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  1. can't wait for the 30 for 30 on this in five years after Manny is World Series MVP for us. This back and forth is absolutely riveting.
  2. At least one thing is true currently...Boras and Lozano are shitting bricks right now.
  3. yannie or whatever her name is would Rather have Manny in Chicago and around his Brother in law....SD girls are FIRE!
  4. It is also stupid to assume that Harper would get 125 million more total contract. Lozano would be the laughing stock of agents.
  5. That's because he accurately offended all of us with his truth.
  6. With as much work as Sox have done with Lozano...he is coming back and saying give us last offer since Phillies went higher. So, unless it's stupid money...shouldn't matter.
  7. Imagine for a sec that we have the entire Machado situation ironed out and it's a reasonable offer...but also gives us enough flexibility for JR to call up Boras and say....Let's iron this out RIGHT now and put an aggressive offer on Harper. Dual announcements of signing both on the same day would go down as the biggest spectacle in Free Agency since Lebron took his talents to South Beach. I know it's a pipe dream...but man, JR and the Sox would be the talk of MLB for the next two seasons.
  8. I love BTTF to death...but have always been bothered that 50 years of sports statistics can be found in such a thin and tiny book. Complete my ass...
  9. I got this weird feeling ....8/260 done today.
  10. The 8/250 is probably legit. That is why all the local tweeters came out to say nope...trying to hide the reality. 8/250 now...then 9/280 is next offer 10/310 is final final.
  11. Imagine in 200 years when our distant relatives find the relics of this thread. It will be studied for years as the fall of mankind's ability to reason.
  12. wanted to get MLBTRs perspective on this with their live chat...Got this answer....
  13. but if Harper doesn't want to live in Philly, ultimately he has to decide that. He LOVES chicago and his buddy Bryant, and no way Machado's wife is going to want Philly....so at least that is one interesting part to this. Philly living is very lame compared to NY or Chicago.
  14. The early season predictions for machado and Harper were ten year minimum with 12/13 year deals desired. So 8 is an amazing feat even at 32 mil a year...this is prime of career ages we are talking here.
  15. If we get Machado for 250 you have to go for Harper. That's 100 million less than the predictions at beginning of this process.
  16. Pollock on a 2-3 deal would be perfect to let Robert marinate and be ready 2021 to slay...but if Pollock is only getting 2-3 year offers many teams are in on him.
  17. I'm gonna go 8/268 is the current offer and if they say they want grienke match it becomes 8/274 and is finalized Tuesday.
  18. If they have committed to 8 years this gets done by Tuesday. Go crazy.
  19. Good write up shack...but if the Phillies pay Harper 10/376 without any real threat of a major market team (except the White Sox) they truly are idiotic for giving into Boras. Harper should NOT get more than 10/345. 10/326 beats Stanton and they need to realize paying 50 million over that is just betting against themselves. The White Sox would NEVER go over 10/326 and I really bet they are more in the 8/290 realm with Bryce...hence no deal so far.
  20. Starting pitching is much more abundant next off season...plus if all the outfield spects continue to advance they become better trade chips. Unless keuchels price drops considerably and missing out on Grandal....there really aren't any other FAs worth pursuing except Manny and Harper. Get one and go crazy next year after further evaluations.
  21. No. If Phillies sign Harper for that much they most likely shift to pitching and we can get Manny for 8/270 since no competition
  22. I wonder if I am the only one that would rather have harpchado over trout. The ages....the potential for 10-12 WAR (combined) seasons and the fact that we can trade our outfield prospect depth for other needs just seems better than paying 45-48 million a year for trout. And as great as trout is...Harper still gets equal or more buzz being an inferior player.
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