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  1. Will there be any changes to roster for the playoffs? I don't think we need 15 pitchers for a 3 game series followed by 2 days off. Keep one of Rodon/ Gonzalez off roster for opening round and add a LH bat off the bench. Collins has some pop as a PH and also an emergency 3rd catcher, especially if one of our catchers is DHing.
  2. Jnooch

    Playoff roster adjustments

    No they wont but its a great thought!
  3. Jnooch

    Playoff roster adjustments

    On second thought maybe we should leave them both off and recall Burdi.
  4. Why would you offer Q 3 yrs/ 39 million... that would be totally insane and a fireable offense!!

    1. iWiN4PreP


      I wouldnt, you are mixing me up with someone else

  5. Jnooch

    2021 Needs for a WS title

    With Kopeck, Steiver, Lopez, and Rodon fighting for 5th starter spot ..... do we need pitching? There is an obvious hole in RF that needs to be addressed.... preferably a LH option Joc Pederson? EE will probably be replaced with Abreu at Dh and Vaughn will take over at 1B Not sure Colome will be back ..... depends on $$$$$ .... Maybe Hauer takes over as the closer. Would love to see McCann return again depends on$$$$$$. If he's not back Collins & Yermin will back up at C DH & 1B
  6. Like your 2021 roster with 2 exceptions. I think we have better options than Flores and I think the Q ship has sailed. 

  7. Jnooch

    2021 Needs for a WS title

    I have to agree with you and Im almost comfortable with not addressing RF next season and staying with a Mazzara/Engle platoon. I'm thinking Vaughn will be up early to replace EE and I expect an improved Moncada next season. Id rather address The pitching staff and making a run at McCann without being ridiculous. Possibly signing McCann might have a positive influence on extending Lucas?
  8. Jnooch

    FS: Midseason Top 30 Prospects List

    We need one OFer, a RFer, Eloy will stay in LF until Jose Abreu career is complete. He and Andrew Vaughn will be the 1B/DH combo. Eloy would only be a DH if we needed one. We have enough DH candidates at the moment. Abreu, Vaughn, Collins, Yermin, Grandal and McCann can all rotate at DH even when EE is gone next year there will be no shortage. If the Cubs can live with Scwarber we can live with Eloy in LF.
  9. Jnooch

    2021 Needs for a WS title

    Thanks for the spelling lesson
  10. Jnooch

    Stiever to start Sunday

    His clock wont be started because he only here for one day and will back in Schaumburg after the game.
  11. Jnooch


    Id keep McKrea and send Flores down or shitcan Cishak
  12. Jnooch

    Yolmer added to roster, Goins DFA'd

    Mendick deserves to start at 3rd ...... no other option. Yolmer can be on Gatorade detail,
  13. Jnooch

    Yolmer added to roster, Goins DFA'd

    How could we possibly put Yolmer on the roster much less in the starting lineup. He couldn't even make the SF 60 man unit, now hes in the starting lineup. We had Delmonico in the Cleanup spot for 4 games earlier in the season. Its a slap in the face to Mendick, Cut ties with these sentimental bums! How could he not make the Giants top 60 and be our starting SS! If this goes on for another day... Sox fans should revolt,
  14. How about Lopez, Carlos Rodan and Adolfo for Lynn??
  15. Jnooch

    You can absolutely trade someone not on your 60 man roster

    You cant use the Wheeler/ Gio comp because we signed Keichel , when we failed on Wheeler.Gio was a late addition.
  16. Jnooch

    Sox important team stat ranks 2020

    EE was a bad signing. Grandal will be just fine.
  17. Jnooch

    8/4 Sox vs Brewers GT

    All of a sudden were taxing our starters & bullpen. Do we trade for pitching?
  18. Jnooch

    8/4 Sox vs Brewers GT

    Tough matchup tonight
  19. Jnooch

    Trade for pitching?

    Signing EE next year will not and should not happen. He will just clog up the system. Vaughn will be ready soon. We have an abundance of DHs . Eloy, Collins, Mercedes, Abreu & Grandahl can rotate easily as DHers
  20. Jnooch

    White Sox 30 Man Roster Announced

    Anyone hear who will be on our 3 man travel squad?
  21. Players on the taxi squad dont accrue service time...... so Im thinking Madrigal would go on the 6 game road trip and be ready to join the club after 6 game trip.
  22. Jnooch

    Remaining Wish List

    Don't think we need an IFer. We've got Mendick & Leury with Madrigal up in early May. Get a couple of bullpen guys and let's roll!!