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  1. thxfrthmmrs

    Reds-Rox Trade A-Brewin

    Get in there Rick, ride the tricycle.
  2. thxfrthmmrs

    Sox hire Cairo as bench coach

    Horny for Hoerner, that’s an easy one.
  3. thxfrthmmrs

    2020 NBA Offseason Thread

    Looks like the best case comp for Williams is Kawhi Leonard and worst case is Chris Singleton (whom you probably don’t remember unless you played in a 30 team fantasy league). Talk about a wide range of outcome.
  4. thxfrthmmrs

    MLB 2020-21 off season catch all

    They’ll have a surplus if they sign Springer. Dom Smith will be a starter in 2021. I could see them dangle any of the 3 OFs they have.
  5. thxfrthmmrs

    2020 NBA Offseason Thread

    Harden and a bunch of mediocre players, no (but then again, who could?) but I think Harden could absolutely be the best player on a championship team. When he had CP3 and Capela around him, they were pretty much the second best team in the league besides the Warriors who just had more talent. If you pair him with another star who could be a complementary player, like Butler, Klay, or Tatum (who has quickly become one of the best two way players in the league) or a star big men like AD or Embiid, I think that team has a good shot of going all the way.
  6. thxfrthmmrs

    Braves sign Drew Smyly, 1 year $11 million

    Who were they bidding against? Themselves? This is a strange development unless Braves saw something in Smyly others didn’t.
  7. Don’t need to, see my edit.
  8. Wouldn’t he have crashed his car and had to get help from AAA or worse yet injured himself and made the news if he frequently drives impaired? Again this is someone who is severely impaired at .09, imagine what he would have been like at 0.12, 0.15, because people without severe alcohol problems don’t stop at 0.09.
  9. To add on, in both DUIs he was 0.01-0.015 over the limit, he was either sleeping at the wheel or swerving all over. So yes, the probability of someone who is heavily impaired by alcohol driving impaired and getting away without DUI or any serious accidents is pretty low.
  10. I am saying if this is a constant habit for him he would have been caught a lot more times. He can’t handle alcohol well if he’s swerving all over the road at .09.
  11. I specifically said drinking and driving, that is the offense. He drinks, so does many other citizens in this country, but I don’t think he has a constant drinking and driving problem.
  12. I’ve seen multiple people posting something like this, and be fair, this is a reach. The last time he had a DUI people are just learning about Facebook. You don’t know if he has gotten clean and and fell back into it or he just had one drink too many that night and got caught that day. You might say that he might have drove drunk many times in the last 13 years, but he was swerving all over the road when he was .01 over the legal limit, so I think if he has a long term drinking and driving problem he would have been caught many more times in the 13 years. I hated the TLR hire as much as the next guy, but I think a lot of people are throwing these accusations out there that aren’t backed by any other sources, some may be due to their disapproval of the hire, and others are tied to his stance on kneeling, or just his personality in general. But I think we shouldn’t misinform others with accusations unless there’s other sources detailing his personal issues.
  13. He was charged with DUI the day before hire. And with the time lapse between the incident and hire, I would have imagine Sox could have asked for his arrest details and gotten the BAC. I think Sox has the full scoop when he was hired.
  14. Anyone know the terms of TLR's deal? All I've read is that it's a multi-year deal. If Sox were to fire him at this point, would they have to pay him for his deal? They couldn't use any provisions for violation of terms of contract to get out of it since they fully knew about this when he signed. TLR has to go, but I don't know if his contract makes it a tougher decision.
  15. Coincidental timing. I wonder if they waited till after his charge to hire him, which make this even worse and inexcusable.
  16. thxfrthmmrs

    German Marquez: Trade Target

    Who would be your #3/4? I think Marquez is the best starter available (trade or FA) after Bauer, and he's a proven commodity relative to MK. And to be clear, I'm only for trading for Marquez if we sign Springer, and have to find a cost controlled quality SP. Otherwise throw money at Stroman, Kluber/Q.
  17. thxfrthmmrs

    German Marquez: Trade Target

    It's not as much about Kopech losing value as much as acquiring someone like Marquez requires top prospects. Would you prefer trading Vaughn or Kopech? For me that's an easy answer. Kopech would have not pitching in a professional game for 2 1/2 years come opening day '21, and he's someone who's going to take a while to get his groove back. Marquez helps this team compete next year, Kopech doesn't. If we could land Bauer in FA, I'm all for it, but otherwise this would be the next best option.
  18. thxfrthmmrs

    German Marquez: Trade Target

    Marquez away from Coors the last 3 years is anywhere from an ace to a low end #2 starter. I think he fits in perfectly as a legit #2 this team needs. That said, I'm not trading Cease since he's value is down and we'd be selling low on him. I would look at a package of Kopech, Madrigal, Collins, and Lambert/Sheets for him.
  19. thxfrthmmrs

    Offseason Targets

    He had some blunders in a strange season. Even if he had running into outs dating back to college those things could be toned down through proper coaching and better situational awareness. Defense and base running are two things that aren’t uncommon for rookies to struggle in and generally improves over time. Based on scouting report, Madrigal has the tools to be able to eventually be above average or plus in those areas. What’s encouraging is his bat control and contact skills are as good advertised, and those aren’t skills that would see a lot of improvement over time.
  20. thxfrthmmrs

    Offseason Targets

    We’re not in the 1950s where you no intel on rookies until you play them. Everyone knew Madrigal had no power and there are statcast information on players from minor league season as well. He hit .340 with a bad shoulder. People hate on Madrigal so much that they discredit his true hitting ability, it’s getting out of control at this point. He’s not going to be a star, but a safe pick 2-4 WAR every season.
  21. thxfrthmmrs

    Bob N: Cleveland intends to trade Lindor

    TAs got a pretty good arm, so I’d try him at SP to fill some holes. I see him as our Ohtani.
  22. thxfrthmmrs

    Offseason Targets

    Reuniting TLR with Yadi sounds like a TLR move and a Kenny move. God forbids if Yadi is DH'ing for us on days he's not starting at catcher over likes of Vaughn.
  23. thxfrthmmrs

    NFL Thread 2020-2021

    If we have a better OLine and Foles would be the better option (even then, I’m not sure why he’s throwing off his back foot all the time when he didn’t have to). We don’t, so I rather go with Trubisky so he could use his legs to make play.
  24. thxfrthmmrs

    Pro Tony La Russa Hiring Poster Here

    Not just having a different opinion, but he's enforcing his political views on the players he manages, e.g. he had went on record and said he would forbid them from kneeling during the anthem and sending back to the clubhouse. That's far more than just having a different opinion.
  25. thxfrthmmrs

    Mazara and Right Field Thread

    So what are you suggesting, not sign Bauer at all because of the fear not going far in the playoffs (which the probability is actually higher than the opposite)? What you suggested also goes against the idea to push a limit even more than you need to for a marginal upgrade. And the reason why Bauer is such a good fit for this team is he'll likely come in a one or two year deal, the 2022 payroll is the last thing I would worry about.