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  2. Yes it is a different look and feel but we will get used to it. I need to post the recent draft as well.
  3. 2019 Offseason Roster Dynasty 2019 Offseason Roster (2).pdf
  4. Dynasty League Owners, here is your official draft thread. Rules of the drafts: Major League Draft 1. All players drafted MUST BE IN THE YAHOO DATABASE 2. Please check the 4th post on this thread to make sure a player from the database isn't already owned on a minor league roster or on a PUP list. Until the league starts we cannot put these players on waivers. Once the first waiver has processed and the league is started, then our band of co-commish owners will do our best to keep these players on waivers all year until a transaction is made. Minor League Draft 1. Cannot be on a current major league 25 man roster 2. Does NOT have to be in the yahoo database 3. You can draft international prospects 4. You can draft high school or college prospects 5. You can draft your 5 year old son/daughter ** PLEASE REMEMBER TO PRIVATE MESSAGE the person that picks after you. This will help keep the draft moving along. ** PLEASE REMEMBER TO CHECK WSI DAILY. We would prefer you to check a couple of times throughout the day. If you know you will be away from your computer for a full day without access, please send a list of players to the owner that picks after you or a person you trust so they can make the pick for you. We need to have this draft completed by March 19th, including the minor league portion. Any questions, please let me know. Please go to this link... https://baseball.fantasysports.yahoo...?drafttab=team and make sure your team is correct for keepers! 2019 MiLB Draft Minor League Draft. To be started directly after the major league draft. 1.1 - MZH - Adley Rutschman (ncaa) 1.2 - getonbckthr - Nico Hoerner (chc) 1.3 - Marqhead - Yo$hito Tsutsugo (japan) 1.4 - Rocky Soprano - Brandon Marsh (ana) 1.5 - ma-gaga - Andrew Vaughn (ncaa) 1.6 - cws05champ - Malcolm Nunez (stl) 1.7 - Moochpuppy - Jhoan Duran (min) 1.8 - RCWHITESOX - CJ Abrams (hs) 1.9 - JohnTucker0814 - Riley Greene (hs) 1.10 - JamesC35 - Julio Rodriguez (sea) 1.11 - Marks_Muggles - Elehuric Montero (stl) 1.12 - OverByThere - Josh Jung (ncaa) 1.13 - The Racehorse - Luis Garcia (phi) 1.14 - 102605 - Spener Torkelson (ncaa) 1.15 - Kroozah - Carter Stewart (ncaa) Round 2: 2.1 - MZH - Zack Burdi 2.2 - getonbckthr - Kameron Misner (ncaa) 2.3 - Marqhead - Tetsuto Yamada (japan) 2.4 - ma-gaga - Andres Gimenez (nym) 2.5 - cws05champ - Bryce Wilson (atl) 2.6 - JohnTucker0814 - Jasson Dominguez (int) 2.7 - JamesC35 - Bryson Stott (ncaa) 2.8 - Marks_Muggles - Anderson Tejada (tex) 2.9 - OverByThere - Graeme Stinson (ncaa) 2.10 - 102605 - Daz Cameron (det) Round 3: 3.1 - MZH - Corey Ray 3.2 - Racehorse (from Marqhead) - Kristian Robinson (ari) 3.3 - Marks_Muggles - Hans Crouse (tex) 3.4 - OverByThere - Brennan Malone (hs) Round 4: 4.1 - MZH - Nate Pearson 4.2 - Racehorse (from Marqhead) - Jordyn Adams (ana) 4.3 - Marks_Muggles - Daniel Ponce de Leon (stl) Round 5: 5.1 - JamesC35 (from MZH) - Daniel Espino (hs) 5.2 - Racehorse (from Marqhead) - Kevin Smith (tor) 5.2 - Marks_Muggles - Tacupita Marcano (sd) Round 6: 6.1 - JamesC35 (from Marqhead) - Asa Lacy (ncaa) Expansion Draft to bring rosters to 15 - to be started after round 6 of the Minor League Draft: Round 1: 1.1 - MZH - Justin Dunn (sea) 1.2 - getonbckthr - Rece Hinds (hs) 1.3 - Marqhead - Trevor Larnach (mn) 1.4 - Rocky Soprano - Shea Langeliers (ncaa) 1.5 - ma-gaga - Zack Thompson (ncaa) 1.6 - cws05champ - Antonio Cabello (nyy) 1.7 - Moochpuppy - Carlos Gonzalez (cle) 1.8 - RCWHITESOX - Jackson Rutledge (ncaa) 1.9 - JohnTucker0814 - Cole Winn (tex) 1.10 - clogoodie - Mark Vientos (nym) 1.11 - JamesC35 - Cole Wilcox (ncaa) 1.12 - Marks_Muggles - Daulton Varsho (ari) 1.13 - OverByThere - Grant Levigne (col) 1.14 - The Racehorse - Brooks Pounders (cle) 1.15 - 102605 - Hunter Pence (tex) 1.16 - Kroozah - Jerrion Ealy (hs) Round 2: 2.1 - MZH - Matt Davidson (tex) 2.2 - getonbckthr - Matt Wallner (ncaa) 2.3 - Marqhead - Takahari Norimoto (japan) 2.4 - Rocky Soprano - JJ Bleday (ncaa) 2.5 - ma-gaga - Corbin Martin (hou) 2.6 - cws05champ - Esteban Quiroz (sd) 2.7 - Moochpuppy - Shane Baz (tb) 2.8 - RCWHITESOX - Grant Koch (ncaa) 2.9 - JohnTucker0814 - Alek Thomas (ari) 2.10 - clogoodie - Sherten Apostel (tex) 2.11 - JamesC35 - Emerson Hancock (ncaa) 2.12 - Marks_Muggles - Gilberto Celestino (min) 2.13 - OverByThere - Abraham Almonte (ari) 2.14 - The Racehorse - Freudis Nova (hou) 2.15 - 102605 - Hanley Ramirez (cle) 2.16 - Kroozah - Ryne Nelson (ncaa) 2019 MLB Draft Round 1: 1.1 - MZH - Wander Franco (tb) 1.2 - getonbckthr - Yusei Kikuchi (sea) 1.3 - Marqhead - Jazz Chisolmn (ari) 1.4 - getonbckthr (from Rocky Soprano) - Will Smith (sf) 1.5 - ma-gaga - Cristian Pache (atl) 1.6 - cws05champ - Gavin Lux (lad) 1.7 - Moochpuppy - Victor Victor Mesa (mia) 1.8 - RCWHITESOX - Luis Gonzalez (chw) 1.9 - JohnTucker0814 - Jonathan India (cin) 1.10 - clogoodie - Vidal Brujan (tb) 1.11 - JamesC35 - Luis Patino (sd) 1.12 - Marks_Muggles - Kole Calhoun (laa) 1.13 - OverByThere - Ronaldo Hernandez (tb) 1.14 - The Racehorse - Tyler Nevin (col) 1.15 - 102605 - Drew Waters (atl) 1.16 - Kroozah - Seranthony Dominguez (phi) Round 2: 2.1 - MZH - Ryan Brasier (bos) 2.2 - getonbckthr - Curtis Granderson (mia) 2.3 - Marqhead - Dylan Bundy (bal) 2.4 - Rocky Soprano - Zack Godley (ari) 2.5 - ma-gaga - Austin Barnes (lad) 2.6 - cws05champ - Matt Barnes (bos) 2.7 - Moochpuppy - Kiki Hernandez (la) 2.8 - RCWHITESOX - Shane Greeeeene (det) 2.9 - JohnTucker0814 - Yandy Diaz (tb) 2.10 - clogoodie - Joe Jimenez (det) 2.11 - Marqhead (from JamesC35) - Trevor May (min) 2.12 - Marks_Muggles - Drew Steckinrider (mia) 2.13 - OverByThere - Todd Frazier (nym) 2.14 - JohnTucker0814 (via The Racehorse) - Greg Bird (nyy) 2.15 - 102605 - Nathaniel Lowe (tb) 2.16 - Kroozah - Dereck Rodriguez (sf) Round 3: 3.1 - MZH - Colin Moran (pit) 3.2 - Rocky Soprano (from getonbckthr) - Niko Goodrum (det) 3.3 - Marqhead - Ryan Pressley (hou) 3.4 - getonbckthr (from Rocky Soprano) - Pablo Reyes (pit) 3.5 - ma-gaga - Jung Ho Kang (pit) 3.6 - cws05champ - Steve Cishek (chc) 3.7 - Moochpuppy - MJ Melendez (kc) 3.8 - RCWHITESOX - Wellington Castillo (chw) 3.9 - The Racehorse (via JohnTucker0814) - Ronny Mauricio (nym) 3.10 - clogoodie - Sergio Romo (mia) 3.11 - JamesC35 - Nathan Eovaldi (bos) 3.12 - Marks_Muggles - Brett Gardner (nyy) 3.13 - OverByThere - Yolmer Carlos Sanchez (chw) 3.14 - The Racehorse - Oneil Cruz (pit) 3.15 - 102605 - Wily Peralta (kc) 3.16 - Kroozah - Matt Strahm (sd) Here are the players that are on perpetual waivers, they are in the yahoo database but not on a team. After the draft they will be put on waivers, but during the current draft, please search for names here before drafting them. Jahmai Jones (ana) MZH Albert Abreu (nyy) MZH Francisco Mejia (sd) MZH Luis Ortiz (mil) MZH Joey Wentz (atl) MZH Franklyn Kilome (phi) MZH Grant Holmes (oak) MZH Dustin May (la) MZH Matthew Liberatore (tb) MZH Joe Gray (mil) BCKTHR J.B. Bukauskas (hou) BCKTHR Christen Stewart (det) BCKTHR Jake Gatewood (mil) BCKTHR D.L. Hall (bal) BCKTHR Cal Raleigh (sea) BCKTHR Jay Groome (bos) Marqhead Alec Hansen (chw) Marqhead Nick Senzel (cin) Marqhead Braxton Garrett (mia) Marqhead Dane Dunning (chw) Marqhead Vladimir Gutierrez (cin) Marqhead Josh Staumont (kc) Marqhead Keibert Ruiz (la) Marqhead Alec Bohm (phi) Rocky Brady Singer (kc) Rocky Luiz Gohara (atl) Rocky Dustin Fowler (oak) Rocky Lucas Sims (atl) Rocky Erick Fedde (was) Rocky Jake Burger (chw) Rocky Seth Romero (was) Rocky Jeremy Eierman (oak) Rocky Konner Pilkington (chw) Rocky Greyson Jenista (atl) Rocky Franklin Perez (det) Rocky Brendan Rodgers (col) ma-gaga Jo Adell (ana) ma-gaga Yordan Alvarez (hou) ma-gaga Luis Robert (chw) ma-gaga Yusniel Diaz (bal) ma-gaga Estevan Florial (nyy) ma-gaga Kolby Allard (atl) ma-gaga Mitchell White (la) ma-gaga Franklin Barreto (oak) ma-gaga Stephen Gonsalves (min) ma-gaga Tanner Houck (bos) ma-gaga Victor Robles (was) cws05champ Nick Madrigal (chw) cws05champ Sixto Sanchez (mia) cws05champ Matt Manning (det) cws05champ Lewis Brinson (mia) cws05champ Michael Baez (sd) cws05champ Brusdar Graterol (min) cws05champ Julio Pablo Martinez (tex) cws05champ Brandley Zimmer (cle) cws05champ Jorge Guzman (mia) cws05champ Lazaro Armenteros (oak) cws05champ Eloy Jimenez (chw) Mooch Brent Honeywell (tb) Mooch Michael Chavis (bos) Mooch Sandy Alcantara (mia) Mooch Jhailyn Ortiz (phi) Mooch Francis Martes (hou) Mooch Micker Adolfo (chw) Mooch Nick Pratto (kc) Mooch Ethan Hankins (cle) Mooch Lucas Erceg (mil) Mooch Jordan Hicks (stl) Mooch Alex Verdugo (la) RC Keon Broxton (nym) RC Blake Rutherford (chw) RC Pavin Smith (ari) RC Jordan Groshans (tor) RC Hunter Harvey (bal) RC Alex Lange (chc) RC Colton Hock (mia) RC Gavin Sheets (chw) RC Randy Arozerena (slt) RC Taylor Ward (ana) RC Royce Lewis (min) JT0814 Hunter Greene (cin) JT0814 Dylan Cease (chw) JT0814 Jesus Sanchez (tb) JT0814 Austin Riley (atl) JT0814 Orelvis Martinez (tor) JT0814 Eric Pardinho (tor) JT0814 Kevin Maitan (ana) JT0814 Cavan Biggio (tor) JT0814 Rowdy Tellez (tor) JT0814 Kyle Lewis (sea) JT0814 Fernando Tatis Jr (sd) clogoodie Jesus Luzardo (oak) clogoodie Mitch Keller (pit) clogoodie Carter Kieboom (was) clogoodie Triston McKenzie (cle) clogoodie Carson Kelly (ari) clogoodie Willie Calhoun (tex) clogoodie Fernando Romero (min) clogoodie Brandon Woodruff (mil) clogoodie Corbin Burnes (mil) clogoodie Josh Naylor (sd) clogoodie Isaac Paredes (det) clogoodie Akil Baddoo (min) clogoodie Vladimir Guerrero Jr (tor) James Jarred Kelenic (sea) James Adrian Morejon (sd) James Nolan Jones (cle) James Marco Luciano (sf) James Mason Denaburg (was) James Heliot Ramos (sf) James Byron Buxton (min) James Michael Kopech (chw) Muggles Alex Kiriloff (min) Muggles Dakota Hudson (stl) Muggles Beau Burrows (det) Muggles Jon Duplantier (atl) Muggles Brent Rooker (min) Muggles Monte Harrison (mia) Muggles Evan White (sea) Muggles Austin Meadows (tb) OBT Kyle Wright (atl) OBT Leody Taveras (tex) OBT AJ Puk (oak) OBT Riley Pint (col) OBT Alex Faedo (det) OBT Travis Swaggerty (pit) OBT Bobby Dalbec (bos) OBT Shane McClanahan (tb) OBT Griffin Conine (tor) OBT Taylor Trammel (cin) Racehorse Luis Urias (sd) Racehorse Ke'Bryan Hayes (pit) Racehorse Ian Anderson (atl) Racehorse Luis Garcia (was) Racehorse Colton Welker (col) Racehorse Garrett Hampson (col) Racehorse Esteury Ruiz (sd) Racehorse Raimel Tapia (col) Racehorse Hudson Sanchez (sd) Racehorse Tirso Ornelas (sd) Racehorse Ryan Vilade (col) Racehorse Bo Bichette (tor) 102605 Ryan Mountcastle (bal) 102605 Mackenzie Gore (sd) 102605 Chris Paddack (sd) 102605 Nolan Gorman (stl) 102605 Seth Beer (hou) 102605 Triston Casas (bos) 102605 Luken Baker (stl) 102605 Casey Mize (det) 102605 Sean Murphy (oak) 102605 Christian Arroyo (tb) Kroozah Phil Bickford (sf) Kroozah Carson Fulmer (chw) Kroozah Clayton Blackburn (sf) Kroozah Sean Reid Foley (tor) Kroozah Tristan Beck (atl) Kroozah Logan Gilbert (sea) Kroozah Brenden McKay (tb) Kroozah Jaren Kendall (la) Kroozah Ryan Rolison (col) Kroozah Joey Bart (sf) Kroozah Shohei Ohtani (ana) 102605 Mike Soroka (atl) 102605 Jharel Cotton (oak) Racehorse Alex Meyer (ana) Racehorse Sean Manaea (oak) OBT Lance McCullers (hou) OBT Salvador Perez (kc) James Danny Salazar (cle) James Taijuan Walker (ari) Rocky Dinelson Lamet (sd) Rocky The above players are IN THE YAHOO database. The below players are currently on a minor league roster and CANNOT be drafted in our minor league portion: Erisbel Arruebarruena (cuba) BCKTHR Cole Sands (min) BCKTHR Conner Jones (stl) BCKTHR Justin Hooper (hs) BCKTHR Gerardo Concepcion (chc) BCKTHR Hagen Danner (tor) Mooch Eroll Robinson (la) RC Bobby Witt Jr. (hs) James Blaze Jordan (hs) 102605 Jake Peter (la) Kroozah
  5. 2018 MiLB Draft Draft Results - MiLB Portion - All players NOT on a 25 man roster and not already owned are available to draft: Round 1: 1. 102605 - Nolan Gorman (hs) 2. ma-gaga - Mitchell White (la) 3. JRIG - Joey Wentz (atl) 4. Rocky Soprano - Brady Singer (ncaa) 5. cws05champ - Julio Pablo Martinez (tex) 6. Marqhead - Nander De Sedas (hs) 7. Moochpuppy - Ethan Hankinis (hs) 8. Jamesc35 - Matthew Libertore (hs) 9. clogoodie - Corbin Burnes (mil) 10. Jamesc35 (from RCWHITESOX) - Austin Hendrick (hs) 11. Marks_Muggles - Beau Burrows (det) 12. The Racehorse - Esteury Ruiz (sd) 13. Over By There - Shane McClanahan (ncaa) 14. Kroozah - Ryan Rolison (ncaa) 15. JohnTucker0814 - Drew Mendoza (ncaa) Round 2: 1. 102605 - Casey Mize (ncaa) 2. ma-gaga - Yordan Alvarez (hou) 3. JRIG - Dustin May (la) 4. Rocky Soprano - Jeremy Eierman (ncaa) 5. cws05champ - Nick Madrigal (ncaa) 6. 102605 (from Marqhead) - Tim Lincecum (tex) 7. Moochpuppy - Daniel Johnson (was) 8. Jamesc35 - Kumar Rocker (ncaa) 9. clogoodie - Jesus Luzardo (oak) 10. RCWHITESOX - Eroll Robinson (la) 11. Marks_Muggles - Brent Rooker (min) 12. The Racehorse - Gabriel Arias (la) 13. Over By There - Griffin Conine (ncaa) 14. Kroozah - Joey Bart (ncaa) 15. JohnTucker0814 - Orelvis Martinez (international) Round 3: 1. Marqhead (from 102605) - Miguel Tejada Jr (international) 2. JRIG - Seuly Matias (kc) 3. Rocky Soprano - Konner Pilkington (ncaa) 4. cws05champs - Jorge Guzman (mia) 5. Moochpuppy - Lucas Erceg (mil) 6. RCWHITESOX (from Jamesc35) - Gavin Sheets (chw) 7. clogoodie - Isaac Paredes (det) 8. RCWHITESOX - Randy Arozarena (stl) 9. The Racehorse - Tirso Ornelas (sd) 10. Over By There - Travis Swaggerty (ncaa) 11. Kroozah - Logan Gilbert (ncaa) 12. JohnTucker0814 - Eric Pardinho (tor) Round 4 1. 102605 - Lourdes Gurriel (tor) 2. Rocky Soprano - Greyson Denista (ncaa) 3. Moochpuppy - Jordan Hicks (stl) 4. Jamesc35 - Marco Luciano (int) 5. clogoodie - Akil Baddoo (min) 6. RCWHITESOX - Jordan Groshans (hs) 7. The Racehorse - Yasel Antuna (was) Round 5 1. 102605 - Sam Travis (bos) 2. Rocky Soprano - Alec Bohm (ncaa) 3. Jamesc35 - Mason Denaburg (hs) 4. The Racehorse - John Curtis (min) Round 6 1. The Racehorse - Kevin Gowdy (phi) 2018 MLB Draft Major League Draft - 3 rounds - Only players in the Yahoo Database Round 1: 1. 102605 - MacKenzie Gore (sd), SP 2. 102605 (from ma-gaga) - Bo Bichette (tor), SS 3. getonbckthr - Matt Harvey (nym), SP 4. JRIG - Lucas Duda (kc), 1B 5. The Racehorse (from Rocky Soprano) - Colten Welker (col), 3B 6. cws05champ - Michel Baez (sd), SP 7. Marqhead - Wellington Castillo (chw), C 8. 102605 (from Moochpuppy) - Brandon Morrow, SP 9. RCWHITESOX (from Jamesc35) - Shane Greene, RP 10. clogoodie - Austin Barnes (la), C, 2B 11. RCWHITESOX - Chad Green (nyy), RP 12. JohnTucker0814 (from Marks_Muggles) - Alex Claudio (tex), RP 13. getonbckthr (from The Racehorse) - Chris Iannetta (col), C 14. Over By There - Matt Davidson (chw), 3B, 1B 15. ma-gaga (from 102605 (from Kroozah) - Estevan Florial (nyy), OF 16. JohnTucker0814 - Jesus Sanchez (tb), OF Round 2: 1. Moochpuppy (from 102605) - Mallex Smit (tb), OF 2. Marqhead (from 102605 (from ma-gaga) - Cameron Maybin (mia), OF 3. getonbckthr - Blake Treinen (oak), RP 4. JRIG - John Jay (kc), OF 5. Rocky Soprano - Nate Jones (chw), RP 6. cws05champ - Max Fried (atl), SP 7. 102605 (from Marqhead) - Dominic Leone (stl), RP 8. Moochpuppy - Nick Pivetta (phi) 9. Jamesc35 - Heliot Ramos (sf) 10. clogoodie - Carter Kieboom (was) 11. The Racehorse (from RCWHITESOX) - Ryan Vilade (col) 12. Marks_Muggles - Magneus Sierra (mia) 13. Rocky Soprano (from The Racehorse) - Jose Pirela (sd) 14. Over By There - Toescar Hernandez (tor) 15. Kroozah - Brian Anderson (mia) 16. Marks_Muggles (from JohnTucker0814) - Monte Harrison (mia) Round 3: 1. Kroozah (from 102605) - Brad Boxberger (ari) 2. ma-gaga - Keona Kela (tex) 3. The Racehorse (from getonbckthr) - Taylor Trammel (cin) 4. JRIG - Brandon Kintzler (was) 5. Rocky Soprano - Joe Musgrove (pit) 6. Marks_Muggles( from cws05champ) - Jon Duplantier (ari) 7. Marqhead - Mike Montgomery (chc) 8. Moochpuppy - Amir Garrett (cin) 9. Jamesc35 - Kiebert Ruiz (la) 10. clogoodie - Hyun-Jin Ryu (la) 11. Jamesc35 (from RCWHITESOX) - Shane Baz (pit) 12. Marks_Muggles - Dakota Hudson (stl) 13. RCWHITESOX (from The Racehorse) - Adonis Medina (phi) 14. Over By There - Mychal Givens (bal) 15. Kroozah - Ketel Marte (ari) 16. JohnTucker0814 - Miles Mikolas (stl)
  6. 2017 MiLB Draft Minor league draft: Round 1: 1. ma-gaga - Luis Robert (cuba) 2. 102605 (from Moochpuppy) - Seth Beer (ncaa) 3. JRIG - Cal Quantril (sd) 4. JohnTucker0814 (from getonbckthr) - Hunter Greene (hs) 5. Jamesc35 - Jarred Kelenic (hs) 6. Kroozah - Jaren Kendall (ncaa) 7. 102605 - Triston Casas (hs) 8. Over By There - Alex Faedo (ncaa) 9. getonbckthr (from JohnTucker0814) - DL Hall (hs) 10. 102605 (from Marqhead) - Luken Baker (ncaa) 11. Rocky Soprano - Jake Burger (ncaa) 12. RCWHITESOX - Pavin Smith (ncaa) 13. clogoodie - Triston McKenzie (cle) 14. Marks_Muggles - Casey Gillespie (tb) 15. RCWHITESOX (from cws05champ) - Alex Lange (ncaa) 16. Marks_Muggles (from The Racehorse) - Derek Fisher (hou) Round 2: 1. ma-gaga - Jordan Adell (hs) 2. Moochpuppy - Sandy Alcantara (stl) 3. JRIG - Justus Sheffield (nyy) 4. JohnTucker0814 (from getonbckthr) - Royce Lewis (hs) 5. Jamesc35 - Chance Adams (nyy) 6. Kroozah - Brendan McKay (ncaa) 7. 102605 - Keston Hiura (ncaa) 8. Over By There - Kyle Wright (ncaa) 9. getonbckthr (from JohnTucker0814) - Cal Raleigh (ncaa) 10. Marqhead - Braxton Garrett (mia) 11. Rocky Soprano - Cole Turney (hs) 12. RCWHITESOX - Colton Hock (hs) 13. clogoodie - Fernando Romero (min) 14. Marks_Muggles - Alex Kirilloff (min) 15. cws05champ - Sixto Sanchez (phi) Round 3: 1. ma-gaga - Tanner Houck (ncaa) 2. Moochpuppy - Thomas Szapucki (nym) 3. JRIG - Ariel Jurado (tex) 4. getonbckthr - Cole Sands (ncaa) 5. Jamesc35 - Adrian Morejon (sd) 6. Kroozah - Tristan Beck (ncaa) 7. Moochpuppy (from 102605) - Nick Pratto (hs) 8. JohnTucker0814 - Travis Demeritte (atl) 9. 