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  1. Manny could rupture his Achilles tomorrow also and miss out on a huge opportunity to be set for life (he isn't doing a 1 year deal). Hopefully Philly just gets enamored with Bryce after Boras works his magic and RH stays his course and we get a 8/270 contract out of all this. This is all of us just throwing things at the wall because we are sick of waiting for more news. At least the work day is almost over....cheers.
  2. I do agree with this. But all these guys will contribute to the team this year as a bridge to Prospects or new signings next year. I am not saying it's the right move...just simply a move worth thinking about. No one knows if any kind of time frame deals from either side have been addressed.
  3. exactly this. If Phils sign with Bryce this weekend, White Sox have no real competition on Manny...unless a "mystery" team is willing to pay more than 275 (which is most likely around our current offer)
  4. Manny is not saying no to 350. and if we were indeed 25 million more than the Phillies with a sweetener....he would have already signed after the yankees news came out.
  5. He risks the sox getting into a bidding war with the phillies that pushes both of them out of machado. Machado would literally have no REAL suitors right now if Sox and Phils both go full bore at Bryce. I realize that the loser of Bryce would most likely go back to Machado, but this is a very odd market with very few suitors. It's really unbelievable to be honest.
  6. I never meant "take it or leave it"...I meant we are sweeting the pot for this exclusive period...The agent has probably already provided a similar time frame to the teams as well, so this is just amping up the stakes a bit more to get his client a sweetener.
  7. Really interested to see how the timing of this all plays out. As some have mentioned today would be a good day to do a 24 hour offer for Manny and see how things play out. Can you imagine though for one minute...if Bryce really doesn't like the idea of living in Philly and Dodgers won't pay up.
  8. the Twitter roasts on Dan are just great. What a day. Now just announce the signing of Manny to the Sox so I can... edit by mods: removed photo here previously.
  9. Yankees are going to be a 100+ win team for several years if they can find one more starter. Really well put together team. Better add Machado + Harper...
  10. IF...and it's a big IF...Yankees are truly out...we may be able to get Manny at a reasonable enough price that the real bidding war then comes down to Harper. Let's say we get Manny at 8/280, will JR do 10/350 for Harper?
  11. If he is dead set on SS I would look at Harper more seriously. SS isn't a need and Manny wouldn't be one for either other team anyways.
  12. We haven't...plus they are flying out to Vegas for Harper within 48 hours...they have to shift focus very soon.
  13. Can we all agree that him in that uniform....Sexy.
  14. In reply to Brian Anderson.... If Harper can be had for under 300 million...We MUST push for both of them if we win Manny. To get both future HOFers for under 600 million combined would nearly set us up for a dynasty IF our prospects hit. I just can't believe offers are really gonna be this low though.
  15. I really hope Rick isn't doing a take it or leave it offer. If it really is going to be under 300 million or just approaching that...you HAVE to do it. 13 mil of payroll already to get him interested and a way to Skyrocket the Rebuild will not happen ever again. this is the perfect storm that we MUST win if the Yankees are out.
  16. Sky's the limit...200 Million Limit. Signed JR.
  17. Nats just signed Dozier for 1 year/ 9mil. The Harper focus is gonna be strong soon for Phillies (Saturday) and now Nationals having their lineup set minus Harper.
  18. I actually remember hearing that Yankees were like 5 years 150 or so (rumors) so this actually would be 50 million more. I just can't see Phillies coming in under 250-275 though.
  19. All this would really do is for Manny to tell Harper...Damn, I shoulda sold my soul to the devil (boras) also in ST.
  20. Gio on a year deal is interesting to line up for when cease is ready...and makes you a bit more competitive this year... adding Keuchel means you are giving up on either Giolito or Lopez for 2020 since that rotation should be... Rodon Kopech Cease Keuchel Lopez 6th starter - Giolito with Dunning breathing down his neck.
  21. If Philly is that stupid...they were never getting Manny anyways. 275 minimum people. 290+ probably more realistic even.
  22. Is it wrong to have a raging erection at this point?
  23. If we all feel comfortable with the 8/270 or 280 we think it takes...10/300 is a bargain. Not sure if JR will see it that way...
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