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    Eloy - MLB Network Top 10 RF

    I don’t know, I’m ok with Vlad Jr & Eloy earning their spots.
  2. Many publications still had him as a top 20 prospect at the time of the trade and he had already stated to lose velocity. Regardless, I’m not banking on a rebound from anyways, there is another former top 10 prospect I have far more confidence in and that’s Rodon. Plus Lopez was a universal top 40 prospect and I’m expecting big things from him.
  3. Yeah, he clearly got the original scoop, but crazy he knows this much.
  4. So basically we need three former top 10 overall prospects to play closer to their talent level?
  5. Chicago White Sox

    FS: Luis Basabe, Sooner rather than Later

    Basabe’s last ~40 games at AA: 12.1% BB rate, 26.4% K rate, .170 ISO, 130 wRC+, .806 OPS. Also, slightly more than 1/2 his games were at a huge pitchers park & wRC+ is not park adjusted in the minors.
  6. If we’re really “going for it” what about trading for Greinke? At $30M+ per, he’d likely be a salary dump.
  7. The problem with moving Bush is that he’s not going to be a centerpiece of a trade, so it’s not as if you’re cashing in on him. I feel like GMs have been smarter about giving up lottery tickets with actual upside for that very reason.
  8. If we land Machado, Yolmer suddenly become an expensive reserve infielder with three guys locked in ahead of him across the diamond. Would rather go cheap with Rondon in that role (who can platoon with Alonso) and use the money elsewhere.
  9. It’s not development with Fry, but lack of a track record. He was ranked 15th in K/9 & 10th in FIP amongst relievers with 50+ innings pitched. He does that again and his value will improve substantially.
  10. I agree, I have him as our 4th best OF prospect (right behind Micker) and 8th overall, but honestly it’s a toss-up between him & Adolfo. I love what he brings to the table, especially if he can play a solid CF. Also, while BA isn’t as high on him, FG gave him a 50 FV grade and had him 84th overall in their end of season rankings. I like Bryce Bush a lot, but a great outcome for him would be becoming a Basabe level prospect.
  11. That’s fair, but Fry is another strong season away from being a poor man’s Brad Hand and he just landed a top 25 prospect. Now is not the time to trade him IMO.
  12. Let’s hope not, Basabe >>>>> Bush.
  13. He say this on twitter??
  14. Chicago White Sox

    Eloy - MLB Network Top 10 RF

    Steamer600 projects him be a 3.5 win player next year. Given the conservatism with young players in these projection systems, that’s absolute insanity.
  15. FWIW (which isn’t much 😜) Bush is firmly in the top 30 and I’d probably put him around 20th overall, which is pretty damn good in our system.
  16. 100% agree. Machado is the key to all this, but once he’s in place the biggest & most important “if” goes away. As for our young guys, I generally believe high-end talent wins out over time if not for injuries. I fully expect Moncada, Lopez, & Rodon (if healthy) to be better next year. And I wouldn’t be surprised if one or two of them blew up big-time. I think Anderson can be a 3 win player if his 2nd half defense is for real and has some moderate gains with the bat. I’m less optimistic about Giolito, but I feel he can be a solid #5 starter at a minimum, which is somehow an improvement. None of this includes Eloy, who is projected to be a 3.5 win player as a rookie by Steamer600. I’ll keep saying it, but look at the Braves and how a couple young guys propelled them to big things last year. Moncada & Jimenez can be our version of Acuna & Albies. By no means am I guaranteeing that will happen, but it’s definitely a possibility and why I’ve been pushing us to use our financial flexibility to fill holes.
  17. Based on his UZR/150 last year, I’m not sure moving him to corner would actually hurt his value that much. And he had ~140 wRC+ / .900 OPS against lefties last year as a 26 year old. I don’t agree that his value is eroding, I think he’s simply evolving into a quality strong side platoon OF. Also, if we are actually thinking about going for it next year (which remains to be seen), we need some left-handed bats to combat the Indians all righty rotation. Adding Pederson to the middle of our lineup would have a huge impact in that sense.
  18. Regarding Pederson’s ability to play CF, it’s debatable but at the very minimum he can play there if needed over the next two years and realistically he hits well enough to be the strong side platoon in RF. Again, this all depends on the price. I have no problem getting rid of Fulmer at this point because I question our ability to turn him into a quality reliever and we have a ton of guys that are similar to him. He’s also on his last option. I’d be more concerned about giving up Bummer because I really think he’ll become a quality left-handed reliever in the pros.
  19. I agree. If we can get Manny, Joc, and another decent SP, we’d be in a spot to compete next year with few breakout performances from our young guys. I wouldn’t want to eat into our prospect depth to take that chance, but if the price is redundant pieces (Bummer, Fulmer, etc) then by all means do it.
  20. If the Sox land Machado, we’ll certainly be trying to compete by 2020. Joc can fit into that. And honestly, if we add Joc that signals to me they plan on adding a SP and hope to have a non-zero chance at competing next year.
  21. The problem with your response if we don’t even know what the cost would be. If it’s Bummer & Fulmer that’s a tremendous move, if it’s Bryce Bush I think many of us would be pissed. Joc isn’t a declining rental either.
  22. Lol...I was going to say the mods should just pin this at the top of every thread that involves trading for a veteran so we can quickly get the whining out of the way.
  23. If we add Joc, I don’t see how Palka fits to be honest. We aren’t going to have more than a four player bench and Jay is guaranteed a spot on the 25 man roster. Also, Joc & Alonso both need platoon mates. To me, Engel is the obvious partner for Pederson and potentially someone like Rondon for Yonder. Unless they trade Sanchez, we’re out of spots for Palka once Jimenez comes up.
  24. He’s only struck out in ~20% of his plate appearances over the last two seasons.