102605 (from Marqhead) - Blaze Jordan (middle schooler) 10. Rocky Soprano - Seth Romero (hou) 11. RCWHITESOX - Dalton Guthrie (ncaa) 12. clogoodie - Fernando Tatis Jr (sd) 13. The Racehorse (from Marks_Muggles) - Greg Allen (cle) 14. cws05champ - Matt Manning (det) Round 4: 1. ma-gaga - Yanio Perez (tex) 2. JRIG - Franklyn Kilome (phi) 3. getonbckthr - Joe Gray (hs) 4. Jamesc35 - Brice Turang (hs) 5. Kroozah - Sean Reid-Foley (tor) 6. Marqhead (from 102605) - Vladimir Gutierrez (cin) 7. JohnTucker0814 - Zach Burdi (chw) 8. Marqhead - Anthony Banda (ari) 10. cws05champ (from RCWHITESOX) - Alex Toral (hs) 11. clogoodie - Brandon Woodruff (mil) 12. cws05champ - Andrew Toles (la) Round 5: 1. ma-gaga - Yusniel Diaz (la) 2. JRIG - Jahmai Jones (ana) 3. getonbckthr - Erisbel Arruebarruena (cuba) 4. Jamesc35 5. Marqhead (from 102605) Round 6: 1. JRIG 2. Jamesc35 Players that are on the PUP list or are on a minor league roster but ARE STILL IN THE YAHOO DATABASE are below. These players ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR THE MAJOR LEAGUE DRAFT. Please search this box for players, especially if you think the player is too good to be true to be eligible in the yahoo database. ma-gaga: Cody Reed, AJ Reed, Brendan Rodgers, Franklin Barreto, Kolby Allard, Domonic Smith, Tyler Stephenson, Jeff Hoffman mooch: Eloy Jiminez, Frances Martes, Brett Honeywell, Josh Hader, Ben Lively, Jhailyn Ortiz, Michael Chavis JRIG: Preston Tucker, Jacob Nottingham, Luis Ortiz, AJ Cole, Brandon Nimmo, Grant Holmes, Francisco Mejia bckthr: Manual Margot, Walker Buehler, Jaimer Candelaria, Jacob Gatewood jamesc35: Brady Aiken, Blake Rutherford, Alex Verdugo, Vlad Guerrero, Tyler Kolek, Max Fried Kroozah: Christian Arroyo, Phil Bickford, Carson Fulmer, Clayton Blackburn, Drew Jackson, Matt Olson 102605: Yadier Alvarez, Anderson Espinoza, Corey Ray, Zack Collins, Anthony Alford, Jorge Mateo OBT: Gleyber Torres, Austin Meadows, Riley Pint, Amir Garrett, AJ Puk, Luis Severino, Michael Conforto, Mark Appel, Cornelius Randolph JT0814: Lucas Giolito, Rafael Devers, Mickey Moniak, Kyle Lewis, Kevin Maitan, Jorge Alfaro, Bobby Bradley, Julio Urias, Joey Gallo Marqhead: Jason Groome, Nick Senzel, Delvin Perez, Rusney Castillo, Trenton Clark, Matt Wisler Rocky: Nick Williams, Yoan Moncada, Tyler Glasnow, Ozzie Albies, Jake Bauers, Sean Newcomb, Orlando Arcia, Lucas Sims, Clint Coulter RC: Alex Meyers, Hunter Harvey, Spencer Adams, Raul Mondesi, Gio Urshela, Clint Frazier, Max Pentecost, Charlie Tilson, Michael Feliz clogoodie: Brett Phillips, Andrew Benintendi, Amed Rosario, Cody Bellinger, Aaron Judge, Reynaldo Lopez, Willie Calhoun, Josh Naylor, Taylor Guerrieri Muggles: Tyler Jay, JP Crawford, Michael Kopech, Jose Deleon, Tyler O'Neill, Chance Sisco, Ryan McMahon, Austin Riley, Jack Flaherty, Kohl Stewart cws: Frankie Montas, Bradley Zimmer, Victor Robles, Lazaro Armenteros racehorse: Jharel Cotton, Brock Stewart, Greg Bird, Lewis Brinson, Raimel Tapia, Tom Murphy, Dilson Herrera, Roman Quinn, Matt Chapman, Erick Fedde, Stephen Gonsalves PUP: Carson Smith, Andrew Heaney, Alex Reyes, Wilson Ramos 2017 MLB Draft Major League draft: Round 1: 1. ma-gaga - Mitch Haniger (sea) OF 2. Moochpuppy - Eric Thames (mil) LF 3. JRIG - Brandon Moss (KC) 1B, OF 4. getonbckthr - Kurt Suzuki (atl) C 5. Jamesc35 - James Kaprielian (nyy) SP 6. Kroozah - Fernando Rodney (ari) RP 7. 102605 - Willy Adames (tb) SS 8. Over By There - Leody Taveras (tex) OF 9. JohnTucker0814 - Greg Holland (col) RP 10. 102605 (from Marqhead) - Isan Diaz (mil) SS 11. Rocky Soprano - Koda Glover (was) RP 12. RCWHITESOX - Matt Davidson (chw) 3B 13. clogoodie - Mitch Keller (pit) SP (Future Chicago White Sox) 14. Marks_Muggles - Melvin Upton Jr (tor) OF 15. cws05champ - Ronald Acuna (atl) OF 16. The Racehorse - Robert Gsellman (nym) SP Round 2: 1. ma-gaga - Jorge Polanco (min) SS 2. Moochpuppy - Zach Davies (mil) SP 3. JRIG - Will Harris (hou) RP 4. getonbckthr - Neftali Feliz (mil) RP 5. Jamesc35 - Tyler Anderson (col) SP 6. Kroozah - Hector Neris (phi) RP 7. Marqhead (from 102605) - Cam Bedrosian (ana) RP 8. Over By There - Rowdy Tellez (tor) 1B 9. JohnTucker0814 - Dylan Cease (chc) SP 10. Marqhead - Brad Brach (bal) RP 11. Rocky Soprano - Junior Guerra (mil) SP 12. RCWHITESOX - Dane Dunning (chw) SP 13. clogoodie - Carson Kelly (stl) C 14. Marks_Muggles - Tyler Flowers (atl) C 15. cws05champ - Francisco Liriano (pit) P 16. The Racehorse - Mallex Smith (tb) OF Round 3: 1. ma-gaga - David Paulino (hou) P 2. Moochpuppy - Aaron Blair (ari) SP 3. JRIG - Pedro Alvarez (bal) 3B 4. getonbckthr - Joe Mauer (min) 1B 5. Jamesc35 - Josh Tomlin (cle) SP 6. Kroozah - Jarrett Parker (sf) OF 7. 102605 - Mike Soroka (atl) SP 8. Over By There - Travis Jankowski (sd) OF 9. JohnTucker0814 - Mike Zunino (sea) c 10. Marqhead - Ryan Dulll (oak) RP 11. The Racehorse (from Rocky Soprano for Michael Saunders) - Matt Strahm (kc) SP 12. RCWHITESOX - Alex Dickerson (sd) OF 13. clogoodie -Andrew Tiggs (oak) SP 14. Marks_Muggles - Howie Kendrick (phi) IF 15. cws05champ - Tyler Saladino (chw) 2B 16. The Racehorse - Adam Conley (mia) SP Minor League Rosters_061317.pdf
  7. 2016 MiLB Draft Minor League Draft: Round 1: JRIG: Kyle Tucker (hou) ma-gaga: Cody Reed (cin) getonbckthr: Mickey Moniak (high school) 102605: Lourdes Gourriel (cuba) clogoodie (traded from Rocky Soprano): Cody Bellinger (lad) Moochpuppy: Josh Hader (mil) Kroozah: Michael Fulmer (det) cws05champ: Lazaro Armenteros (cuba) LAZARITO! Marks Muggles: Michael Kopech (bos) pabulum: Vladimir Guerrero Jr (tor) Marqhead: Jason Groome (high school) Rocky Soprano (traded from clogoodie): Ozzie Albies (atl) JohnTucker0814: Kyle Lewis (ncaa) cws05champ (traded from RCWHITESOX): Yuliesky Gourriel (cuba) Over By There: A.J. Puk (ncaa) Round 2: JRIG: Javier Guerra (sd) getonbckthr: Conner Jones (ncaa) 102605: Corey Ray (ncaa) Kroozah: Christian Arroyo (sf) pabulum (traded from cws05champ): Blake Rutherford (hs) pabulum: Alex Verdugo (la) Marqhead: Alec Hansen (ncaa) clogoodie: Josh Naylor (mia) JohnTucker0814: Mark Vientos (high school) Over By There: Riley Pint (high school) Round 3: JRIG: Jacob Nottingham (oak) 102605: Zach Collins (ncaa) Kroozah: Phil Bickford (sf) RCWHITESOX (traded from cws05champ): Michael Feliz (hou) cws05champ (traded from pabulum): Socrates Brito (ari) Marqhead: Nick Senzel (ncaa) clogoodie: Willie Calhoun (la) JohnTucker0814: Austin Riley (atl) Over By There: Cornelius Randolph (phi) Round 4: JRIG: Luis Ortiz (tex) 102605: Jorge Ona (cuba) Kroozah: Joe Musgrove (hou) pabulum: Eddy Julio Martinez (chc) Marqhead: Robert Taylor (ncaa) JohnTucker0814: Demi Orimoloye (mil) Over By There: Amir Garrett (cin) Round 5: Kroozah: Clayton Blackburn (sf) Marqhead: Delvin Perez (Puerto Rico) JohnTucker0814: Bobby Bradley (cle) Over By There: Bobby Dalbec (ncaa) Round 6: Kroozah: Drew Jackson (sea) JohnTucker0814: JB Bukaskas (ncaa) Round 7: Rocky Soprano (traded from JohnTucker0814): Jake Bauers (tb) MLB Draft Major League Draft: Round 1: JRIG: Byung-ho Park (min) ma-gaga: A.J. Reed (hou) getonbckthr: Jimmy Rollins (chw) 102605: Blake Snell (tb) Rocky Soprano: Kenta Maeda (la) Moochpuppy: Francis Martes (hou) Kroozah: Joe Ross (was) pabulum (traded from cws05champ): Ketel Marte (sea) Marks Muggles: Jose De Leon (la) pabulum: Corey Spangenberg (sd) Marqhead: Jayson Werth (was) clogoodie: Andrew Benentendi (bos) The Racehorse: Robinson Chirinos (tex) JohnTucker0814: Anderson Espinoza (bos) RCWHITESOX: Adam Conley (mia) Over By There: Gleyber Torres (chc) Round 2: JRIG: Kyle Hendricks (chc) ma-gaga: Corey Knebel (mil) getonbckthr: Fernando Rodney (sd) 102605: Anthony Alford (tor) Rocky Soprano: JJ Hoover (cin) Moochpuppy: Marwin Gonzalez (hou) Kroozah: Jeremy Jeffres (mil) cws05champ: Victor Robles (was) Marks Muggles: Erasmo Ramirez (tb) cws05champ (traded from pabulum): Jorge Lopez (mil) Marqhead: Jason Grilli (atl) clogoodie: Jedd Gyorko (stl) The Racehorse: Kevin Quackenbush (sd) JohnTucker0814: Dylan Bundy (bal) RCWHITESOX: David Freese (pit) Over By There: Sergio Romo (sf) Round 3: JRIG: Ben Paulson (col) ma-gaga: Homer Bailey (cin) getonbckthr: Adam Warren (chc) 102605: Willson Contreras (chc) clogoodie (traded from Rocky Soprano): Jurickson Profar (tex) Moochpuppy: Hyun-Soo Kim (bal) Kroozah: Alex Colome (tb) cws05champ: Franklin Gutierrez (sea) Marks Muggles: Cody Asche (phi) pabulum: Willy Adames (tb) Marqhead: David Hernandez (phi) clogoodie: Pedro Strop (chc) The Racehorse: Danny Farquhar (tb) JohnTucker0814: Jarrod Dyson (kc) RCWHITESOX: Nate Jones (chw) Over By There: Didi Gregerious (nyy) Dynasty 2016 Pre Season Keepers.pdf
  8. 2015 MiLB Draft Draft Results - MiLB Round 1. 1. Rocky Soprano - Yoan Moncada (bos) 2. JRIG - Nomar Mazara (tex) 3. pabulum - Dermis Garcia (nyy) 4. Kroozah - Matt Olson (oak) 5. pabulum (from JT0814) - Brady Aiken (ncaa) 6. getonbckthr - Manuel Margot (bos) 7. Over By There - Michael Matuella (ncaa) 8. ma-gaga - Brendan Rodgers (high school) 9. Moochpuppy - Brandon Drury (ari) 10. 102605 - Ian Happ (ncaa) 11. Marqhead - Hector Olivera (cuba) 12. Marks_Muggles - Ryan McMahon (col) 13. JT0814 (from pabulum (from cws05champ)) - Kevin Maitan (Venezuela) 14. RCWHITESOX (from The Racehorse) - Roberto Baldoquin (cuba) 15. RCWHITESOX - Spencer Adams (chw) 16. clogoodie - Jake Thompson (tex) Round 2. 1. Rocky Soprano - Clint Coulter (mil) 2. JRIG - Brandon Nimmo (nym) 3. cws05champ (from pabulum) - Adrian Rondon (tb) 4. Kroozah - Jake Peter (chw) 5. JT0814 - Rafael Devers (bos) 6. getonbckthr - Walker Buehler (ncaa) 7. Over By There - Aaron Blair (ari) 8. ma-gaga - Franklin Barreto (oak) 9. Moochpuppy - Marcos Molina (nym) 10. 102605 - Yadier Alvarez (cuba) 11. Marqhead - Shohei Otani (japan) 12. Marks_Muggles - Matt Skole (was) 13. cws05champ - Victor Mesa Jr (cuba) 14. The Racehorse - Pedro Gonzalez (col) 15. The Racehorse (from RCWHITESOX) - Gilbert Lara (mil) 16. clogoodie - Reynaldo Lopez (was) Round 3. 1. Rocky Soprano - Orlando Arcia (mil) 2. JRIG - Vincent Velasquez (hou) 3. pabulum - Nelson Gomez (dr) 4. Kroozah - Mark Canha (oak) 5. JT0814 - Kyle Funkhouser (ncaa) 6. getonbckthr - Justin Hooper (hs) 7. Over By There - Kyle Freeland (col) 8. ma-gaga - Juan Deleon (nyy) 9. Moochpuppy - Michael Chavis (bos) 10. 102605 - Dansby Swanson (ncaa) 11. Marqhead - Trenton Clark (hs) 12. Marks_Muggles - Jack Flaherty (stl) 13. cws05champ - Bradley Zimmer (cle) 14. The Racehorse - Raimel Tapia (col) 15. RCWHITESOX - Monte Harrison (mil) 16. clogoodie - Brett Phillips (hou) Round 4. 