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    Eloy rehab starts again 6/21

    Montas would easily be our second best SP.
  2. Snopek

    Great Expectations

    So here's the thing about that. As rebuilds go, the general ideal progression is: Team is bad on purpose Team is still bad or hovering around .500, but begins to show improvement Team is a playoff contender Team is a title contender There's significant progress from each step to the next, and so expectations are adjusted accordingly. As of right now, the Sox plateaued at step 3 and are currently back to step 2. So yes, in this context, "big f'ing deal" about those 2 playoff appearances.
  3. Snopek

    Great Expectations

    What is your definition of competitive?
  4. Snopek

    Fire Tony Chant

    If you don’t care about results, stop inserting Leury into the lineup because he’s 5 for 18 off some dude in his career.
  5. Snopek

    Great Expectations

    Well it turns out it wasn’t even grass on the other side, it was an abandoned parking lot full of weeds and trash.
  6. Snopek

    Who should Sox fear the most, CLE or Minny?

    My god this division is atrocious.
  7. Snopek

    Great Expectations

    It wasn't a great season or anything, but it felt like the team was finally transitioning out of the rebuild and into a potential contender. There was some positive momentum.
  8. Snopek

    Great Expectations

    I'm as jaded as the next person, but what makes you certain these things won't ever improve?
  9. Snopek

    Retool Time

    For the record, I'd take my chances letting these stooges handle the next offseason rather than the current FO.
  10. A roster of bat-first players that is among the league's worst offense. Amazing. At least they all run fast.
  11. Snopek

    Offensive Stats Update

    I love this graphic. Look at our stupid little paper airplane. I also find the Phillies one to be very satisfying.
  12. Snopek

    Offensive Stats Update

    In other words he’s ready.
  13. Snopek

    Offensive Stats Update

    Well they are definitely succeeding in not doing too much, so good job everyone. Can't imagine what could go wrong with an offense that consists of hitting singles the opposite way, followed by station to station baserunning because all of your players are either already slow or have been instructed to run slow so that their legs won't explode.
  14. Snopek


    “It’s underway, I think it got stymied a little bit this offseason,” Hahn said of the long-term improvement and evolution he hopes to see in the team’s strength and conditioning efforts. “It doesn’t mean we aren’t each day trying to answer that question in terms of what perhaps are we doing, if not appropriate, what can we do to help stem this tide on the fly. It’s going to be difficult in-season to perhaps change the results over the next few weeks and months in terms of health. It’s more something that you need to build over an extended period of time in a normal offseason, I think, in terms of building the proper foundation, so a guy is able to get through a seven-month season, ideally unscathed, there’s still going to be fluky things that happen.” https://theathletic.com/3375167/2022/06/21/white-sox-injuries/?redirected=1 Can't think of a better time than two years into your contention window to start working on building the proper foundation.
  15. Snopek

    These are not the Chicago White Sox

    You might be waiting into the offseason. I'll be surprised if they have 7 or 8 of their projected starters available for even a short amount of time this year. I do admire your patience, though.