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  1. KnightsOnMintSt

    Lynn to start Game 1, Giolito Game 2

    My thought process is that they would be willing to use Lance on short rest for Game 4 (if needed), and then you can use Lucas in Game 5 (if needed), on normal rest.
  2. KnightsOnMintSt

    White Sox-Astros Game 1 3:07 Start Time

    Maybe I am missing something, but is Game 2 on Friday only on MLB Network?
  3. KnightsOnMintSt

    White Sox-Astros Game 1 3:07 Start Time

    Figured this could use its own thread. Let’s get it updated when someone finds out!
  4. KnightsOnMintSt

    White Sox Charity Garage Sale

    Anyone get anything good today?
  5. KnightsOnMintSt

    White Sox Garage Sale - Tomorrow 10AM-1PM

    I went once in 2015. Absolutely fantastic. Got a jersey and a brick from Comiskey.
  6. KnightsOnMintSt

    Today is Clinch Day… Date Yourself

    Assuming the Sox can win today, they will win the division for the first time since 2008. How have you changed since then? In 2008, I was a 15-year old sophomore in high school. I am now a 28-year old husband, and father of 1.
  7. KnightsOnMintSt

    9-22-2021 White Sox @ Detroit 12:10 PM Postponed

    Any chance this game gets played today?
  8. Grandal back next week?
  9. KnightsOnMintSt

    Robert back Monday; Gonzalez Out for Season

  10. KnightsOnMintSt

    Robert back Monday; Gonzalez Out for Season

  11. https://twitter.com/patrickhoward50/status/1424133544570408964?s=21
  12. KnightsOnMintSt

    2005 World Series Memorabilia

    I recently sent in an item for a private signing for Aaron Rowand, and it got me thinking, what are some of your favorite pieces of memorabilia that you have from the 2005 World Series team? Here is mine. Got this back in 2016 at a signing at Jewel. https://twitter.com/patrickhoward50/status/1361398309143855112?s=21