1. Rocky Soprano - Jake Lamb (ari) 2. JRIG - Grant Holmes (la) 3. pabulum - Gabriel Guerrero (sea) 4. Kroozah - Austin House (col) 5. JT0814 - Jorge Mateo (nyy) 6. ma-gaga - Pat Vendette (oak) 7. Moochpuppy - Jhailyn Ortiz (dr) 8. 102605 - Dillon Tate (ncaa) 9. Marqhead - Alex Gonzalez (tex) 10. cws05champs - Braxton Davidson (atl) 11. The Racehorse - Wilmer Difo (was) 12. RCWHITESOX - Giovanny Urshela (cle) 13. clogoodie - Amed Rosario (nym) Round 5. 1. Rocky Soprano - Hak-Ju Lee (tb) 2. JRIG - Francisco Mejia (cle) 3. cws05champ(from pabulum) - Odubel Herrera (phi) 4. Kroozah - Carson Fulmer (ncaa) 5. JT0814 - Will Middlebrooks (sd) 6. ma-gaga - Kolby Allard (hs) 7. Moochpuppy - Hagen Danner (hs) 8. 102605 - Austin Bergner (hs) 9. pabulum (from cws05champ) - Courtney Hawkins (chw) 10. The Racehorse - Lewis Brinson (tex) 11. RCWHITESOX - Kyle Kubitza (ana) Round 6. 1. Rocky Soprano - JT Realmuto (mia) 2. JRIG - Lewis Thorpe (min) 3. pabulum - Kevin Plawecki (nym) 4. Kroozah - Robert Refsnyder (nyy) 5. JT0814 - Nicholas Quintana (hs) 6. Moochpuppy - Brent Honeywell (tb) 7. cws05champ - Shintaro Fujinawa (jap) Round 7. 1. pabulum - Casey Gillaspie (tb) Here is a list of the players already taken on Minor League Rosters: Daniel Webb, Mark Appel, Mike Foltynewicz, Josh Vitters, Carlos Correa, Matt Wisler, JP Crawford, LJ Hoes, Austin Meadows, Albert Almora, Dylan Bundy, Carlos Martinez, Christian Bethancourt, Blake Swihart, Dilson Herrera, Micah Johnson, Jameson Taillon, Nick Williams, Miguel Almonte, Alex Presley, Joc Pederson, Stolmy Pimentel, Sean Manaea, Josh Bell, Matt Davidson, DJ Peterson, Anthony Ranaudo, Jimmy Nelson, Maikel Franco, Michael Taylor, Jesus Montero, Alen Hansen, Kris Bryant, Addison Russell, Stephen Piscotty, Austin Romine, Corey Seager, Tim Beckham, Lance McCullers, Nick Franklin, Byron Buxton, Jorge Alfaro, Brett Jackson, Manny Banuelos, Alex Guerrero, Matt Barnes, Alex Meyer, Stryker Trahan, Archie Bradley, Gary Sanchez, Jon Gray, Heath Hembree, Francisco Liriano, Colin Moran, Nick Kingman, Jeff Hoffman, Rymer Liriano, Daz Cameron, Anthony Gose, Bubba Starling, Kyle Crick, Garin Cecchini, Raul Mondesi, Taylor Guerrieri, Kaleb Cowart, AJ Cole, Kyle Zimmer, Neftali Soto, Julio Urias, Gerardo Concepcion, Taylor Jungmann, Alex Jackson, Edwin Escobar, Alex Bregman, Clint Frazier, David Dahl, CJ Edwards, Tom Murphy, Erik Johnson, Andrew Heaney, Adam Brett Walker, Daniel Norris, Max Fried, CJ Cron, Lucas Giolito, Chih-hsien Chiang, Trea Turner, Miguel Sano, Ryan Stanek, Nick Gordon, Jan Hernandez, Joey Gallo, Eddie Butler, Marcus Semien, Max Pentecost, Mitch Nay, Tyler Glasnow, Eduardo Rodriguez, Carlos Rodon, Victor Roach, Touki Toussaint, Branden Allen, Kyle Schwarber, Robert Stephenson, Micker Adolfo, Delino Deshields, Rusney Castillo, Kohl Stewart, Michael Gettys, Roughned Odor, Devon Travis, Braden Shipley, Lucas Sims, Aaron Sanchez, Tyler Kolek, Trevor May, Leonardo Molina, Jacob Gatewood, Michael Conforto, Dominic Smith, Eloy Jimenez, Tyler Beede, Tomohiro Anruku, Brian Rogira, Alfredo Despaigne, Trevor Story, Hunter Harvey, Carlos Sanchez Players in the database NOT available to be drafted in either draft. Please check this list before posting a pick. Thank you! Nick Williams Kris Bryant Archie Bradley Kaleb Cowart Tyler Glasnow Lucas Sims Miguel Almonte Addison Russell Gary Sanchez AJ Cole Daniel Norris Eduardo Rodriguez Aaron Sanchez Stephen Piscotty Jon Gray Kyle Zimmer Max Fried Carlos Rodon Tyler Kolek Alex Presley Austin Romine Heath Hembree Neftali Soto CJ Cron Trevor May Joc Pederson Corey Seager Francisco Lindor Julio Urias Lucas Giolito Touki Toussaint Daniel Webb Josh Vitters LJ Hoes Stolmy Pimentel Tim Beckham Colin Moran Mark Appel Carlos Correa Austin Meadows Sean Manaea Lance McCullers Nick Kingham Kyle Schwarber Michael Conforto Albert Almora Josh Bell Nick Franklin Alex Jackson Miguel Sano Robert Stephenson Dominic Smith Matt Davidson Byron Buxton Rymer Liriano Edwin Escobar Dylan Bundy DJ Peterson Jorge Alfaro Nick Gordon Delino Deshields Matt Wisler Carlos Martinez Anthony Ranaudo Brett Jackson Anthony Gose Clint Frazier Rusney Castillo Mike Foltynewicz JP Crawford Christian Bethancourt Jimmy Nelson Manny Banuelos Bubba Starling David Dahl Joey Gallo Kohl Stewart Maikel Franco Alex Guerrero Kyle Crick CJ Edwards Eddie Butler Michael Gettys Dilson Herrera Michael Taylor Matt Barnes Garin Gecchini Tom Murphy Marcus Semien Roughned Odor Trevor Story Micah Johnson Jesus Montero Alex Meyer Raul Mondesi Erik Johnson Devon Travis Hunter Harvey Blake Swihart Jameson Taillon Alen Hansen Stryker Trahan Taylor Guerrieri Andrew Heaney Braden Shipley Carlos Sanchez Jose Fernandez Tyler Skaggs Martin Perez Jurickson Profar Matt Moore Kris Medlen 2015 MLB Draft Draft Results - MLB Round 1 1. Rocky Soprano - Yasmani Tomas (ari) 3B, OF 2. JRIG - Bobby Parnell (nym) RP 3. Pabulum - Jesse Winker (cin) OF 4. Kroozah - Jung ho Kang (pit) SP 5. JT0814 - Dalton Pompey (tor) OF 6. getonbckthr - Alex Rodriguez (nyy) 3B 7. Over By There - Stephen Matz (nym) SP 8. ma-gaga - Henry Owens (bos) SP 9. cws05champs (from Moochpuppy) - Brett Cecil (tor) RP 10. cws05champs (from pabulum (from 102605)) - Tim Anderson (cws) SS 11. Marqhead - Josh Reddick (oak) RF 12. Marks_Muggles - Marco Gonzalez (stl) SP 13. JT0814 (from pabulum (from cws05champs) - Jose Peraza (atl) SS,2B 14. The Racehorse - Shane Greene (det) SP 15. RCWHITESOX - Drew Pomeranz (oak) SP 16. clogoodie - Aaron Judge (nyy) OF Round 2. 1. Rocky Soprano - Domingo Santana (hou) OF 2. JRIG - Brock Holt (bos) UT 3. pabulum (from cws05champ (from pabulum)) Jonathan Broxton (mil) RP 4. Kroozah - Bryan Shaw (cle) RP 5. JT0814 - Brandon Finnegan (kc) RP 6. getonbckthr - RA Dickey (tor) SP 7. Over By There - Luis Severino (nyy) SP 8. ma-gaga - Hunter Renfroe (sf) OF 9. Moochpuppy - Didi Gregorious (nyy) SS 10. 102605 - Jose Berrios (min) SP 11. Marqhead - Brad Ziegler (ari) RP 12. Marks_Muggles - Adam Warren (nyy) RP 13. Moochpuppy (from cws05champ) - Forrest Wall (col) 2B 14. The Racehorse - Danny Farquhar (sea) RP 15. 102605 (from pabulum from RCWHITESOX) - Aaron Nola (phi) SP 16. clogoodie - Nick Vincent (sd) RP Round 3. 1. Rocky Soprano - Sean Newcomb (ana) SP 2. JRIG - David Carpenter (nyy) RP 3. RCWHITESOX (from pabulum) - Bruce Rondon (det) RP 4. Kroozah - AJ Ramos (mia) RP 5. Pabulum (from JT0814) - Daniel Robertson (tb) SS 6. getonbckthr - Charlie Morton (pit) SP 7. Over By There - Stephen Vogt (oak) C 8. ma-gaga - Jake Marisnick (hou) OF 9. Moochpuppy - Ben Lively (phi) SP 10. 102605 - Alex Reyes (stl) SP 11. Marqhead - Yusmeiro Petit (sf) RP,SP 12. Marks_Muggles - Casey McGehee (mia) 3B 13. cws05champ - Zach Duke (chw) RP 14. The Racehorse - Michael Saunders (tor) LF 15. RCWHITESOX - Jon Niese (nym) SP 16. clogoodie - Tyler Flowers (chw) C 2015 Keepers_final.pdf
  9. 2014 MiLB Draft Minor League Draft Round 1: getonbckthr: Daniel Webb (chw) SP pabulum: Steven Piscotty (stl) OF Over By There: Trea Turner (hs) SS ma-gaga: Alex Jackson (hs) C/OF Rocky Soprano: Nick Williams (tex) OF Marks_Muggles: Mike Foltynewicz (hou) SP The Racehorse: Jorge Bonifacio (kc) OF JRIG: Miguel Almonte (kc) SP cws05champ (via Trade): CJ Edwards (chc) SP Pabulum (via Trade): Tyler Kolek (hs) SP 102605: Alex Bregman (ncaa) SS Moochpuppy (via Trade): Micker Adolfo Zapata (chw) OF Marqhead: Rusney Castillo (cuba) OF RCWHITESOX: Micah Johnson (chw) 2B clogoodie: Mitch Nay (tor) 3B Round 2: Moochpuppy (awarded due to error on rosters in 2013): Eloy Jiminez (chc) OF JohnTucker0814 (via Trade): Jacob Gatewood (hs) SS Overy By There: Kyle Schwarber (ncaa) 1B ma-gaga: Jeff Hoffman (ncaa) SP Rocky Soprano: Arismendy Alcantara (chc) 2B Marks_Muggles: JP Crawford (phi) SS JohnTucker0814 (via Trade): Touki Toussaint (hs) SP JohnTucker0814: Leonardo Molina (nyy) OF 102605: Tyler Beede (ncaa) SP cws05champ: Alexander Guerrero (la) 2B Marqhead: Matt Wisler (sd) SP RCWHITESOX: Max Pentecost (ncaa) C clogoodie: Braden Shipley (ari) SP Round 3: Over By There: Michael Conforto (ncaa) C Rocky Soprano: Adam Brett Walker (min) OF Marks_Muggles: Christian Bethancourt (atl) C JRIG (via Trade): Eduardo Rodriguez (bal) SP 102605: Nick Gordon (hs) SS cws05champ: Michael Gettys (hs) OF Marqhead: Tomohiro Anruku (jap) clogoodie: Blake Swihart (bos) C Round 4: Marks_Muggles: Jimmy Nelson (mil) SP JohnTucker0814: Scott Baker (sea) SP 102605: 2014 MLB Draft Major League Draft Round 1: cws05champs (via trade): Maikel Franco (phi) 3B pabulum: Jonathan Gray (col) SP Kroozah: Nate Jones (chw) RP Over By There: Josmil Pinto (min) C ma-gaga: Robert Stephenson (cin) SP Rocky Soprano: Tyler Glasnow (pit) SP Marks_Muggles: Joey Gallo (tex) 3B Kroozah (via Trade): Yonder Alonso (sd) 1B JRIG: Ricky Nolasco (min) SP Moochpuppy: Edwin Escobar (sf) RP JohnTucker0814: Julio Urias (lad) SP cws05champs (via Trade): Eddie Butler (col) SP moochpuppy (via Trade): AJ Burnett (phi) SP Marqhead: Ivan Nova (nyy) SP RCWHITESOX: Devin Travis (det) 2B clogoodie: Andrew Heaney (mia) SP Round 2: getonbckthr: Dan Uggla (atl) 2B JohnTucker0814 (via Trade): Josh Reddick (oak) RF Kroozah: CJ Cron (ana) 1B Over By There: Mark Melancon (pit) RP ma-gaga: Darren O'Day (bal) RP Rocky Soprano: Chris Young (nym) OF Marks_Muggles: Trevor Plouff (min) 3B The Racehorse: Felix Doubront (bos) SP 102605 (via Trade): Roughned Odor (tex) 2B cws05champs (via Trade): Danny Farquhar (sea) RP Pabulum (via Trade): Justin Ruggiano (chc) OF