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  1. Shamrock4Life

    Trade Watch Rumor

    The Doulingo one yesterday on the mlttv stream. jesus.
  2. Shamrock4Life

    Update: Machado met with Sox

    I'm also around lurking. I'm probably not noteworthy though except for those times we worked to get banned from that other board.
  3. Shamrock4Life

    Rodon hit on head by liner

    A 1-Forehead-5 thank you very much.
  4. Shamrock4Life

    Frank Thomas Is a Hall of Famer

    Awesome. As someone mentioned above Thomas and Fisk were my favorites growing up. I am definitely going up for the weekend. You know until reality takes over and I realize I don't have the time/money.
  5. Shamrock4Life

    Hahn to become GM, Williams promoted to Vp of Bball Ops?

    Isn't this just mirroring the Bulls with Paxson and Forman?
  6. Shamrock4Life

    Thomas "had a lot of teammates involved" in steroids

    he had his own video game.
  7. Shamrock4Life

    Sox at Cleveland 2:05 PM Opening Day!!

    A grand slam onto addision would be considered a foul ball down the first base line. unless of course they rotated the stadium with me knowing.
  8. Shamrock4Life

    KW calls $30 million for Albert Pujols ÔÇťasinine"

    Its not the Cubs who have promoted fun at thier ball park. It was first the media, in such things as Saturday Night Live and Ferris Bhueler's (I can't spell) Day Off. Then it was the gentrifing of the neighborhood into the socio-economic cetner of the yuppie universe in Chicago. You can also not forget the reach of day baseball on free TV in the Chicago market on kids during the summer. You can't give too much props to the Cubs for that since the city and neighborhood has basically stopped them from playing 81 night games a year at Wrigley. But back to the topic at hand, $30 mil for Albert is a good deal for a few years, but after 5 years, it a no win for either party, imo. Paying a single player $30 mil a year is also not good for baseball. It will only drive prices up for lesser ability players (as it always has) which will further cripple small market / low budget / small(er) margin teams, such as the Royals, Twins, Rays, etc.
  9. Shamrock4Life

    Manny had injured groin with Sox

    Maybe Herm got is diagnosed yet the Sox still felt they had a better shot at the division with Manny than without him. The report just says the Dodgers were unaware.
  10. Shamrock4Life

    Should Illinois Sell the Cell?

    The State of Illinois should sell it. The Sox shouldn't offer to buy it, unless a third party gets involved to buy it. The article made mention that the Sox paid $2.7 million in 2009, so I am guessing thats the rent. Whether its dynamic (per seat sold) or not, I don't know. When its time for a new staduim, they should keep it in the city and probably just put it where the old one was. When they build the new one, they should have moved it north to the South Loop when land values weren't through the roof. I did like the concept of a new stadium being built on Northerly Island though that somebody posted a little while ago.
  11. Shamrock4Life

    Why is The Cell pointed South-East?

    When it first opened new Comiskey was cool, until you went to your seats in the Upper Deck. I haven't (and probably won't unless its for a special game) sit in them again. I don't get the address thing. Does home plate really need to be the address of the park. Couldn't they have put the front offices in the LF corner of the lot? I love the "open" concorse design. Where no matter where you are on the main deck you can see the field of play. St. Louis really screwed that up in the new Busch. The rest of the stadium is great there, but the concorse sucks. I would think you would want the northerly island stadium to face NW though so the whole grandstand has a good view of the skyline, though I could be remember the sky line a little wrong from that posistion.
  12. Shamrock4Life

    The Money Thread

    for savings the online accounts are the best and will off terhe highest interest rates because they don't have to pay for the overhead costs of an physical bank. I use two with multiple accounts at each, ING and EmigrantDirect. I would get a checking account at a physical bank in your area. try to shop around and find one with no ATM fees for using other peoples ATMs and, if you are lucky enough, one that will reimburse you for other banks ATM charges. I easily save $50 - $75 on these two things a year. You want a physical bank because A) you can always go to the branch to complain and B) when buying big s*** (say a down payment on a house) most places need a cashier's check. if you have an account at the bank, most banks will do this x number of times a year for free. Its a little harder to get a cashier's check from an internet checking account and western union costs a good deal of money. your best option will be with a local credit union. I use Quicken for my s***, basically the same as mint.com except all my data isn't on the internet. automatic scheduled deductions from paychecks work best for savings, because you usually will never see the money. just tell your employer to make two different direct deposits, one to your regular bank account (checking) and one to your savings. Or you can put it all in savings that way you physically have to transfer the money you are about to spend. using credit cards for all purchases is the way to go. you shouldn't be carrying balances anyways (unless its one of those no finance charges until 2011 type deals).
  13. Shamrock4Life

    Frank Thomas retires

    The reason I am a Sox fan is my Dad and family. The reason I care like I do is because of Frank. He was a beast and I will be in Cooperstown in 2014.
  14. Shamrock4Life

    Roy Halladay in a White Sox uniform???

    but i believe halladay's valve is $8M greater than Jenks's value.
  15. Shamrock4Life

    Is Frank Thomas HOF Worthy?

    he should easily be first ballot.