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  1. Ok second best outing then.
  2. I have a feeling Ky will have the best first outing out of all the pitchers KW/Hahn acquired tonight.
  3. That honestly should be it's own thread here.
  4. I'll say it. This organization does not deserve to have a prospect like him.
  5. Might've been the last time we see Hendriks in a Sox uniform. Another sad day.
  6. Jake grew up a White Sox fan, lived his dream of reaching the big leagues and donning the White Sox jersey. Great kid. I wish him the absolute best.
  7. SoxAce


    You have sources Vision? That's almost a post hinting you know something...
  8. SoxAce


    A 25 year old in high A would definitely scream White Sox...
  9. If the news isnt good, I expect them to push hard for TA. EDIT: just saw someone else posted it. My bad.
  10. SoxAce


    Love James and his insight but you talk about Hahn and he'll defend him like his own kid.
  11. SoxAce


    Sox front office is gonna f*** this up and give the O's Verlander instead with those prospects heading the Mets way aren't they?
  12. SoxAce


    I don't think in all my time on this board, I want a poster to be right as much as I want @Chicago White Soxto be.
  13. The team's moves the past what.. 3-4 years haven't convinced you otherwise of their incompetence?
  14. I hope you're right, but I would be shocked if 2 of those names mentioned are gone yet alone all 5-6. Middleton for sure is gone, maybe Clevinger (hopefully). The others I would be surprised with this front office believing this team is good enough to complete next season.
  15. Clevinger. Don't care if the return is way less than the others listed. Just because he is such a piece of s%*# that I would never root for.
  16. Well... it's a New York team. And you already know the media will hype up Mets - Braves, Acuna vs Acuna brotherly rivalry in the future if lil bro makes it.
  17. Shaw is gonna be the guy who helps us down the stretch... in securing a top 3 worst record.
  18. His set up and swing is so similar to Moncada.
  19. I would NEVER let my kids root for the Cubs. Worst case I'll have them follow the Brewers or wherever the Sox move to if that's the case. Not obligated to root for a Chicago team only (hell I grew up a Dolphins fan before settling on the Bears after Marino retired cuz they stopped showing Dolphins games here).
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