JRIG (via Trade): Michael Saunders (sea) OF pabulum (via Trade): Mike Aviles (cle) 3B,2B Marqhead: Bartolo Colon (nym) SP JohnTucker0814 (via Trade): Bruce Rondon (det) RP clogoodie: Mookie Betts (bos) 2B Round 3: RCWHITESOX (via Trade): Hunter Harvey (bal) SP getonbckthr (via Trade): Ichiro 102605 (via Trade): Edward Mujica (bos) RP Over By There: Robbie Grossman (hou) OF ma-gaga: Marcus Stroman (tor) SP Rocky Soprano: Lucas Sims (atl) SP Marks_Muggles: Kohl Stewart (min) SP The Racehorse: Rajai Davis (det) OF 102605 (via Trade): LaTroy Hawkins (col) RP Moochpuppy: Jeremy Hellickson (tb) SP JRIG (via Trade): Alberto Callaspo (oak) IF The Racehorse (via Trade): Phil Hughes (min) SP getonbckthr (via Trade): Mike Leake (cin) SP Marqhead: Jake McGee (tb) RCWHITESOX: Wellington Castillo (chc) C clogoodie: Carlos Ruiz (phi) C Minor League Keepers getonbckthr: Josh Vitters, Kyle Gibson, LJ Hoes, Stolmy Pimentel, Tim Beckham, Jorge Soler, Gerardo Concepcion, Chih-hsien Chiang, Brandon Allen pabulum: Mike Olt, Noah Syndergaard, Eddie Rosario, Joe Panik, Zach Lee, Bryce Brentz, Daniel Vogelbach, Carlos Rodon Kroozah: Alex Presley, Drew Pomeranz, Thomas Neal, Alex Liddi, Austin Romine, Deck McGuire, Heath Hembree, Neftali Soto, Victor Roach, Trevor May Over By There: Mark Appel, Alex Colome, Carlos Correa, Taylor Jungmann, Sean Maneaa, Austin Meadows, Michael Pineda ma-gaga: Jurickson Profar, Travis d'Arnaud, Jackie Bradley, Miguel Sano, Josh Bell, Alberto Almora, Dominic Smith, Tommy Milone Rocky Soprano: Donavon Tate, Tyler Skaggs, Archie Bradley, Austin Hedges, Jonathan Schoop, Kris Bryant, Kaleb Cowart Marks_Muggles: Kolten Wong, Manny Banuelos, Jake Odorizzi, Bubba Starling, Brian Ragira, David Dahl The Racehorse: Trevor Story, Josh Rutledge, Matt Barnes, Marcel Ozuna, Garin Cecchini, Danny Duffy, Elier Hernandez, Derek Dietrick, Aaron Hicks JRIG: Jonathan Singleton, Aaron Sanchez, Addison Russell, Gary Sanchez, AJ Cole, Oscar Tavares, Daniel Norris, Chad Bettis Moochpuppy: Justin Grimm, Matt Davidson, Mike Montgomery, Ryan Stanek, Byron Buxton, George Springer, James Paxton, Rymer Liriano JohnTucker0814: Francisco Lindor, Joc Pederson, Lucas Giolito, Alex Meyer, Michael Choice, Danny Hultzen 102605: Dylan Bundy, Colin Moran, DJ Peterson, Dazmon Cameron, Jorge Alfaro, Delino Deshields cws05champ: Trevor Bauer, Max Fried, Kyle Crick, Masahiro Tanaka, Alfredo Despaigne, Ronald Guzman, Gregory Polanco Marqhead: Carlos Martinez, Anthony Ranaudo, Brett Jackson, Kelvin Herrera, Anthony Gose, Clint Frazier, Jan Hernandez RCWHITESOX: Marcus Semien, Corey Seager, Raul Mondesi, Michael Wacha, Erik Johnson, Danny Salazar, Andre Rienzo, Dee Gordon clogoodie: Jameson Taillon, Javier Baez, Alen Hansen, Jarred Cosart, Stryker Trahan, Taylor Guerrieri, Carlos Sanchez Dynasty Rosters 2014 Off Season.pdf
  10. 2013 draft thread...same as the old draft threads... The draft will last 3 rounds for the major league portion of the draft and up to 10 rounds in the minor league portion, until everyone's rosters are full. Once we begin the draft, any player that is added to yahoo is NOT eligible to be drafted. There is currently no time limit between picks, although you should expect a 24 hour limit to be enforced at some point. Also, please be on your best behavior elsewhere on WSI. The last thing we want during the draft are bannings. Available/Selected Players Selected players will be input in the posts 2-3, as a simple way to keep track of who's been chosen already. To check if someone's been chosen, simply go to page 1 of the draft thread, press 'Ctrl' + 'F' to bring up your browser's Find command, type in part of a player's name, and click 'Next.' You'll cycle through every bit of text on the page that matches what you typed in. It works pretty well, as long as names are spelled correctly by both me & you. Selected players will also be added to the Yahoo! league Draft Results, which will allow you to filter and search for available players there. I will try to do this ASAP, but that won't always be feasible. Nonetheless, the lag will rarely be more than a round. General Tips: Check in on the draft thread at least once a day. Some of you have school, some of you have jobs where maybe internet access is monitored or limited, some of you maybe just don't spend all your free time online. Visit when you can...but please do at some point of the day, each and every day until the draft is completed. After you've made your pick, send a quick PM to the manager after you, letting them know it's their turn. Don't send multiple PM's, a single one will do. If your pick is coming up soon, but you have to be step away from WSI for a while, write up a list of 2-4 players you'd like to draft with your pick. PM this list to either me, a fellow manager you trust, or a manager who has already made his pick in the round. If your turn comes up while you're away, whomever you sent that list to can make the pick for you. Obviously, the # of players you should include depends on how far away you are- if you're one pick away, then include 2 players...two picks away, include 3, etc. I also recommend clicking the "Thread Tools" just above this post, on the right side of the screen and selecting "Subscribe to this thread". You can then select 'instant notification' to receive an email when a new reply is posted to the thread (you get a single email even if there are multiple replies. This resets each time you visit the site & thread) or to receive a daily email notification that will contain all new replies to the thread that day. It's quite helpful...and you can always turn it off if decide you don't like getting the emails. Current keepers are attached. Pleaes check these over, if I've made a mistake, please let me know ASAP! Updated spreadsheet with current rosters, made a few mistakes on the spreadsheet, however Yahoo is correct. 2013 MiLB Draft Minor League Draft: Round 1: 1.1. Rocky Soprano - Kris Bryant (University of San Diego) 3B 1.2. Over By There (TRADED) - Austin Meadows (Grayson HS) OF 1.3. JRIG - Addison Russell (oak) SS 1.4. Marks_Muggles - David Dahl (col) OF 1.5. ma-gaga - Albert Almora (chc) OF 1.6. Pabulum - Courtney Hawkins (cws) OF 1.7. clogoodie - Alen Hanson (pit) SS 1.8. Over By There - Sean Manaea (ncaa) SP 1.9. JRIG (TRADED) - Aaron Sanchez (tor) SP 1.10. Marqhead - Clint Frazier (Loganville) OF 1.11. Pabulum (TRADED) - Carlos Rondon (NC State) SP 1.12. RCWHITESOX - Corey Seager (lad) SS 1.13. cws05champs - Max Fried (sd) SP 1.14. JohnTucker0814 - Jonathan Denney (hs) C Round 2: 2.15. cws05champs (TRADED from Moochpuppy last year) - Kyle Crick (sf) SP 2.16. 102605 (TRADED) - Dazmon Cameron (eagles landing christian academy HS) OF 2.17. JohnTucker0814 (TRADED) - Lucas Giolito (was) SP 2.18. ma-gaga - Dominic Smith (serra HS) 1B/OF 2.19. pabulum - Tyler Austin (nyy) OF 2.20. clogoodie - Taylor Guirieri (tb) SP 2.21. Moochpuppy (TRADED) - Ryne Stanek (ncaa) 2.22. 102605 - Delino DeShields Jr. (hou) of 2.23. Marqhead - Jan Hernandez (Puerto Rico HS) 3B 2.24. RCWHITESOX - Adalberto Mondesi (kc) SS 2.25. cws05champs - Gregory Polanco (pit) OF 2.26. JohnTucker0814 - Joc Pederson (la) OF Round 3: 3.27. Marks_Muggles - Brian Ragira (ncaa) 1B 3.28. The Racehorse (TRADED) - Marcell Ozuna (mia) OF 3.29. clogoodie - Stryker Trahan (ari) C 3.30. 102605 - Brian Goodwin (was) OF 3.31. cws05champs - Masahiro Tanaka (Japan) SP 3.32. JohnTucker0814 - Rowdy Tellez (Elk Grove HS) LIGHT TOWER POWER 1B/OF Round 4: 4.33. clogoodie - Carlos Sanchez (cws) 2B 4.34. 102605 - Jorge Alfaro (tex) C 4.35. JohnTucker0814 - Dorssys Paulino (cle) SS Round 5: 5.36. 102605 - Colin Moran (ncaa) 3B Round 6: 6.37. 102605 - DJ Peterson (ncaa) 3B/1B *Note 102605 edited his roster a few days ago to drop Cory Spangenberg, so the changes have been made to the draft thread... JT ** Altered Minor League rosters to reflect MILB trade between Mark_Muggles and JohnTucker0814... Ma 2013 MLB Draft Round 1: 1.1. Rocky Soprano - Jose Fernandez (mia) SP 1.2. Kroozah - Bruce "Butterball" Rondon (det) RP 1.3. getonbckthr - Anthony John Pierzynski (tex) C 1.4. Moochpuppy - Trevor Rosenthal (stl) P 1.5. 102605 (TRADED) - Yasiel Puig (lad) OF 1.6. Marks_Muggles - Oswaldo Arcia (min) OF 1.7. ma-gaga - Jackie Bradley (bos) OF 1.8. Pabulum - Kevin Gausman (bal) SP 1.9. clogoodie - Bobby Parnell (nym) RP 1.10. Over By There - Jason Grilli (pit) RP 1.11. JRIG (TRADED) - Wilson Ramos (was) C 1.12. The Racehorse (TRADED) - Rubby De La Rosa (bos) SP 1.13. The Racehorse - Dan Duffy (kc) SP 1.14. RCWHITESOX - Jed Lowrie (oak) SS 1.15. cws05champs - Hyun-Jin Ryo (la) SP 1.16. JohnTucker0814 - David Hernandez (ari) RP Round 2: 2.17. Rocky Soprano - Austin Hedges (sd) C 2.18. Kroozah - Hisashi Iwakuma (sea) SP 2.19. getonbckthr - Jeff Francoeur (kc) RF 2.20. Moochpuppy - Erasmo Ramirez (sea) RP 2.21. JRIG - Joel Peralta (tb) RP 2.22. Marks_Muggles - Ty Wigginton (stl) everywhere 2.23. ma-gaga - Justin Ruggiano (mia) OF 2.24. The Racehorse (TRADED) - Felix Doubront (bos) P 2.25. clogoodie - Alex Cobb (tb) SP 2.26. Moochpuppy (TRADED) - Edinson Volquez (sd) SP 2.27. 102605 - Kyuji Fujikawa (chc) RP 2.28. Marqhead - Jose Veras (hou) P 2.29. Pabulum (TRADED) - Kyle Zimmer (kc) P 2.30. RCWHITESOX - Michael Wacha (stl) SP 2.31. cws05champs - Pedro Strop (bal) RP 2.32. JohnTucker0814 - Chris Parmelee (min) 1B, RF Round 3: 3.33. Rocky Soprano - Al Alburquerque (det) RP 3.34. Kroozah - Hiroyuki Nakajima (oak) SS 3.35. The Racehorse (TRADED for Salty) - Dillon Gee (nym) SP 3.36. Over By There (TRADED) - Ryan Madson (laa) RP 3.37. JRIG - Brian Roberts (bal) 2B 3.38. Marks_Muggles - Russell Wilson (pit) C 3.39. ma-gaga - Carter Capps (sea) RP 3.40. Pabulum - yunel Escobar 3.41. clogoodie - Daniel Murphy (nym) 2b 3.42. Over By There - Lucas duda (nym) 1b/of 3.43. 102605 - Kyle ****ing Blanks (sd) OF 3.44. Marqhead - Jared Burton (min) RP 3.45. Marqhead (TRADED) - Kelvin Herrera (kc) RP 3.46. RCWHITESOX - Andrew Bailey (bos) RP 3.47. cws05champs - Andy Pettitte (old) SP 3.48. JohnTucker0814 - Franklin Gutierrez (sea) OF DynastyFinalKeepers2013_rev1.pdf
