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  1. KnightsOnMintSt

    8/20 Games

    ANOTHER home run for Robert.
  2. KnightsOnMintSt

    8/10 Games

    If anyone here follows Luis Robert on Instagram, he posted a series of videos of him getting robbed of hits. Lots of hard hit balls that should’ve been hits, but great defensive plays were made.
  3. KnightsOnMintSt

    8/9 Games

    Single for Madrigal and a double for Robert to start the game.
  4. KnightsOnMintSt

    Luis Robert and Nick Madrigal

    Assuming both these guys live up to the hype, and they're in the 2020 lineup and beyond, where would would you like to see these guys in the batting order? Personally, I would have Madrigal lead-off and Robert bat second. I like the idea of Madrigal getting on-base, using his speed, and having Robert batting right behind him to knock him in.
  5. Just that the Knights are in fact traveling to their home today on a plane.
  6. https://instagram.com/stories/palkadaniel/2104531808094795443?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igshid=f1vqc2khzug7
  7. It is interesting that he deleted the post, though.
  8. They take flights if it’s far enough away.
  9. KnightsOnMintSt

    White Sox Charities: Mystery Backpack

    Who signed it?
  10. KnightsOnMintSt

    8/5 Games

    Basabe, Sheets and Gonzalez all with hits so far for Birmingham.
  11. KnightsOnMintSt

    White Sox Charities: Mystery Backpack

  12. KnightsOnMintSt

    White Sox Charities: Mystery Backpack

    I actually got Luis to sign an 8x10 outside the Knights ballpark a few weeks ago. But another cant hurt haha.
  13. KnightsOnMintSt

    White Sox Charities: Mystery Backpack

    Did anyone else order one of these? I did, and it just came today. Inside was: -Tim Raines Hall of Fame bobblehead. -Tim Raines autographed baseball. -Luis Robert autographed 8x10 photo. -Voucher for 2 lower level box seats.
  14. KnightsOnMintSt

    8/4 Games

    Charlotte rained out.
  15. KnightsOnMintSt

    8/4 Games

    Stiever on the mound for Winston-Salem today. https://www.milb.com/scores/whitesox/2019-08-04