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  1. glad to see this getting interesting. especially when the future pillars are involved in the rally
  2. Jimenez looks completely lost at the plate. I really hope he can start to figure it out.
  3. Game was great. As a guy who grew up at this ballpark and moved away...making the opener today with my son was incredible. Crowd was electric, and when Moncada was up ...the fans had so much confidence...it was such a weird feeling, almost inevitable that he was going to clutch it. And Anderson's day was stellar. If we can just figure out the Middle relief...this team is gonna be FUN. And my son had a blast today.
  4. Ruiz. And then Santana gets replaced by Keuchel.
  5. Moncada playing so hot also can take some heat and pressure of Eloy, which is great for mentorship and when they both are clicking....oh my.
  6. That's fair to a degree. Moncada probably will never be that good defensively though, so hopefully the bat gets even BETTER.
  7. I hate to say it...but Nate Jones is toast. Bummer that injuries destroyed all the value he had a couple years ago.
  8. While I agree that would have been the ideal solution...if we can lock up yoan at a 6/100ish deal (when he proves he's all-star caliber) and Madrigal is a 300avg/350obp leadoff guy...you save a ton of cash that can be used to buy a starter...Or use the outfield depth to help with that. Yoan has the tools to be as good of a hitter as Manny to be honest. I doubt he gets to be THAT elite, but man that saves face for Rick unfortunately.
  9. If Moncada becomes a star at 3rd base...that Machado missed deal may be forgotten by end of season. Holy cow he crushed that ball.
  10. Hell yes. Loving this fight! Nova can get the well deserved win!!!
  11. This is the type of play that you should be attacking the first pitch. runner on third, new pitcher, gonna want to get a FB over immediately. Hopefully Yoan is ready to jump on first pitch...bleachers. Edit. Dangit...it was right there Yoan.
  12. Nova's walk off the mound after a punch out is SO sweaty Freddy and I love it.
  13. I don't agree with that. I think it is more...they are loyal to a fault. Same issue with the Bulls imo.
  14. I just wish Engel could hit. His routes are near perfect every time.
  15. Nova with GREAT break so far in 33 degree weather. That is very encouraging.
  16. Eloy needs to focus on oppo right now if he is gonna chase those sliders.
  17. that was the worst reaction to a routine line drive I have ever seen. 😢
  18. what choice does he have? Either change it and stay in the league or be out of baseball in 2 years. If he has another 7ish ERA season, his chances at sticking in the league as a starter are over. He doesn't seem like a bullpen candidate to me either.
  19. no matter the outcome....Love to see this fight. Maybe just maybe, Keller was that good today. Let's tie this on first pitch.
  20. Agreed. Swing aggressively and often against opening day jitters. No issues on that top half.
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