  11. 2012 MiLB Draft Minor League Draft Results Round 1: 1. getonbckthr (The Communist Party) - Jorge Soler, OF 2. Moochpuppy - James Paxton, SP 3. Rocky Soprano - Xander Bogaerts, SS 4. Rocky Soprano (via 102605) - Yasmani Grandal, C 5. Marks_Muggles - Cheslor Cuthbert, 3B 6. JohnTucker0814 (via Kroozah) - Taijuan Walker, SP 7. cws05champ - Mike Olt, 3B 8. Over By There - Mark Appel, SP 9. JRIG - Oscar Tavarez, OF 10. Slats - Nate Eovaldi, RP 11. 102605 (via The Racehorse) - Jake Marisnick, OF 12. ma-gaga - Joshua Bell, OF 13. Marqhead - Carlos Martinez, P 14. clogoodie - Javier Baez, SS 15. Kroozah (via JohnTucker0814) - Heath Hembree, SP 16. RCWHITESOX - Andre Rienzo, SP Round 2: 1. getonbckthr - Gerardo Concepcion, P 2. Moochpuppy (via cws05champ (via Moochpuppy)) - Rymer Liriano, OF 3. 102605 (via Rocky Soprano) - Byron Buxton, OF 4. 102605 - Andrelton Simmons, SS 5. Marks_Muggles - Adeiny Hechavarria, SS 6. Kroozah - Neftali Soto, 1B 7. cws05champ (via Moochpuppy (via cws05champ)) - Alfredo Despaigne, OF 8. Over By There - Carlos Correa, SS 9. JRIG - Daniel Norris, SP 10. Slats - Noah Syndergaard, SP 11. The Racehorse - Justin Nicolino, SP 12. ma-gaga - Matt Harvey, SP 13. Marqhead - Matt Szczur, OF 14. clogoodie - Tyrel Jenkins, SP 15. JohnTucker0814 - Mikie Mahtook, OF 16. RCWHITESOX - DJ LeMahieu, 2B Round 3: 1. getonbckthr - Chih-Hsien Chiang, OF 2. The Racehorse (via 102605) - Trevor May, SP 3. Marks_Muggles - Brett Johnson, SS 4. Kroozah - Victor Roache, OF 5. cws05champ - Ronald Guzman, 1B/OF 6. JRIG - Chad Bettis, P 7. Slats - Eddie Rosario, 2B/OF 8. The Racehorse - Garin Cecchini, 3B 9. ma-gaga - Jason Isringhausen, RP 10. JohnTucker0814 - Mike Zunino, C Round 4: 1. getonbckthr - Jose Abreu, OF 2. 102605 - Andy Pettitte, SP 3. Marks_Muggles - Robbie Erlin, SP 4. Kroozah - AJ Griffin, SP 5. Slats - Joe Panik, SS 6. The Racehorse - Trevor Story, SS Round 5: 1. 102605 - Mason Williams, OF 2. Slats - Drew Smyly, SP 3. The Racehorse - Matt Barnes, SP Round 6: 1. 102605 - Blake Swihart, C 2. Slats - Bryce Brentz, OF 3. The Racehorse - Elier Hernandez, OF Round 7: 1. 102605 - Trey Williams, 3B 2. Slats - Daniel Vogelbach, 1B 3. The Racehorse - Austin Wilson, OF Round 8: 1. 102605 - Nick Williams, OF MLB Draft MLB Expansion Draft Results Round 1 1. getonbckthr - Yoenis Cespedes, OF 2. cws05champ (via Moochpuppy) - Trevor Bauer, P 3. Rocky Soprano - Tyler Skaggs, P 4. 102605 - Dylan Bundy, P 5. Marks_Muggles - Kolten Wong, 2b 6. JohnTucker0814 (via Kroozah) - Danny Hultzen, P 7. Moochpuppy (via cws05champ) - Henderson Alvarez, P 8. Over By There - Edinson Volquez, P 9. JRIG - Erik Bedard, P 10. Slats - Salvador Perez, C 11. Rocky Soprano (via 102605, via The Racehorse) - Gary Brown, OF 12. ma-gaga - Travis d'Arnaud, C 13. Marqhead - Ryan Lavarnway, C 14. clogoodie - Taylor Green, 2B 15. Kroozah (via JohnTucker0814) - Hisashi Iwakuma, P 16. RCWHITESOX - Garrett Richards, P Round 2 1. getonbckthr - Jason Bay, OF 2. Moochpuppy - Jed Lowrie, SS 3. Rocky Soprano - Liam Hendricks, P 4. The Racehorse (via 102605) - Jonathon Niese, SP 5. Marks_Muggles - Tommy Joseph, C 6. Kroozah - Brian Fuentes, P 7. cws05champ - Vinny Pestano, P 8. Over By There - Alexi Ogando, P 9. JRIG - David DeJesus, OF 10. Slats - Brent Morel, 3B 11. 102605 (via The Racehorse) - Chone Figgins, 3B 12. ma-gaga - Jedd Gyorko, 3B 13. Marqhead - Raul Ibanez, OF 14. clogoodie - Jesse Crain, RP 15. JohnTucker0814 - Jonathan Broxton, RP 16. RCWHITESOX - Kosuke Fukudome - OF Round 3 1. clogoodie (via getonbckthr) - Chris Davis - 3B 2. Moochpuppy - Ruben Tejada, 2B 3. 102605 (via Rocky Soprano) - Cory Spangenberg, 2B 4. The Racehorse (via 102605) - Will Middlebrooks, 3B 5. Marks_Muggles - Eric O'Flaherty, RP 6. Kroozah - Guillermo Troncoso, RP 7. cws05champ - Matt Adams, 1B 8. Over By There - Tim Stauffer, SP 9. JRIG - David Hernandez, RP 10. Slats - Tommy Milone, SP 11. The Racehorse - Henry Rodriguez, RP 12. ma-gaga - Ramon Ramirez, RP 13. Marqhead - Glen Perkins, SP 14. clogoodie - Joba Chamberlain, RP 15. JohnTucker0814 - Johnathan Schoop, SS 16. RCWHITESOX - Trevor Bell, RP Dynasty Draft 2012.pdf DynastyLeagueRules2012.pdf
  12. 2011 Okay! We're finally ready to get going. I have all the keepers and we've made a couple of minor rule changes, and I think going forward this should be the end of any rule changes. 1. We are increasing our DL positions to 3 during the year. Keepers stay the same with 24 keepers at the end of the year. 2. We are increasing our minor league roster size to 10. 3. Make sure when making a trade of minor league draft picks that when you submit your keepers you have those picks to trade. If you don't, you're going to have to make room by dropping someone so you do! I've attached the current rosters because I'm not typing out all 24 rounds of keepers! The great thing this year, IMO, is that the major league draft actually might end up being a majority of major league players. All of us are getting pretty darn good at picking minor leaguers that this years draft should be heavy in MLB talent. Anyone in the Yahoo Database is eligible to be drafted. From today's date, if there are players added to the database you CANNOT draft them. Please be aware of our minor league rosters when making your picks. There is no way to get them on waivers until after the draft. Everyone does a great job of monitoring this throughout the draft. If someone has made a selection that is already off the board, please do not make a selection until they have corrected their pick. We only have 3 rounds in the major league portion and we'll follow this draft immediately with the minor league draft. All transactions will be locked until BOTH drafts are completed. You are not allowed to promote or demote any players until I hit "start season" on our yahoo league. This is a standard draft, it does not snake. The waiver priority will be set the same way to begin the league, meaning OBT will have #1 waiver priority. As always, good luck and lets have some fun! 2011 MiLB Draft Round 1: 1. Over By There: Gerrit Cole (ncaa) SP 2. QCIASOXFAN: Matt Purke (ncaa) SP 3. getonbckthr: Jake Odorizzi (mil) SP 4. ma-gaga: Nick Franklin (sea) SS 5. Marks_Muggles: Jean Segura (ana) 2B (Traded to JT0814) 6. Rocky Soprano: Jose Iglesias (bos) SS 7. Kroozah: Deck McGuire (tor) SP 8. Marqhead: Brett Jackson (chc) OF 9. Slats: Yuneski Maya (was) P 10. Marks_Muggles: Christian Colon (kc) SS 11. cws05champs: Jonathan Singleton (phi) 1B 12. JRIG: Gary Sanchez (nyy) C 13. JohnTucker0814: Josh Sale (tb) OF 14. The Racehorse: Jackie Bradley Jr (ncaa) OF 15. RCWHITESOX: Corey Luebke (sd) SP 16. clogoodie: Billy Hamilton (cin) SS Round 2: 1. Over By There: Cesar Puello (nym) OF 2. QCIASOXFAN: George Springer (ncaa) OF 3. cws05champ: Zach Lee (lad) SP 4. ma-gaga: Jurickson Profar (tex) SS 5. 102605: Nick Castellanos (det) 3B 6. Rocky Soprano: Tony Sanchez (pit) C 7. Kroozah: Austin Romine (nyy) C 8. Marqhead: Chris Archer (tb) SP 9. Slats: Mark Trumbo (ana) 1B 10. 102605: Delino Deshields (hou) 2B 11. getonbckthr: Stolmy Pimentel (bos) SP 12. JRIG: A.J. Cole (was) SP 13. JohnTucker0814: Michael Choice (oak) OF 14. The Racehorse: Bubba Starling (hs) OF 15. RCWHITESOX: Scott Hoffman (ncaa) SP 16. clogoodie: Matt Davidson (az) 3B Round 3: 1. Over By There: Taylor Jungmann (ncaa) SP 2. QCIASOXFAN: Trayvon Robinson 3. getonbckthr: L.J. Hoes 4. ma-gaga: Dellin Betances (nyy) SP 5. Marks_Muggles: Jerry Sands (la) OF 6. Rocky Soprano: Andy Oliver (det) SP 7. Kroozah: Alex Liddi (sea) 3B 8. Marqhead: Alex White (cle) SP 9. Slats: Brad Emaus (nym) 3B 10. 102605: Jeremy Jeffress (kc) RP 11. cws05champs: Sonny Gray (ncaa) SP 12. JRIG: Chris Dwyer (kc) SP 13. JohnTucker0814: Francisco Lindor (hs) SS 14. The Racehorse: Yonder Alonso (cin) 15. RCWHITESOX: Zach Cozart (cin) SS 16. clogoodie: Leonys Martin (cuba) OF Round 4: 1. Over By There: Trey McNutt (chc) 2. QCIASOXFAN: J.P. Arencibia (tor) 3. getonbckthr: Brandon Allen (ari) 4. ma-gaga: Nick Weglarz (cle) 5. Marks_Muggles: Starling Marte (pit) OF 6. Rocky Soprano: Eduardo Escobar (chw) SS 7. Kroozah: Chris Nelson (col) SS 8. Marqhead: Anthony Gose (tor) OF 9. Slats: Paul Goldschmidt (ari) 1B 10. 102605: Nolan Arenado (col) 3B 11. cws05champs: Lance McCullers (hs) 12. JRIG: Guillermo Pimentel (sea) OF 13. JohnTucker0814: Bobby Borchering (ari) 14. The Racehorse: Lars Anderson (bos) 15. RCWHITESOX: Addison Reed (chw) SP 16. clogoodie: Christian Yelich (fla) Round 5: 1. Over By There: Simon Castro (sd) 2. QCIASOXFAN: David Cooper (tor) 3. getonbckthr: Tim Beckham (tb) 4. ma-gaga: Michael Bowden (bos) 5. Marks_Muggles: Francisco Peguero (sf) OF 6. Rocky Soprano: Kaleb Cowart (laa) 3B 7. Kroozah: Zach Stewart (tor) P 8. Marqhead: Mark Rogers (mil) SP 9. Slats: Lorenzo Cain (kc) OF 10. 