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  1. Not to mention continued to bully and harass a disabled, African American kid (and his family) till he was 17. This isn't a "boys will be boys" situation. I suggest some read the whole story about this. f*** that dude and I'm glad the Bruins realized their mistake (which they shouldn't of done in the first place).
  2. I'm surprised as well. I thought Lamar Jackson for example would be the one who would've been broke that record.
  3. Remember when a certain poster called Fields a bust the minute he was drafted cuz he watched 1 college game of him? Then said they should get rid of him while they can after the 2021 season (with s%*# coaching) and then the first 4 games this year (with s%*# weapons and a different coach his second year)? Won't say any names though.
  4. Yikes. Ben getting in trouble again. https://nypost.com/2022/11/05/ex-chicago-bulls-star-ben-gordon-arrested-at-chicago-mcdonalds/
  5. Upcoming FA the WR group is extremely weak. The upcoming draft the WR group isn't as deep as last years (and I doubt many if any teams picking in the 2nd round will find a WR as good as Claypool). I like the risk. His physical attributes are insane. If he stays focused, he's going to be a monster. Hopefully his ex Notre Dame teammates (Kmet, St. Brown, Mustipher) can help reel him in. Now gotta root like hell the Ravens (or Patriots) really suck down the stretch to give the Bears a high enough 2nd rounder.
  6. Eddie Jackson absolutely should be dealt too. Montgomery as well.
  7. Reinsdorf really does not like anyone from the Astros organization apparently.
  8. The average fan likes a coach/manager who won with them. This is the same city that would've took Mike Ditka back in a heartbeat in the late 90s, early 00s with the Bears.
  9. Roquan next? Or will he be getting the franchise tag in the offseason?
  10. Amazing what a good coach with a good system can do for a team... oh.. and trimming the fat of the slow, 0 heart, soft skaters for fast, work their ass off, gritty ones.
  11. Anyone think Hahn leaked this basically indicating this is who he wants but Reinsdorf is overruling him again like the Hinch/TLR thing?
  12. I'm dreading a Yankees - Phillies World Series. Ugh.. but I have to root for them over the Astros.
  13. Please White Sox. Don't make me see Thome in a different light like you made me see Ventura.
  14. Barely played 1B all season, yet alone the past couple of years cuz of Abreu and the manager. Gotta develop defensively too. He'll get better.
  15. A very fitting record with our so called GM. "Mired in mediocrity".
  16. Thanks for the memories Jose, but it's time to move on.
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