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  1. Grandal back next week?
  2. KnightsOnMintSt

    Robert back Monday; Gonzalez Out for Season

  3. KnightsOnMintSt

    Robert back Monday; Gonzalez Out for Season

  4. KnightsOnMintSt

    Robert back Monday; Gonzalez Out for Season

  5. https://twitter.com/patrickhoward50/status/1424133544570408964?s=21
  6. KnightsOnMintSt

    2005 World Series Memorabilia

    I recently sent in an item for a private signing for Aaron Rowand, and it got me thinking, what are some of your favorite pieces of memorabilia that you have from the 2005 World Series team? Here is mine. Got this back in 2016 at a signing at Jewel. https://twitter.com/patrickhoward50/status/1361398309143855112?s=21
  7. KnightsOnMintSt

    OT: Vote for Frankie!

    Admittedly, this is OT, but if everyone wouldn’t mind taking a second for my dog, it would be much appreciated. To make this White Sox related, with the earnings if she wins, I will buy a new White Sox jersey! Lol https://americasfavpet.com/2021/frankie-a5e1?fbclid=IwAR0-lrCSujP21G9TMMsNjeRfDGtfiniucik5ex6GTfWUdElQ6dXHEItCjxg
  8. KnightsOnMintSt

    What is Moncada's Value?

    I’ve always thought that conversations like this are extremely interesting. Let’s say the White Sox did consider trading Moncada. Who would say yes and who would say no in this scenario? Braves get: Yoan Moncada White Sox get: Ian Anderson and Kyle Wright
  9. KnightsOnMintSt

    White Sox Online Charity Auction

    Tons of great options on the website. Was anyone able to snag anything yesterday?
  10. KnightsOnMintSt

    Who would you have hired?

    Absolutely love the hire. TLR probably was my first choice, up their with Bochy. Hoping that the White Sox hire A.J. Pierzynski as Bench Coach to be groomed for when La Russa retires. A.J. has always been such a bright baseball mind. 3-4 years learning how to manage under La Russa could be really fantastic.
  11. KnightsOnMintSt

    Pro Tony La Russa Hiring Poster Here

    I just feel that such an incredible baseball mind is able to connect with pretty much any player, and he would be a lot more of a teacher. Small tweaks here and there that can take these guys to the next level.
  12. KnightsOnMintSt

    Pro Tony La Russa Hiring Poster Here

    I know there is another thread for TLR, but it seems more like a Tony LaRussa bashing thread. I thought I would start a thread for those of us that would like to see the White Sox hire Tony LaRussa. I couldn't care less about his age, and I believe that he would be an incredible asset to the organization. This is a young team with an incredible amount of talent, and I think a Hall of Famer like LaRussa would be fantastic in that clubhouse.
  13. KnightsOnMintSt

    Taxi Squad Candidates

    Do we know where the Taxi Squad guys will he located? Will they be playing in simulated games vs. each other or against another teams Taxi Squad?