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  1. Moncada has actually looked great in ST so far...so this is weird to jump on him. If he can provide strong defensive value at 3rd as well....he could be a 2-3 WAR player for very cheap that allows us to grab a #1 or #2 starter next FA period. Pitching is what this team really needs above all.
  2. I have finally really thought about all this...and I still am flabbergasted. that is the best word I could find to describe this offseason. FLABBERGASTED.
  3. oh god...Garpax gives me nightmares, and now you coined KenHahn. I am going to have Bill n Ted level nightmare scenes of them chasing me as bunnies now.
  4. Yeah this looks fair. I think he will peak at a 3, but be a 4 for the next several seasons. If all our pitching prospects hit his place will be shaky especially if we go after Cole or Sale in FA...but after this off season I don't know what to think anymore
  5. A number 2 in the American league is a 3.50 era guy most of the time. If he peaks at a #3 dude with 3.80 ish stuff that is a pretty good return considering we got another top 4 starter and a potential #3 if he doesn't need TJ for Adam Eaton.
  6. Being that Andrews saw it and didn't think TJ was needed now...this is GREAT news on a day I am questioning why I am even a Sox fan anymore...
  7. Funny thing is they won't even get Joc now either, since they got neither whale. Rick Hahn is happy we are at the table though...so we can now get some scraps!
  8. If Dodgers have bid high...he is going there no matter what we bid. That is what he wanted all along. Man, let's hope our prospects really take a step this year.
  9. IF the Phillies are truly out...once again the Sox are in an amazing position to get another HOF type talent that will sell tickets. Unless the Giants or Dodgers are offering over 300 million contracts, there is absolutely no reason the Sox shouldn't offer 10/326 and an opt out at 4/5 years. He would accept that TODAY.
  10. That's why Kenny and Rick were so shellshocked...but with the outfield depth they have only 1 or 2 of those guys ever was making the club anyways with Eloy and Robert being locks. I honestly would rather have Harper and the media exposure anyways. Have you heard anything out of Manny coverage since ST started? I don't even know if he's played a game yet.
  11. Is anyone gonna wonder if Levine is escalating his source? Sometimes discomfort can just be soreness that needs a bit of time off. But probably TJ.
  12. That effort looked pretty awkward though. Not the best route. But the ball had tons of carry though I guess.
  13. Fulmer looks better...but that homer was CRUSHED.
  14. yeah. what the shame is before this Arenado setting the 32.5 price per year...10/315 may have been potentially available with an opt out plan since the offers have been underwhelming. Bryce might have told Boras I will take the 10-15 million less to play in Chicago over Philly (because no star wants to live there). Now the 33 AAV is the LOWEST Boras will ever accept.
  15. If anyone NEVER wanted Machado in the first place...they should have just turned the gun on their own head anyways...because this rebuild may be ROUGH going forward without a true star.
  16. Arenado AAV is set at 32.5 as this became official. So...the absolute lowest the harper offer HAS to be now is 10/330. Realistically...that's what it always has been, nobody has been willing to yet. Phillies just got put into a position of Stupid money being a requirement now.
  17. Did anyone really expect Arenado to not resign? His numbers can stay inflated for the rest of his career and HOF becomes a possibility. And THIS is why Machado was so important. Our prospects will probably hit pretty well...but not grabbing a star or two FA pieces...we will be stuck behind the Yankees, Red Sox and Astros when they are really ready in 20 or 21. This news is not shocking, but reiterates why 10/300 is such a slap into the fan's face.
  18. I am newish to this board and fully aware of banning rules, but can iWin get the heave for this foolish charade. It wastes server space and serves zero purpose here.
  19. Call me Mr. Insensitive...I hope JR dies tomorrow and we get bought by an owner who offers Harper 10/326.
  20. It has become clear to me now...I hate my teams front office equally to garpax. I can't believe I just said that. Thank goodness I am hitting wolf Creek powder in 18 hours otherwise I might do something stupid.
  21. Yeah. Third base will still be a hole for us, but I honestly have high hopes that moncada will really click there. And I know some are not believers in Madrigal...but his glove will be gold glove and his OBP potential is finally the leadoff hitter they need, albeit in 2020 when we are supposed to be contending. The rebuild definitely took a year hit minimum missing on Manny.
  22. I have had some time to think about the Manny signing let the steam blow over and while I know they won't do 10/326 for Harper...Harper is actually the better fit for this team. We wanted Manny because his defense, war and durability, but honestly....he wouldn't sell tickets. Bryce becomes the face of the City, the division and allows the Sox to what they do best...trade talent for other teams ability to develop talent. Eloy, robert, Harper not only would be the best outfield in our teams history, it could be an all time great in the history of the sport if everything clicks. Harper will be inconsistent, but put him behind moncada and in front of Eloy and you have the best protection for each possible. Now if only someone could possess Jerry for a day...
  23. See you in the first game thread...
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