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  1. that was a hell of an effort by leury and andrew
  2. Let's get another couple of runs in the bottom of the 8th to give Liam the day off
  3. thats better!!!!
  4. Joe got there eventually
  5. man, get someone stretching now if joe's already decided he can't throw strikes
  6. insurance runs would be just nifty
  7. andrew has been terrible lately
  8. offense is back to nap time
  9. Second level thinking here, get a two run lead but don't hit him hard enough that they take him out. Hall of fame stuff
  10. Seby is gonna end up getting McGuire injured here in a few days
  11. Naturally, the Guardians are up 3-2 on McClanhan, with Cleveland having a bullpen day
  12. Nice job taking the extra base too, something we don't do much of
  13. I'd only ever throw Leury fastballs at his eyes
  14. I'd love it if he was actually our primary infield backup
  15. Diaz having a tough time with the outside corner on his right
  16. if he wanted a home run there he should have hit it on the other side of the pole
  17. maybe we need to trade for some of these home run hitting athletics
  18. maybe be more careful with brown