 2.6. I feel he's superior than that, but the projection makes sense. In the most common scenario using the data we have, these projections shoot out the most likely scenario for all of these players. It's a good thing to see Moncada at 2.4 and Eloy at 1.5 (WAR/600 is actually 2 for Eloy). Given the youth and talent, I think the Sox will outproduce these projections, but the baseline shows that this is not that good of a team, which is just fine.
  17. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Dec 29, 2017 -> 03:51 PM) Could be interesting. It would be one that hits at the salary floor teams, and not the cap teams, so that alone would be interesting. Same thought crossed my mind too, but right now, a team goes into the season with a rookie who will make $500K projected at 1 WAR whereas there's a player on the marketplace asking for $8-10 million projected for 2 WAR. Not that it's a huge increase, but raising that to $1 million everywhere for rookies, it seems that there may be a bit more incentive to sign that veteran player and give him a chance because your cost suddenly doubled for the low-cost, low-reward option. And, as a result of increased rookie salaries, the free agent market may reciprocate that response by lowering the demands of that veteran player, so perhaps he's more apt to sign for $5-7 million because there are fewer funds available overall and his market declines as a result.
  18. What happens if you raise the minimum rookie scale from $500K to $1 mill? Seems like that's the biggest exploit from the owner's perspective. It wouldn't put an end to extreme spending for high end talent, but the value of WAR seemingly goes up (and thus, teams and analysts justify costs) because a team like the Yankees just paid $500K for 8 WAR for Aaron Judge, or $62,500K/WAR. If rookies begin taking on a larger share, it seems to me, at least, that the costs would be spread out a bit more and we might not be discussing $25 million for a player in Darvish who has had Tommy John surgery and is coming off a 3.5 WAR season.
  19. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Dec 29, 2017 -> 03:26 PM) lol, what? Right? It's obviously the other Adam Eaton, but that's so awesome.
  20. The player comparison for Reynaldo Lopez is perfect.
  21. QUOTE (GenericUserName @ Dec 28, 2017 -> 10:36 PM) I feel like maybe the reason Hahn hasn't done a trade like this already is because he is waiting to see if he needs to take back a bad contract in another trade for someone big like any of the guys on the Marlins. It could also be holding up trades for Avi and Abreu because we might pay down some of their contracts if it brings back a much better return. The way I see it, Hahn probably knows how much money we have and he views it as an asset just like any of our players. He has to figure out how to maximize our return for that asset whether that be using it to bring on a bad contract, pay down our players in trades, or sign a free agent to hopefully flip. The problem is that figuring out how to maximize this asset is more difficult than players because with players you just have to know one person's market while for this he has to know the market for every potential bad contract dump, the markets for both of Avi and Abreu, and the potential mid-season market for all of the free agents. For that reason its no wonder we hear about the White Sox in almost every trade rumor. This is a good post.
  22. QUOTE (ChiliIrishHammock24 @ Dec 29, 2017 -> 01:31 AM) I don't believe that she fended him off for "about 10 minutes", but if the rest of it is true, she's really lucky he didn't try any harder because that is a massive man. Really a terrifying account to visualize reading her words. Was glad to see Plouffe's response on twitter. She has stated that she trains as a boxer. My assumption is that she is likely in very good shape. When adrenaline kicks in, people can also do surprising things. I don't see any reason she couldn't have fended him off for 10 minutes.
  23. QUOTE (Dam8610 @ Dec 28, 2017 -> 12:48 PM) Think that balloon in ERA may have been heavily contributed to by CF DRS going from +15 in 2005 to -8 in 2006? Not to that extent, no. Mark Buehrle's K-BB% went down by more than half and he allowed almost twice as many home runs. That alone tells me that Mark Buehrle just flat out pitched worse in 2006. There are many more examples, but one is all I need in this instance.
  24. QUOTE (LittleHurt05 @ Dec 28, 2017 -> 11:13 AM) It's amazing how many career years the 2005 pitching staff had. Obviously Cotts and Politte has complete outlier seasons, but the 4 horsemen in the rotation were the same. Jon Garland (3.50) had one full season with a lower ERA and that .03 lower in Petco Park. Mark Buehrle's 3.12 ERA was easily the lowest season in his career. Jose Contreras had an ERA of 3.61, his next lowest as a full time starter was 4.27. Freddy had about his 4th lowest ERA at 3.87, although most other season were above 4. Contreras had an amazing stretch of like 25 starts between August of 2005 and May of 2006, including the postseason, where you could easily say he was the best pitcher in the league. From June 1st and beyond in 2006, he put up a 5.32 ERA. That sciatica injury absolutely derailed him when he was at his absolute best, and we never saw that version of Contreras again.
  25. QUOTE (Dam8610 @ Dec 28, 2017 -> 10:48 AM) There are a lot of bad peripherals on Judge, I would doubt anyone would buy the argument that he's more valuable than Trout, even with the contract disparity. Aaron Judge is under control and at a low cost for 5 years, while Trout is only under control for 3 more years at $33.2 mill per season. Even if you value Judge at $30 mill per year on the open market, he'll make around $50 million less over the next 5 years than what Trout will make over the next 3. I also would be interested in seeing what the bad peripherals are. Nobody hits the ball harder than Judge, so more than most hitters, he can get away with a K% around 30% because of how much damage he does to the ball otherwise. His HR/FB was exaggerated, but that's not to say that he can't still be a perennial 35-40 homer guy all the same. He draws walks, and he's athletic enough to play solid defense. I would probably take Trout based solely on the extent of their track records, but it's not as far off as you may think.
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