102605: Tim Collins (kc) RP 11. cws05champs: Juan Miranda (nyy) 1B 12. JRIG: Kyle Drabek (tor) 13. JohnTucker0814: Chris Carter (oak) (traded to Marks_Muggles) 14. The Racehorse: Aaron Hicks (min) 15. RCWHITESOX: Aaron Crow (kc) 16. clogoodie: Round 6: 1. Over By There: Alex Colome (tb) 2. QCIASOXFAN: Jaff Decker (sd) 3. getonbckthr: Kyle Gibson (min) 4. ma-gaga: Josh Bell (bal) 5. Marks_Muggles: Casey Crosby (det) 6. Rocky Soprano: 7. Kroozah: Thomas Neal (sf) 8. Marqhead: Dustin Ackley (sea) 9. Slats: Danny Duffy (kc) 10. 102605: Yu Darvish (japan) 11. cws05champs: Zach Cox (stl) 12. JRIG: Eric Hosmer (kc) 13. JohnTucker0814: Freddie Freeman (atl) 14. The Racehorse: Desmond Jennings (tb) 15. RCWHITESOX: Mat Gamel (mil) 16. clogoodie: Tyler Flowers (chw) Round 7: 1. Over By There: Kelvin De La Cruz (cle) 2. QCIASOXFAN: Matt Dominguez (fla) 3. getonbckthr: Cameron Maybin (sd) 4. ma-gaga: Christian Friedrich (col) 5. Marks_Muggles: Derrek Norris (was) 6. Rocky Soprano: Jhoulys Chacin (col) 7. Kroozah: Jarrod Parker (ari) 8. Marqhead: Phillippe Aumont (phi) 9. Slats: Chris Iannetta (col) 10. 102605: Dee Gordon (la) 11. cws05champs: Grant Green (oak) 12. JRIG: Casey Kelly (bos) 13. JohnTucker0814: Jeremy Hellickson (tb) 14. The Racehorse: Chris Marrero (was) 15. RCWHITESOX: Brandon Jones (atl) 16. clogoodie: Edward Salcedo (atl) Round 8: 1. Over By There: Greg Halman (sea) 2. QCIASOXFAN: Juan Francisco (cin) 3. getonbckthr: Jared Mitchell (chw) 4. ma-gaga: Ryan Kalish (bos) 5. Marks_Muggles: Tanner Scheppers (tex) 6. Rocky Soprano: Josh Reddick (bos) 7. Kroozah: Drew Pomeranz (cle) 8. Marqhead: Lonnie Chisenhall (cle) 9. Slats: Hak-Ju Lee (tb) 10. 102605: Manny Machado (bal) 11. cws05champs: Martin Perez (tex) 12. JRIG: Wil Myers (kc) 13. JohnTucker0814: Craig Kimbrel (atl) 14. The Racehorse: Nolan Reimold (bal) 15. RCWHITESOX: Ethan Martin (la) 16. clogoodie: Scott Sizemore (det) Round 9: 1. Over By There: Bryce Harper (was) 2. QCIASOXFAN: Mike Montgomery (kc) 3. getonbckthr: Josh Vitters (chc) 4. ma-gaga: Miguel Sano (min) 5. Marks_Muggles: Danny Valencia (min) 6. Rocky Soprano: Donovan Tate (sd) 7. Kroozah: Ben Revere (min) 8. Marqhead: Chris Davis (tex) 9. Slats: Fernando Martinez (nym) 10. 102605: Jennry Mejia (nym) 11. cws05champs: Anthony Renden (ncaa) 12. JRIG: Michael Taylor (oak) 13. JohnTucker0814: Tyler Matzek (col) 14. The Racehorse: Justin Smoak (sea) 15. RCWHITESOX: Trevor Reckling (ana) 16. clogoodie: Jameson Taillon (pit) Round 10: 1. Over By There: Brett Lawrie (tor) 2. QCIASOXFAN: Lavon Washington (cle) 3. getonbckthr: Aroydis Vizcaino (atl) 4. ma-gaga: Chris Withrow (la) 5. Marks_Muggles: Zach Wheeler (sf) 6. Rocky Soprano: Sean West (fla) 7. Kroozah: Max Stassi (oak) 8. Marqhead: Anthony Ranaudo (bos) 9. Slats: Jesus Montero (nyy) 10. 102605: Matt Moore (tb) 11. cws05champs: Jacob Turner (det) 12. JRIG: Julio Teheran (atl) 13. JohnTucker0814: Shelby Miller (stl) 14. The Racehorse: Jordan Walden (ana) 15. RCWHITESOX: Mike Trout (ana) 16. clogoodie: Wilmer Flores (nym) 2011 MLB Draft Round 1: 1. Over By There: Michael Pineda (sea) SP 2. QCIASOXFAN: Brandon Belt (sf) 1B 3. getonbckthr: Tsuyoshi Nishioka (min) SS 4. ma-gaga: Kila Ka'aihue (kc) 1B 5. Marks_Muggles: Ryan Theriot - (stl) MI 6. Rocky Soprano: Alex Gordon - (kc) OF 7. Kroozah: Omar Infante (fla) 3B, etc, etc, etc 8. Marqhead: Frank Francisco (tor) RP 9. Slats: Hasanori Takahashi (ana) RP 10. 102605: Zach Britton (bal) SP 11. cws05champs: John Lamb (kc) SP 12. JRIG: Javier Vazquez (fla) SP 13. Beloved Commissioner Elect for Life: Chill'n Wilin Rosario (col) C 14. The Racehorse: Eric Bedard (sea) P 15. RCWHITESOX: Brent Morel (cws) 3B 16. clogoodie: Devin Mesorasco (cin) C Round 2: 1. Over By There: Brandon League (sea) RP 2. QCIASOXFAN: Hideki Matsui (oak) LF 3. 102605: Anthony Rizzo (sd) 4. ma-gaga: Jason Kipnis (cle) IF 5. Marks_Muggles: Manny Banuelos (nyy) P 6. Rocky Soprano: Derek Lowe (atl) SP 7. Kroozah: Sergio Romo (sf) RP 8. Marqhead: David Freese (stl) 3B 9. Slats: Jed Lowrie (bos) 2B 10. 102605: Tyler Chatwood (ana) SP 11. cws05champs: Alexi Ogando (tex) RP 12. JRIG: Chipper Jones (atl) 3B 13. JohnTucker0814: Jarrod Saltalamacchia (bos) C 14. The Racehorse: Edwin Encarnacion (tor) 3B 15. JohnTucker0814: Randall Delgado (atl) SP 16. clogoodie: Rafael Betancourt (col) RP Round 3: 1. Over By There: Ben Francisco (phi) OF 2. QCIASOXFAN: Juan Rivera (tor) OF 3. getonbckthr: Octavio Dotel (tor) RP 4. ma-gaga: Nick Massett (cin) RP 5. Marks_Muggles: Brian Fuentes (oak) RP 6. Rocky Soprano: Ryan Doumit (pit) C 7. Kroozah: Rod Barajas (la) C 8. Marqhead: Jordan Lyles (hou) SP 9. Slats: Mark DeRosa (sf) LF 10. getonbckthr: Jorge Cantu (sd) 1B, 3B 11. cws05champs: Bill Hall (hou) Superman! 12. JRIG: Jack Cust (sea) Bizarro Superman! 13. RCWHITESOX: Nick Hundley (sd) C 14. The Racehorse: James McDonald (pit) SP 15. RCWHITESOX: Homer Bailey (cin) SP 16. clogoodie: Takashi Saito (mil) RP DynastyRoster2011_keepers.pdf
  13. 2010 MiLB Draft Minor League Draft Round 1: Over By There: Bryce Harper (ncaa) C Slats: Ike Davis (nym) 1B JRIG: Casey Kelly (bos) SP Marqhead: Starlin Castro (chc) SS 102605: Dee Gordon (la) SS Marks_Muggles: Derek Norris (was) C QCIASOXFAN: Jaff Decker (sd) OF ma-gaga: Christian Friedrich (col) SP JohnTucker0814: Tyler Matzek (col) SP Kroozah: Max Stassi (oak) C cws05champ: Jacob Turner (det) SP RCWHITESOX: Trevor Reckling (ana) SP Rocky Soprano: Donovan Tate (sd) OF The Racehorse: Chris Marrero (was) 1b/3b clogoodie: Jennry Mejia (nym) SP getonbckthr: Jared Mitchell (chw) OF Round 2: JohnTucker0814: Shelby Miller (stl) SP Slats: Hak-Ju Lee (chc) SS JRIG: Julio Teharan (atl) SP Marqhead: Lonnie Chisenhall (cle) 3B Rocky Soprano: Josh Reddick (bos) OF Marks_Muggles: Zach Wheeler (sf) SP QCIASOXFAN: Mike Montgomery (kc) SP ma-gaga: Miguel Sano (min) SS JohnTucker0814: Bobby Borchering (ari) 3B Kroozah: Thomas Neal (sf) OF cws05champ: Anthony Renden (ncaa) 3B RCWHITESOX: Mike Trout (ana) OF 102605: Bryce Brentz (ncaa) OF The Racehorse: Lars Anderson (bos) K clogoodie: Edward Salcedo (atl) SS getonbckthr: Zack Cox (ncaa) 3B Round 3: Over By There: Greg Halman (sea) OF Slats: Sammy Gervacio (hou) RP JRIG: Wil Myers (kc) C Marqhead: Anthony Ranaudo (ncaa) SP Rocky Soprano: Stephen Strasburg (was) K Marks_Muggles: Casey Crosby (det) SP QCIASOXFAN: Juan Francisco (cin) 3B ma-gaga: Chris Withrow (la) SP getonbckthr: Kyle Gibson (min) SP Kroozah: Ben Revere (min) OF cws05champ: edit: on 25 man roster RCWHITESOX: Matt Gamel (mil) K 102605: Matt Moore (tb) SP The Racehorse: Yonder Alonso (cin) K clogoodie: Jon Gaston (hou) OF Over By There: Simon Castro (sd) SP Round 4: Over By There: Alex Colome (tb) SP Slats: Tyler Colvin (chc) OF JRIG: Jason Heyward (atl) K Marqhead: Buster Posey (sf) K Rocky Soprano: Jhoulis Chacin (tor) K Marks_Muggles: James Darnell (sd) 3B QCIASOXFAN: J.P. Arencibia (tor) C ma-gaga: Scott Elbert (la) K getonbckthr: Aroyds Vizcaino (atl) SP Kroozah: Henry Sosa (sf) SP cws05champ: Pedro Alvarez (pit) K RCWHITESOX: Brandon Jones (pit) K 102605: Peter Bourjos (ana) OF The Racehorse: Justin Smoak (tex) K clogoodie: Jameson Taillon (hs) SP JohnTucker0814: Zachary "Slade" Heathcott (nyy) OF Round 5: Over By There: Carlos Carrasco (cle) K Slats: Fernando Martinez (nym) K JRIG: Carlos Santana (cle) K Marqhead: Jonathan Niese (nym) K Rocky Soprano: Jeremy Jeffres (mil) K Marks_Muggles: Jeff Clement (pit) K QCIASOXFAN: LaVon Washington (ncaa) OF ma-gaga: Jake Arrieta (bal) K getonbckthr: Gio Gonzalez (oak) K Kroozah: Drew Pomeranz (ncaa) SP cws05champ: Mike Moustakas (kc) K RCWHITESOX: Tommy Hanson (atl) K 102605: Manny Machado (hs) SS The Racehorse: Aaron Hicks (min) K clogoodie: Tyler Flowers (chw) K JohnTucker0814: Daniel Hudson (chw) K Round 6: Over By There: Brett Lawrie (mil) K Slats: Jesus Montero (nyy) K JRIG: Eric Hosmer (kc) K Marqhead: Phillip Aumont (phi) K Rocky Soprano: Sean West (fla) K Marks_Muggles: Tony Sipp (cle) K QCIASOXFAN: Matt Dominguez (fla) K ma-gaga: Michael Bowden (bos) K getonbckthr: Erik Patterson (oak) K Kroozah: Angel Villalona (sf) K cws05champ: Josh Vitters (chc) K RCWHITESOX: Andrew Lambo (la) K 102605: Drew Storen (was) RP The Racehorse: Desmond Jennings (tb) K clogoodie: Tim Alderson (sf) K JohnTucker0814: Chris Carter (oak) K Round 7: Over By There: Gerardo Parra (ari) K Slats: Rich Poythress (pit) K JRIG: Michael Ynoa (oak) K Marqhead: Dominick Brown (phi) K Rocky Soprano: Matt Latos (sd) K Marks_Muggles: Franlin Morales (col) K QCIASOXFAN: Logan Morrison (fla) K ma-gaga: Travis Snider (tor) K getonbckthr: Tim Beckham (tb) K Kroozah: Jarrod Parker (ari) K cws05champ: Michael Stanton (fla) K RCWHITESOX: Aaron Crow (kc) K 102605: Yu Darvish (japan) K The Racehorse: Matt Joyce (tb) K clogoodie: Wilmer Flores (nym) K JohnTucker0814: Jeremy Hellickson (tb) K Round 8: Over By There: Kelvin DeLaCruz (cle) K Slats: Denny Duffy (kc) K JRIG: Michael Taylor (oak) K Marqhead: Brett Wallace (tor) K Rocky Soprano: Dayan Viciedo (chw) K Marks_Muggles: Danny Valencia (min) K QCIASOXFAN: David Cooper (tor) K ma-gaga: Brandon Morrow (tor) K getonbckthr: Brandon Allen (ari) K Kroozah: Aaron Poreda (sd) K cws05champ: Grant Green (oak) K RCWHITESOX: Ethan Martin (la) K 102605: Madison Bumgarner (sf) K The Racehorse: Wilkin Ramirez (det) K clogoodie: Carlos Triunfel (sea) K JohnTucker0814: Freddie Freeman (atl) K 2010 MLB Draft Major League Draft Round 1: Over By There: Aroldis Chapman (cin) Slats: Mark Teahen (chw) JRIG: J.D. Drew (bos) Marqhead: Dustin Ackley (sea) Rocky Soprano: Kevin Correia (sd) Marks_Muggles: Scott Podsednik (kc) QCIASOXFAN: Todd Frazier (cin) clogoodie: Scott Sizemore (cle) getonbckthr: Akinori Iwamura (pit) Kroozah: Jamie Garcia (stl) cws05champ: Martin Perez (tex) RCWHITESOX: Scot Shields (ana) 102605: Tanner Scheppers (tex) The Racehorse: Troy Glaus (atl) ma-gaga: Josh Bell (bal) JohnTucker0814: Luke Gregerson (sd) Round 2: Over By There: Brett Gardner (nyy) Slats: Randy Ruiz (tor) JRIG: Kyle Drabek (tor) Marqhead: Mark Ellis (oak) Rocky Soprano: Sean Rodriguez (tb) Marks_Muggles: Andy Pettitte (nyy) QCIASOXFAN: Lyle Overbay (tor) ma-gaga: Colby Lewis (tex) getonbckthr: Miguel Olivo (col) The Racehorse: Eric Bedard (sea) cws05champ: David Freese (stl) RCWHITESOX: Kevin Jepsen (ana) 102605: Ian Desmond (was) The Racehorse: Shaun Marcum (tor) clogoodie: Justin Masterson (cle) JohnTucker0814: Jose Bautista (tor) Round 3: Over By There: Carlos Guillen (det) Slats: Travis Hafner (cle) JRIG: Brian Bannister (kc) Marqhead: Jon Rauch (min) Rocky Soprano: Kosuke Fukudome (chc) Marks_Muggles: Kazou Matsui (hou) QCIASOXFAN: Todd Coffey (mil) ma-gaga: Ryan Rowland-Smith (sea) getonbckthr: Andy LaRoche (pit) The Racehorse: Ian Kennedy (ari) cws05champ: Mike Pelfrey (nym) RCWHITESOX: Scott Linebrink (chw) 102605: Kevin Gregg (tor) The Racehorse: Charlie Morton (pit) clogoodie: Jose Mijares (min) JohnTucker0814: Michael Saunders (sea) DynastyRoster012211.pdf
