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  1. mqr

    Luis Robert

    Idk man I don’t think your topping mondesi merrifield hamilton gore. Also Cordell is a lot faster than tilson.
  2. mqr

    7/19- Sox at Rays, 6:10, NBCSC

    Can everybody breathe now
  3. mqr

    Midseason Top 30 at Baseball America

    As soon as he broke his hand, you pretty much knew he would have a tough time producing for a while and then he started getting leg injuries. I'm not writing him off.
  4. And this was always the year people pointed and said y'know if things go right they could be pretty competitive, it was always the year ahead of schedule. One look at the IL should tell you things obviously did not break right, but it's not the end of the world. Yet. That being said, while I think there’s truth to what stone is saying, he should probably Stfu
  5. I totally get that concern which is why I said this time next year I'll absolutely be on the panic train if things don't improve, I just don't think it's worthwhile it get all upset about a bad week in July 2019.
  6. mqr

    Luis Robert

    What I mean is, yeah someone like Eloy looks like crap, but it's not like there's a massive gap between the difficulty in playing AAA LF and MLB LF like there is with hitting.
  7. My only thing is why are people so irritated they didn't add guys that would make this like an 80 win team? The core isn't quite ready to produce but it will be soon, why does it matter who holds their place in the meantime. It's clear to me that they are looking to flip a switch as opposed to ramping up. Whether they can flip that switch or not remains to be seen. I'll start sweating this time next year.
  8. mqr

    Luis Robert

    Is anyones glove ever 'not ready'? It's not like playing defense is significantly different in the Majors like it is with pitching or hitting.
  9. I think it was just the general dysfunction, no doubt that was a part of it
  10. mqr

    Yonder DFA'd

    A "professional" hitting well in AAA in the middle of a desert? Unthinkable.
  11. mqr

    2019 Trade Deadline Predictions

    BVW is such a wild card, I have no idea what he may or may not do.
  12. So uh, the NFL really needs to figure out this discipline thing.
  13. mqr

    Luis Robert

    All I know is I don't want to hear that there are baseball reasons to keep him down.
  14. mqr

    7/18 Games

    He’s so bad on the calls lmao
  15. The winning percentage of the teams hes been on.
  16. mqr

    7/18 Games

    Wonder when they’re going to send Kike back to the util role where he belongs.
  17. mqr

    7/18 Games

    The only reasonable conclusion I can draw from this is that Wander Franco must be really really really good.
  18. It’s also something you might say when you’re very well respected and feel you can get away with it.
  19. That’s only if you give creedance to the idea that sale and Eaton were only traded for speaking out which I personally do not.
  20. Doubt the ability to pull it off all you want, but it’s blatantly obvious that’s the blueprint they’re following so sweating a random line up in a year they have explicitly said they don’t care about winning baseball games is pointless
  21. July 18th 2014 Coghlan Altuve Alcantara Castro Rizzo Springer Castro Carter Valbuena Dominguez Ruggiano Singleton Sweeney Grossman Castillo Hernandez Hoes Those are dog ass lineups. Those teams would both go to the playoffs the next season. I count 4 people that would be on their respective WS teams. One of which was let go and reacquainted. The lineup today is irrelevant
  22. And my point is it's not indicative of anything other than a bunch of guys are hurt.
  23. The ones who are hurt and clearly part of the future. I'm also inclined to call it 9, as there's one in the minors who should be on the roster.
  24. Calling it 5 and not 8 is at least being a little disingenuous. And again I'll point to the teams that have successfully pulled themselves out of tanks 2014 rosters.
  25. mqr

    Charlie Tilson Optioned to Charlotte

    He's actually worse at that than Tilson