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  1. And the Javy Vasquez trade and the John Danks extension. k0na is a fucking legend as far as random insiders go.
  2. Sox rarely used their rule 5 pick even when they were at the early stages of their rebuild. I don’t think they’ll start now.
  3. GermanSoxFan

    Yolmer non-tendered

    Well good thing then that neither of these three will be on the team next year. Yolmer could still be back btw. no team is going to tender him a contract for his arb price
  4. GermanSoxFan

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    Should I be ordering 500 bootleg Wheeler shirts on aliexpress or not? This is kind of an important business decision for me, so please answer ASAP.
  5. GermanSoxFan

    Yolmer non-tendered

    So I guess this means Leury is the opening day 2B when Madrigal is sent down to prove he is ready for two weeks.
  6. GermanSoxFan

    Abreu Signs 3/$50M Extension

    It’s always one step forward and two steps back with this org. Abreu is a decent bat only player, maybe even a good one, but the market has been not kind to these players in recent years. Guaranteeing him that much money is insane.
  7. GermanSoxFan

    Sox issue qualifying offer to Abreu

    I don‘t believe for a second that the Marlins are interested in signing him. Seems to me like an obvious play by his agent.
  8. GermanSoxFan

    Sox issue qualifying offer to Abreu

    With his production being good but not great and his glove being a liability, I doubt he would easily make 8 figures on the open market.
  9. GermanSoxFan

    Sox issue qualifying offer to Abreu

    Maybe I am reading too much into it, but offering a qualifying offer seems to me that they are not going to sign him to a multiyear extension.
  10. GermanSoxFan

    Hawk Harrelson wins the Ford C. Frick Award

    I think it’s much more fun to b**** about Reinsdorf and to relitigate the Harry Caray firing from almost 40 years ago.
  11. GermanSoxFan

    Projected white sox arbitration salaries 2020

    Wouldn’t insurance cover for most of Rodon‘s salary anyway? If so, non tendering him would be dumb.
  12. GermanSoxFan

    Rendon thread

    He could also play 1B. Not going to happen though
  13. GermanSoxFan

    Machado do-over

    The Hosmer deal is probably the worst contract in baseball. They have him on the books for 6 more years. At least the end is in sight for the Chris Davis and the Albert Pujols deal.
  14. GermanSoxFan

    King Timmy Game Thread (9/29 at 2:10 CT)

    Game could go 19 innings and he could go 0-8
  15. GermanSoxFan

    9/28- Tigers vs Sox Game 2, 6:00

    😂 If anything greg should love this sox team‘s inability to hit homers. 😂
  16. GermanSoxFan

    9/28- Tigers vs Sox Game 2, 6:00

    I am sure giving Scott Linebrink $13 mil over a decade ago will influence the decision making this year. Robertson was also a disaster for the Sox.
  17. GermanSoxFan

    9/27- Sox vs Tigers, 4:00, NBCSC

    The weird thing is that he showed a little bit of pop a couple of years ago to the point that he was a solid regular. This year he makes Juan Pierre look like Giancarlo Stanton.
  18. GermanSoxFan

    9/28- Tigers vs Sox Game 2, 6:00

    I still see the Twins as overachievers that feasted on a horrific division. They are not a true talent 100 win team IMO.
  19. GermanSoxFan

    9/28- Tigers vs Sox Game 2, 6:00

    Time to start the Welington Castillo appreciation thread after this game.
  20. GermanSoxFan

    9/26- Sox vs Indians, 7:10

    I'm pretty sure it was mental with him after his 0-40 or whatever it was start.
  21. GermanSoxFan

    9/26- Sox vs Indians, 7:10

    I'd be way happier if the Sox would have been able to effectively end the Twins season, but I'll take it.
  22. GermanSoxFan

    9/26- Sox vs Indians, 7:10

    All kidding aside, I'm happy for Palka on a personal level. He appears to be a good dude and you don't want to see people struggle like he has done this year.
  23. GermanSoxFan

    9/26- Sox vs Indians, 7:10

    Daniel Palka not only hit his first homer, he raised his batting average over .100 #stud
  24. GermanSoxFan

    9/26- Sox vs Indians, 7:10

    The frequency the Indians churn out pitchers is almost unfair. Civale was never a much-heralded prospect, but just dominated the upper minors and has looked great in the majors.
  25. GermanSoxFan

    9/25- Sox vs Indians, 7:10

    Tim has the batting title all but wrapped up. Would he still qualify if he sat the remaining games?