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  1. Yes. Yes it does. If the nationals are out on him too...the dream of getting both is actually in reach...albeit still almost impossible. Huge news. And Pederson probably coming our way today also.
  2. saw this was bumped. Here is the fangraphs best available list. It is a bummer on how little impact remains available outside of Keuchel.
  3. It really is Keuchel or bust for SP impact. Anderson may be worth it on a 1 year flier...but not sure what that accomplishes.
  4. Mlbtraderumors has a really nice breakdown of trying to figure out these "mystery teams". Based on all this, outside of the Mets or Padres going extremely bold....I just don't see any of them approaching or topping 250 total. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/01/trying-to-identify-mystery-teams-for-manny-machado.html
  5. Based on all the "info" out there...Sox probably have a verbal of 8/250 with them...and none of the mystery teams have topped that. Addition of more and more mystery teams will intensify until either Sox verbal becomes actual at 8/250 or Phillies flinch and offer more thinking Bryce is out of their grasp. hence the slow news cycles because not many teams can do 8/250 with tax issues or teams that are in crappy cities that Manny's wife will not enjoy. My take, anyways...
  6. Okay, so I went and did some rough math work on the last idea and adding the 3 will net us: Manny over Yolmer 5.0 vs 1.4 = +3.6 wins expected 28 million per salary Pederson over Engel 3.3 vs .1 = +3.2 wins expected 5 million per salary Keuchel over Giolito 3.1 vs .2 = +2.9 wins expected 18 million per salary Total WaR for additions compared to current roster projections = +9.7 wins for 51-55 million increase in payroll. This would put us roughly at 80 win projection for 2019. Add in a few lucky increases to developing talent and we could knock on the 82-83 win total. Not enough to win the division or a wild card, but definitely enough to keep the team interest high, increase attendance and start to build a positive team momentum to carry into 2020 when the calvary of pitching help and potentially the 5+ win additions of Madrigal and Robert/Outfield Prospect arrive with money to still add a key free agent that tips the scales.
  7. Consistent with what we all speculated. The fact that the braves are out helps...and if the cost is right our team becomes very respectable lineup wise with this and Manny. Unfortunately 1-2 year SP fliers are disappearing leaving us with Gio or Keuchel as the only options now if they want to make 2019 actually "competitive". I wonder what signing Manny, trading for Pederson and signing Dallas would do to the expected win rate...off to look at projections.
  8. Halladay was the most dominant pitcher for a good 5 year run. Mussina surely deserves it...but was never the best pitcher in baseball. Gosh I always wanted Doc on the Sox. At least MVP 05 baseball made it happen...
  9. Interesting article. Don't agree with everything here, but worth a look. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2816619-could-manny-machado-really-lose-in-175-million-free-agency-letdown?utm_source=cnn.com&utm_campaign=editorial&utm_medium=referral
  10. https://www.12up.com/posts/6153378-the-story-behind-rich-hill-s-incredible-players-weekend-nickname-has-been-revealed
  11. Wiki says 1/25 signing....so this is some back to the future stuff. Also...I laughed hard...then cried because he is playing 3rd...
  12. Who are you? Why do you post on this site? Is getting a life an option?
  13. Agreed. He turns it around this year and he is close for a promotion and an expedited path.
  14. This week should be the week. MLB needs some news to start hyping up Spring training before next week's Super Bowl Juggernaut takes over everything. Manny signs this week, we make a couple moves/signings after and Bryce's market is set and defined to ramp up leading to the super bowl. At least if I were a PR guy, that is what I would hope for...
  15. I hope Eloy can stick in the field. That is perennial all Star corner potential. Collins or Burger can be DH and trade others for pitching.
  16. Would Rutherford be too much? I tend to think I'd rather keep Basabe over him and eventually end up with Eloy, Robert Basabe as the outfield once pederson would move on in 2021
  17. Within two years he will be top 2 RF in league and top 20 player for sure
  18. Last ditch effort to top what sox have. All this is.
  19. He probably doesn't mind it since the rebuild could blow up in their face...and he'll only be 30 and still be able to get his cheddar. Sox will do it because they need to land a whale.
  20. Yankees fans spin on this will be hilarious...arenado always been better den Manny boss! It makes sense though...trade andjular and stuff for him and Colorado gets similar production offensively potentially for much cheaper. I'd just sign Manny personally, but Yankees always do what they please. Leverage on Lozano is even weaker if true...
  21. Woah. Yankees truly are out. Go crazy...https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/yankees-have-discussed-the-possibility-of-trying-to-trade-for-rockies-nolan-arenado-report-says/amp/
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