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  1. The energy on this team is just so off.
  2. They need to sell. But I'm sure they'll buy because of the weak division. Doesn't matter who makes the playoffs in the central, they're one and done.
  3. Hendriks unavailable with an off day tomorrow is... odd.
  4. Usually guys who hurt their elbow lose velocity on their final pitch. The fact that he was still throwing 98 in that sense is likely a good sign.
  5. Kelly was TLR precious. That's the guy he wanted. And judging by his imput on players in Arizona, Reinsdorf, Hahn, etc. Have to lie in that bed too.
  6. Leury alone brings the overall I.Q. of the team down 100 notches.
  7. Good god Colas is hitting out of his mind right now.
  8. Probably not as high as the Yankees who have historically owned Hendriks.
  9. Don't tell @ron883 and @Look at Ray Ray Run that. They both still think Ruiz is good.
  10. Pray he pulls a Schwarber in the post season? Lol.
  11. 2.5 years of control for Soto... if we actually had the pitching and a different manager I would say absol-fucking-utely.
  12. Weird. Guess there was a glitch on the site itself. Grade A baseball name by the way.
  13. Is their a reason White Sox don't have a 20th round pick?
  14. Sox are drafting guys with quality mustaches. Burke is another one with a nice stache. Dylan Cease starting a trend here in this organization.
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