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Top 3 Things You Think MUST Happen For 2015 to be a Success


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QUOTE (greg775 @ Dec 15, 2014 -> 05:59 AM)
1.) Bullpen has to be at least average, realistically it has to be above average with today's penchant for yanking starters after six innings on many occasions (it would be GREAT if Sale, Shark and Q could go 7 or 7 1/3 on most nights).

2.) Defense has to be at least average.

3.) The offense must not be offensive.

Abreu needs to have the same numbers as last year. I realize it doesn't take 9 guys to all hit the cover off the ball, but we need to hit. Look at our infield, it's Gillaspie, Lexi, Micah and Abreu. Is that a Central division winning foursome? Not if Lexi has an off year, Gillaspie sucks and Micah hits .225.

Outfield looks good with Melky, Eaton and Garcia. We probably can count on all of them.

LaRoche should be a good DH you would think.

Flowers is not an average hitter. I'd take last year's numbers, though.



Conclusion: If we have good starting pitching, good bullpen and reasonable defense, we should be fine. Sox should be division favorites right now because of 3 starting pitching studs, excellent closer, reasonable set up guys.


nice write up....


i would have added, no major injury to the major core of players the sox are

depending on.

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