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  1. KnightsOnMintSt

    White Sox Tattoos

    Just trying to drum up some conversation until baseball is back. Does anyone have any White Sox tattoos? I have two. A World Series one on my right bicep and an ‘83 logo on the side of my right calf. Anyone else?
  2. KnightsOnMintSt

    T-Mobile Free MLB.TV

    Today is supposed to be the day that T-Mobile users can download a free year of MLB.TV. Anyone else having trouble getting it downloaded? I can’t find it anywhere.
  3. Sorry if this has been discussed already, but what does everyone think a realistic deadline is for the season to start before they cancel the whole 2020 campaign? If it’s July 1st and baseball still hasn’t resumed, do you guys think they would consider just giving up on the year and focusing on 2021?
  4. KnightsOnMintSt


    I really thought that Burdi, Flores and Basabe would all start in Charlotte.
  5. KnightsOnMintSt

    Aaron Bummer extended 5 years/16M (plus two options)

    Absolutely love this move. Fully expecting him to have a huge impact. Future All-Star.
  6. KnightsOnMintSt

    Andrew Vaughn

    I am really looking forward to following him this season. For someone that was the 3rd overall pick, he seems like a guy that isn’t talked about as much as expected. I think he is going to have a monster year throughout the minors. Seems like he has a great balance of raw talent and tremendous work ethic.
  7. What is the most memorable Sox game that everyone here as been to? I'm 27 so I dont have as many years at the ballpark, but I've been to well over 100 Sox games. I've never seen the Sox play in the playoffs, but there are two games that stick out for me. 1. Nicky Delmonico walk-off vs. the Angels. My friends and I had seats behind the Sox dugout and it was an incredible view for the home run. 2. I believe it was 2009. Sox-Rays. This was the A.J. Pierzynski "chicken-wing" game. From what I remember he stuck his elbow out and made contact with the Rays SS. The umps deemed this interference, and A.J. was ruled safe. I believe the Sox went on to win the game on a walk-off single.
  8. KnightsOnMintSt

    OF Prospects - Who will Rebound in 2020?

    Luis Gonzalez is a guy that I am looking forward to watching this year. I think he'll have a big 2020.
  9. KnightsOnMintSt

    White Sox Spring Training Thread

    Luis Robert has reported to Glendale and is already hitting in the cage. *HEAVY. BREATHING.*
  10. KnightsOnMintSt

    Michael Kopech

    No news regarding Kopech, but I just wanted to say that I think this guy is going to be a stud in the big leagues. He seems to have some of the best work ethic on the team, and from what I can tell, the injury has brought new perspective when it comes to pitching. I personally hope they start him in Charlotte just to get him used to facing live batters again, but when he comes up, assuming he starts in AAA, I think he is going to make a tremendous impact on this ball club.
  11. KnightsOnMintSt

    White Sox Spring Training Thread

    I try not to be too superstitious, but I just won the auction for the Reynaldo Lopez game-used jersey on MLB.com. Last time I won an auction, it was for a game-used Lucas Giolito jersey last April, and we saw the season he went on to have... Just throwing it out there.
  12. KnightsOnMintSt

    What would it take to get Nolan Arenado?

    The tweets are back.
  13. KnightsOnMintSt

    Minor League Trips

    Anyone making any trips to see any Sox prospects this year? I live in a suburb just north of Charlotte so I’m about 15 miles from the Knights ballpark, 25 miles from Kannapolis and about 70 miles from Winston-Salem. Should be some good prospects in the Carolinas again this year. Looking forward to the season!
  14. KnightsOnMintSt

    What would it take to get Nolan Arenado?

    I have to say, it’s bold to double, triple, quadruple down on something like this. But like everyone else has been saying, all he has to do is say a medical fell through, or Arenado got cold feet.
  15. KnightsOnMintSt

    White Sox Top Prospects (Where do they start?)

    I am really excited to watch Gavin Sheets in Charlotte this year. With the short porch in right field, I think he will put up some pretty incredible power numbers.