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  1. Best thing that could happen is Moustakas wants to sign this week and takes a reasonable offer from the Pads and Harper signs with Phillies for something not outrageous. Lozano would have ZERO leverage outside of trying to incite that Yankees are still lurking.
  2. I can certainly bet that at least 1/3 of the binder put together by Boras is focusing on that season and why it will happen again. If you ever get the time to read a leaked binder they are insane. He projects good players to replicate HOF numbers based on crazy deep dives of stats and somehow convinces owners that it is legit.
  3. Agreed. But it would be 10/326...because Boras.
  4. Since joining with this new account, all of my posts have been made inside my house or work...making me a true insider that could use some sun and a REAL rumor.
  5. Manny Machado will sign a contract with the Chicago White Sox* *Potentially. Hopefully by ST.
  6. Doom and Gloom Monday? Good lord man, they are still in this. I know frustration has set in on the waiting game, but realistically Lozano was always playing this game. Herrera, Colome and Nova all have a chance to be upgrades and a Jon Jay style player is a nice bridge to get .1 WaR players off the field until Robert/Gonzalez/Adolfo are ready. Wait until Spring training starts and these "3 to 4" moves shake out.
  7. If you can get Manny for 8/270, why bother spending 10/326. That doesn't mean Sox wont pay more to play on Harper since he adds a ton of marketing value, but if you can get the guy that is a better fit for your team with a better WaR for cheaper...that's smart FO work
  8. I would take moustakas on a cheap 2 year deal if he is available. Yolmer is super sub they get a bit more WaR in the infield. I feel bad for all the guys waiting on harpchado. Destroyed their market.
  9. Agree, but if he picks us over San Diego and Philly with close offers because those boys...it's worth it. And Jay was a good get for the money anyways
  10. Lozano absolutely will come back and ask. That is why San Diego is involved now. Squeeze every bit he can since they are going to be at least 50 million off the 10/350 mark he probably told Manny he would get.
  11. Maybe Sox go hard after Harper if they miss out on machado. That is the beauty of having two options ...
  12. That meant 300 million minimum. Lozano was waiting for another team no matter what.
  13. What Is interesting to me the most at this point now is the Phillies plan. Will they put a Machado offer in at all? Because if they don't, and it's Sox vs Padres...Padres will be the team needing a decently higher bid. Taxes are much higher, he'd be further from Miami and he said he didn't enjoy the west coast. Plus his buds being on Sox is a plus. If Philly isn't bidding to stay on Harper we still have a great chance....I put Padres at 8/270 tops. We beat that.
  14. yeah. That is why I think this is Lozano trying to push the last offer out of Philly and Chicago. It actually would be good if Padres put in an offer as well. Will really move the urgency of this.
  15. But he was never available for 200. It has always been 250+ and as many of us here have said 8/280ish is most likely.
  16. This article sounds like an Agent asking for a favor to try and kick up one last offer. This nugget is hilarious... The Padres became players in the pursuit of Machado a week ago when reports surfaced of a price that was far lower than expected. Right....they just decided to get involved after hearing they might be able to get him for still at least $28-30 AAV a season. Not likely.
  17. I have been checking in on Manny Machado too....every 10 minutes on this site. Hasn't signed yet. Won't be with the Braves.
  18. It would definitely be more contact than a months worth of at bats...
  19. It is very easy to schedule a physical for Friday morning and plan on hoping that they can announce this evening. If it doesn't work out and has to drag through the weekend, Management can just be giddy in the direction the club is heading and fill diehards with hope. That being said...I doubt it goes down without several leaks first. So...leaks, where are you?
  20. People starved for a signing that are putting up ridiculous ideas is not expecting...I don't expect any of this to happen...but it makes me happy to daydream it.
  21. Not to beat a dead horse, but I did the math based on WaR yesterday and shared: Manny over Yolmer 5.0 vs 1.4 = +3.6 wins expected 28 million per salary Pederson over Engel 3.3 vs .1 = +3.2 wins expected 5 million per salary Keuchel over Giolito 3.1 vs .2 = +2.9 wins expected 18 million per salary Total WaR for additions compared to current roster projections = +9.7 wins for 51-55 million increase in payroll. This would put us roughly at 80 win projection for 2019. Add in a few lucky increases to developing talent and we could knock on the 82-83 win total. Not enough to win the division or a wild card, but definitely enough to keep the team interest high, increase attendance and start to build a positive team momentum to carry into 2020.
  22. Wilpon is saying Mets are OUT of Bryce and Manny for sure. Interesting if true. Big money teams are shrinking by the hour...
  23. After the two are announced...Keuchel zip lines from the rafters with a steel chair and takes em out yelling pitching wins championships!!!
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