  14. 2009 MiLB Draft Round 1: Rocky Soprano: Stephen Strasburg (college) cws05champs: Mike Stanton (fla) QCIASOXFAN: Matt Dominguez (fla) 102605: Madison Bumgarner (sf) getonbckthr: Tim Beckham (tb) The Racehorse: Aaron Hicks (min) JRIG: Chris Tillman (bal) Marks_Muggles: Franklin Morales (col) Jjav829: Buster Posey (sf) RCWHITESOX: Andrew Lambo (la) Slats: Rich Poythress (georgia) JT0814: Freddie Freeman (atl) Over By There: Brett Lawrie (mil) beckett21: Tyler Flowers (chw) Kroozah: Jarrod Parker (ari) clogoodie: Wilmer Flores (nym) Round 2: Rocky Soprano: Jhoulys Chacin (col) cws05champs: Grant Green (usc) QCIASOXFAN: Logan Morrison (fla) 102605: Norichika Aoki (jap) getonbckthr: Brandon Allen (chw) The Racehorse: Desmond Jennings (tb) JRIG: Eric Hosmer (kc) Marks_Muggles: Danny Valencia (min) Jjav829: Jonathan Niese (nym) RCWHITESOX: Aaron Crow (miz) Slats: Danny Duffy (kc) JT0814: Carlos Santana (cle) Over By There: Gerardo Parra (ari) Kroozah: Aaron Poreda (chw) clogoodie: Carlos Triunfel (sea) Round 3: Rocky Soprano: Mat Latos (sd) QCIASOXFAN: David Cooper (tor) JRIG: Michael Ynoa (oak) Jjav829: Phillipe Aumont (sea) JT0814: Chris Carter (oak) Over By There: Kelvin De La Cruz (cle) Round 4: Rocky Soprano: Jerremy Jeffres (mil) JRIG: Michael Taylor (phi) Jjav829: Dominick Brown (phi) JT0814: Josh Reddick (bos) Round 5: JT0814: Ethan Martin (la) Current Minor League Rosters: Rocky Soprano: Sean West (fla) cws05champs: Pedro Alvarez (pit), Mike Moustakas (kc), Josh Vitters (chc) QCIASOXFAN: Alcides Escobar (mil), Carlos Gonzalez (col) 102605: Wade Davis (tb), Yu Darvish (jap), Rick Porcello (det) getonbckthr: Ryan Sweeney (oak), Gio Gonzalez (oak), Erik Patterson (oak) The Racehorse: Lars Anderson (bos), Yonder Alonzo (cin), Justin Smoak (tex) JRIG: Jason Heyward (atl) Marks_Muggles: Tony Sipp (cle), Colby Rasmus (stl), Jeff Clement (sea) Jjav829: Neil Walker (pit), Nick Adenhart (ana) RCWHITESOX: Brandon Jones (atl), Tommy Hanson (atl), Elvis Andrus (tex) Slats: Fernando Martinez (nym), Jeff Niemann (tb), Jesus Montero (nyy) Over By There: Carlos Carrasco (phi), Brett Anderson (oak) beckett21: Michael Bowden (bos), Scott Elbert (la), Travis Snider (tor), Jake Arrieta (bal) Kroozah: Erick Aybar (ana), Gregory Reynolds (col), Angel Villalona (sf) clogoodie: Andrew McCutcheon (pit), Tim Alderson (sf), Matt Antonelli (sd) 2009 MLB Draft Round 1: Rocky Soprano - Dayan Viciedo cws05champ - Neftali Feliz QCIASOXFAN - Coco Crisp 102605 - Chris Tillman getonbckthr - Felipe Lopez The Racehorse - Andy LaRoche JRIG - Aaron Hill Marks_Muggles - Vicente Padilla Jjav829 - Brett Wallace RCWHITESOX - Kendry Morales Slats - Jason Motte JohnTucker0814 - Jordan Zimmerman Over By There - Jon Rauch beckett21 - Rafael Soriano Kroozah - Kaz Matsui clogoodie - Jason Kubel Round 2: Rocky Soprano - Kenshin Kawakami cws05champ - Casey Kotchman QCIASOXFAN - Kelly Shoppach 102605 - Trevor Cahill getonbckthr - Aaron Rowand The Racehorse - Chad Tracy JRIG - Ian Snell Marks_Muggles - Cody Ross Jjav829 - Brian Matusz RCWHITESOX - Dallas McPherson Slats - John Baker JohnTucker0814 - Emmanuel Burris Over By There - Marco Scutaro beckett21 - Octavio Dotel Kroozah - Randy Wolf clogoodie - Manny DelCarmen Round 3: Rocky Soprano - Jose Contreras cws05champ - Fernando Rodney QCIASOXFAN - Juan Pierre JohnTucker0814 - Wladimir Balentien getonbckthr - Kelvim Escobar The Racehorse - David Purcey JRIG - Ian Kennedy Marks_Muggles - Joe Mather Jjav829 - Mike Fontenot RCWHITESOX - Aaron Heilman Slats - Juan Rivera JohnTucker0814 - Ken Griffey Jr. Over By There - Lyle Overbay beckett21 - Chris Snyder The Racehorse - Jordan Schafer clogoodie - Josh Anderson FINALdynastyroster09..pdf
  15. 2008 MiLB Draft Round 1 (Minor League Draft): 1. getonbckthr - FULL ROSTER 2. 102605 (traded from cws05champs) - Wade Davis (tb) 3. JRIG - Matt LaPorta (mil) 4. QCIASOXFAN - FULL ROSTER 5. cws05champs (traded from 102605) - Mike Moustakas (kc) 6. beckett21 - Fautino De Los Santos (oak) 7. Crede_Fan - Elvis Andrus (tex) 8. SoxNation05 - FULL ROSTER 9. Slats - Jed Lowrie (bos) 10. The Racehorse - Chris Marrero (was) 11. Jjav829 - Max Scherzer (ari) 12. JohnTucker0814 - Brett Anderson (oak) 13. OverByThere - Carlos Carrasco (phi) 14. Marks_Muggles - Anthony Swarzak (min) 15. Kroozah - Angel Villalona (sf) 16. clogoodie - Matt Antonelli (sd) Round 2 (Minor League Draft): 1. getonbckthr - FULL ROSTER 2. cws05champs - Pedro Alvarez (vandy) 3. JRIG - Jason Heyward (atl) 4. QCIASOXFAN - FULL ROSTER 5. 102605 - Yu Darvish (jap) 6. beckett21 - Jake Arrieta (bal) 7. Crede_Fan - Tommy Hanson (atl) 8. SoxNation05 - FULL ROSTER 9. Slats - Jesus Montero (nyy) 10. The Racehorse - Steve Pearce (pit) 11. Jjav829 - FULL ROSTER 12. JohnTucker0814 - Deolis Guerra (min) 13. OverByThere - FULL ROSTER 14. Marks_Muggles - FULL ROSTER 15. Kroozah - FULL ROSTER 16. clogoodie - Tim Alderson (sf) Round 3 (Minor League Draft): 1. getonbckthr - FULL ROSTER 2. cws05champs - FULL ROSTER 3. JRIG - FULL ROSTER 4. QCIASOXFAN - FULL ROSTER 5. 102605 - FULL ROSTER 6. beckett21 - FULL ROSTER 7. Crede_Fan - FULL ROSTER 8. SoxNation05 - FULL ROSTER 9. Slats - FULL ROSTER 10. The Racehorse - Justin Smoak (SC) 11. Jjav829 - FULL ROSTER 12. JohnTucker0814 - Brandon Waring (cin) 13. OverByThere - FULL ROSTER 14. Marks_Muggles - FULL ROSTER 15. Kroozah - FULL ROSTER 16. clogoodie - FULL ROSTER Round 4 (Minor League Draft): 1. getonbckthr - FULL ROSTER 2. cws05champs - FULL ROSTER 3. JRIG - FULL ROSTER 4. QCIASOXFAN - FULL ROSTER 5. 102605 - FULL ROSTER 6. beckett21 - FULL ROSTER 7. Crede_Fan - FULL ROSTER 8. SoxNation05 - FULL ROSTER 9. Slats - FULL ROSTER 10. The Racehorse - Yonder Alonzo (mia) 11. Jjav829 - FULL ROSTER 12. JohnTucker0814 - FULL ROSTER 13. OverByThere - FULL ROSTER 14. Marks_Muggles - FULL ROSTER 15. Kroozah - FULL ROSTER 16. clogoodie - FULL ROSTER Round 5 (Minor League Draft): 1. getonbckthr - FULL ROSTER 2. cws05champs - FULL ROSTER 3. JRIG - FULL ROSTER 4. QCIASOXFAN - FULL ROSTER 5. 102605 - FULL ROSTER 6. beckett21 - FULL ROSTER 7. Crede_Fan - FULL ROSTER 8. SoxNation05 - FULL ROSTER 9. Slats - FULL ROSTER 10. The Racehorse - Lars Anderson (bos) 11. Jjav829 - FULL ROSTER 12. JohnTucker0814 - FULL ROSTER 13. OverByThere - FULL ROSTER 14. Marks_Muggles - FULL ROSTER 15. Kroozah - FULL ROSTER 16. clogoodie - FULL ROSTER 2008 MLB Draft Round 1 (Major League Draft): 1. getonbckthr - Joe Crede (chw) 2. cws05champs - Chase Headley (sd) 3. JRIG - Ryan Church (nym) 4. QCIASOXFAN - Austin Kearns (was) 5. 102605 - Hiroki Kuroda (la) 6. beckett21 - George Sherrill (bal) 7. Crede_Fan - Michael Bourn (hou) 8. SoxNation05 - Brendan Harris (stl) 9. Slats - Willy Taveres (col) 10. The Racehorse - Ubaldo Jiminez (col) 11. Jjav829 - Scott Olsen (fla) 12. clogoodie (from JohnTucker0814) - David DeJesus (kc) 13. OverByThere - Troy Percival (tb) 14. Marks_Muggles - Scott Downs (tor) 15. Kroozah - Randy Johnson (ari) 16. JohnTucker0814 (from clogoodie) - Jair Jurrjens (atl) Round 2 (Major League Draft): 1. getonbckthr - John Buck (kc) 2. cws05champs - Justin Speier (ana) 3. JRIG - Nick Johnson (was) 4. QCIASOXFAN - Kenny Lofton (cle) 5. 102605 - Corey Patterson (cin) 6. beckett21 - Jeff Baker (col) 7. Crede_Fan - Mike Napoli (ana) 8. SoxNation05 - Bronson Arroyo (cin) 9. Slats - Masahido Kobayashi (cle) 10. The Racehorse - Franklin Gutierrez (cle) 11. Jjav829 - Manny Parra (mil) 12. JohnTucker0814 - Wladimir Balentien (sea) 13. OverByThere - Reggie Willits (ana) 14. Marks_Muggles - Cody Ross (fla) 15. Kroozah - Orlando Hernandez (nym) 16. clogoodie - Jason Bartlett (tb) Round 3 (Major League Draft): 1. getonbckthr - Edison Volquez (cin) 2. cws05champs - Steve Pearce (pit) 3. JRIG - Chris Denorfia (oak) 4. QCIASOXFAN - David Weathers (cin) 5. 102605 - Derrick Turnbow (mil) 6. beckett21 - Delwyn Young (la) 7. Crede_Fan - Al Reyes (tb) 8. SoxNation05 - Yasuhiko Yabuta (kc) 9. Slats - Peter Moylan (atl) 10. The Racehorse - Matt Lindstrom (fla) 11. Jjav829 - Lyle Overbay (tor) 12. JohnTucker0814 - Nate McLouth (pit) 13. OverByThere - Marlon Byrd (tex) 14. Marks_Muggles - 15. Kroozah - 16. clogoodie -