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  1. KnightsOnMintSt

    Trade for Clint Frazier?

    What would the White Sox have to give up to acquire him?
  2. KnightsOnMintSt

    6/16 Games Happy Father's Day

    And Vieira was optioned to Charlotte after the game.
  3. KnightsOnMintSt

    Sox vs Nats - 6/11/19 7:10pm

    Everything ok with Eloy? I’m not watching the game, but I am following on the app. I saw Tilson replaced him in left.
  4. KnightsOnMintSt

    6/11 Games

    I think we're going to see Robert in Charlotte by early July.
  5. KnightsOnMintSt

    6/10 Games

    I’m at the game here in Charlotte.
  6. KnightsOnMintSt

    2019 White Sox Draft Picks

    Who are some of the guys that the White Sox drafted this year that were not expecting to sign?
  7. KnightsOnMintSt

    White Sox Garage Sale

    What were the prices looking like on things like jerseys, helmets, bats, etc...?
  8. KnightsOnMintSt

    White Sox Garage Sale

    Looks like their having the garage sale at the ballpark today. Has anyone ever been before? I went in 2015, and picked up a game-used jersey and a brick from old Comiskey. Has anyone else ever gone before? Got any cool stuff? And if you went today, what did you get?
  9. KnightsOnMintSt

    When Madrigal gets to the White Sox...

    When Nick Madrigal gets promoted to the White Sox, where should he bat? I think the answer would generally be lead off, but I like the idea of him batting 9th. Assuming our top prospects pan out, the top/middle part of the lineup could look something like this: 1. Robert 2. Moncada 3. Jimenez 4. Vaughn 5. Abreu I like the idea of Madrigal batting 9th, with that top/middle part of the lineup coming up after him. Thoughts?
  10. KnightsOnMintSt

    Nick Madrigal promoted to Birmingham

    I like this promotion. Madrigal strikes me as a guy that will he consistent at each level. I don’t think it will take him much time to adjust and put up similar numbers to where he was at while with Winston-Salem.
  11. KnightsOnMintSt

    6/4 Games

    Robert now batting .350 in his time with Birmingham.
  12. KnightsOnMintSt

    6-3 Games

    Can’t wait for Robert to get to Charlotte!
  13. KnightsOnMintSt

    ***Day 1 MLB Draft Thread***

    Love this pick. Think he’s going to be in that White Sox sooner than later.
  14. KnightsOnMintSt

    2019 MLB draft thread

    It seems all but official that the Sox will draft Vaughn tonight. I am extremely excited about this pick. Big bat that I think can slide right into the lineup in 2021.
  15. KnightsOnMintSt

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Anyone know what the deal is with Brett Baty? I saw on the latest MLB Pipeline Mock Draft it said that the White Sox were potentially interested in him.