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  1. It has become clear to me now...I hate my teams front office equally to garpax. I can't believe I just said that. Thank goodness I am hitting wolf Creek powder in 18 hours otherwise I might do something stupid.
  2. Yeah. Third base will still be a hole for us, but I honestly have high hopes that moncada will really click there. And I know some are not believers in Madrigal...but his glove will be gold glove and his OBP potential is finally the leadoff hitter they need, albeit in 2020 when we are supposed to be contending. The rebuild definitely took a year hit minimum missing on Manny.
  3. I have had some time to think about the Manny signing let the steam blow over and while I know they won't do 10/326 for Harper...Harper is actually the better fit for this team. We wanted Manny because his defense, war and durability, but honestly....he wouldn't sell tickets. Bryce becomes the face of the City, the division and allows the Sox to what they do best...trade talent for other teams ability to develop talent. Eloy, robert, Harper not only would be the best outfield in our teams history, it could be an all time great in the history of the sport if everything clicks. Harper will be inconsistent, but put him behind moncada and in front of Eloy and you have the best protection for each possible. Now if only someone could possess Jerry for a day...
  4. See you in the first game thread...
  5. Nbc sports just sent me a Machado mania news update. fuck you NBC...raw and without remorse
  6. And honestly...Sale is already in talks with Red Sox for an extension, so next off season could be bare. THIS was the year with 2 26 year olds.
  7. The only thing I can say about Harper is that he WILL be much more marketable. The kind of guy that is the face of the city and your TV station. But can't trust Reinsdorf to ever do it, right?
  8. And that is why you should stop spouting your mouth off.
  9. that may be the case...but that is not what Hahn SAID. key difference. He may be lying, but I don't like posters changing the presser to make us all more upset.
  10. Not what he said. He said that Lozano called to tell him the news since they were negotiating yesterday.
  11. This is a typo...He said "Isn't"...but does this one hurt, yes.
  12. Hahn's presser is so White Sox. Him perpetuating that their offer was comparable to SD's is laughable and his deflection on the Harper question is expected. "Went to bed last night, feeling fairly confident" What a loser statement.
  13. okay, time for Harper...amirite? Kill me now.
  14. 10 yr...300 million. that is A BARGAIN. Fuck this FO
  15. Exactly...and having Harper in RF doesn't affect this plan one bit...😀
  16. I was thinking the same thing. Where is the outrage? Oh wait...the 8/280 is probably him...
  17. I take this news as great for 3 reasons. 1. They really think Yoan's Power will be established. Power at the corner's is huge. 2. Madrigal definitely is going to be on a fast track...this team needs a high OBP leadoff hitter...He will be it. 3. When we sign Manny, he can be spelled by Yoan for a couple days and ultimately they can figure out his best long-term fit. Flexibility is awesome.
  18. One thing I find very comical is the 8/240 piece came out...Hector and a couple others reiterated that Sox offered 8/250 and magically the Padres offer could be 8/280. That sounds like the biggest Lozano boner I have ever heard. I really think Padres offer is 8/240 with probably 30 million in bonus and deferment money. Realistically if Sox up offer to 8/270 that is enough to beat them easily in taxes and still be a below market contract based on December guesses. TODAY is Mr. Hahn's Opus.
  19. I think I said 8/272 a while back. Looks like this is what it will be on Monday afternoon...to the White Sox.
  20. IF (and a BIG if) he signs for that...White Sox were never serious about Bryce. 10/320 for Sox would be an amazing Harper contract considering his marketability with the new TV deal. I hope JR really was willing to go over 300 for him. Manny though becomes much more reasonable in the 260-275 range if Harper signs first.
  21. Bryce Harper would not be an extra little cash. If a major local corporation gets behind him this could lead to a 500K + yearly partnership, and generally a name like his would be at least 5-7 concurrent campaigns. Think Auto dealerships, McDonalds regional campaigns. United airlines all would court him immediately. Manny would get similar looks, but not on the scale that Bryce would. Also of note...San Diego would not have nearly as many opportunities because lack of major corporations and much smaller city scale. Philly is a medium sized city so it would be good, but NYC, LA and Chicago are Advertising Agency behemoths. And Boras is selling this BIG time.
  22. Yeah, but who else would bite on Bryce? He won't go to SD because marketing and the Yankees don't need him. Giants would be the only potential option...and I just don't see it.
  23. This. If you want to be a sure fire hall of famer with amazing stats you play at GRF in the gigantic Chicago market and help win a championship. Instant sponsorship opportunities and the face of an entire division. In SD you go to play quietly, enjoy the sun and get beautiful women. This is exactly why I laughed so hard when Boras started playing the Padres card....the face of the league was thinking about going there....cue the Dr. Evil.
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