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  1. I just can't wait for the SunTimes puns....Beard Feasting on the basepaths.
  2. Right about when Robert needs to shift over to left or Right...we have his replacement in Center now. Love the HS direction.
  3. i meant in draft philosophy. they also make a lot of money as well...
  4. Cubs really have become cheap lately. I'm very good with that
  5. I will let the experts chime in here...and react accordingly.
  6. Looking at the list of Best Available from BA...it seems like a lot of pitching...I thought this was a very weak pitching draft? Or was that just first round talent? I definitely want the Sox to go after a top sign issue guy though, and try and snag first round talent if possible.
  7. yeah. I live 8 minutes from Braves stadium and the one thing you know every night is Freddie is getting at least 1-2 hits and he is the rock of the team. Vaughn instantly slots every player on our team into their right slot. 1. Robert. 2. Moncada 3. Vaughn 4. Jimenez is INSANE.
  8. Yes. We have our Freddie Freeman. Abreu either slots into DH or bye bye.
  9. word. We only see him 6 times a year and he helps kick Yankee and Red Sox butt. Big win if we can't have him.
  10. It is quite possible to say that Giolito is a top 5 pitcher in baseball right now. Absurd.
  11. Also...read up on James Fegans article from TODAY. He said his adjustments are great in AA
  12. Did we just see a GB comparison to the most toolsy, dynamic player the Sox have maybe ever had in the minors? If Robert fails in MLB...it's because he has chronic injury issues...not because he strikes out at 21%. His wrists and body makeup are no joke.
  13. It's almost like he maybe was overcoming a wrist injury and figuring things out...
  14. At this point...we are a few weeks away from actually talking wild card. Add Keuchel, cease and a healthy eloy to the mix, and it's not crazy talk anymore...
  15. I think it is very realistic to pencil in Robert starting May 1st in center field. The biggest question is do they retain Abreu or look to FA for a first baseman or does eloy or Collins fill that roll? If they can somehow dump Alonso and let Abreu walk they could really look into Martinez who would be a perfect fit at DH and really strengthen the lineup. Robert Moncada Martinez Jimenez McCann Collins Anderson FA RF FA vet 2nd baseman until Madrigal hopefully figures it out. That lineup can can compete but team still requires a TOR and a lotta luck
  16. The only real downside to this is that we can't potentially trade him at the deadline this year. Honestly the ship has really sailed on him being dominant in this league. And he can think he has ten years left in this league just the same way that all those banner ads tell me I can grow 3 inches in a month!!
  17. Outside of the Birmingham nightmare, all the key pieces are doing really well. That is awesome for 2020 and especially 2021. Not too many holes, and a couple FA could immediately make this team a contender
  18. your criticism is unhealthy though. looking at only one stat while ignoring all the other factors sounds like someone with an agenda.
  19. I don't know all the history of this board...but did Robert bang the Sir's wife? The dude is literally the best player in all of MiLB this season.
  20. I was thinking the same thing. As frustrating as Alonso and nova have been, McCann, Manny B and colome all look like great moves. Manny has the pedigree... a diamond in the rough will go a long way towards a quicker rebuild
  21. I agree with this idea. Grandal catcher, Collins FB, and that still allows Eloy to RF/DH some. Vaughn seems like a weird pick though if this is the potential future set up here.
  22. I'd say yes...but rather they save up a bit more of that Hahn "Money will be spent" for Keuchel on June 1st. Maybe that knocks the price per start for Santana down to like 500k a game...🙄
  23. Everyone crapped on the keuchel idea posts...but come June if they are still hovering around 500 and cole signs an extension with Houston...sox need to at least attempt to get a deal since pick is gone. Otherwise this team has to trade talented players to try and get a reliable starter for the next three seasons. Nova isn't the answer and Lopez/giolito just can't be trusted to be more than a #4.
  24. This game has cemented two absolute truths for this season. Tim Anderson has star power. 7-9 is a pathetic failure of Rick Hahn's offseason and near future.
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