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  1. Let's go Mexico!!! 🇲🇽 🇲🇽 🇲🇽
  2. Poles bringing all of D.J. Moore's teammates in Carolina with him.
  3. Good thing DR didn't win. I could see that happening to Eloy.
  4. Brown was adamant about being a LT. I have questions he was athletic enough for what the Bears do anyways on offense with their scheme.
  5. https://twitter.com/NFL/status/1632767512797409281?s=20 Derek Carr to Saints.
  6. Uh oh... Chief does have solid sources too. I would be disappointed if they just gave Kane away. Would rather just keep him and tell Rangers GM to kick rocks (supposedly the stingest GM in the league).
  7. Would have 0 issue with that. It's up to Kane at this point. What I like about Davidson is he ain't afraid to hold onto guys that playoff teams try to get a lesser return on (Kubalik, Strome) and let a guy walk than help them. Unless he really does Kane a solid, I think he'll have 0 issue letting Kane stay if the Rangers aren't ponying up (and they better. Think the Giroux trade last year, maybe even a touch more as Kane is the better player).
  8. The first of likely many deals this deadline for Davidson. Nice trade here for draft capital in a loaded draft. 8 days away from Patrick Kane potentially being gone.
  9. The better defensive SS is at 2B. Only in this organization.
  10. You think everyone's body type is the same when they gained weight? Dude clearly looked alot bigger last season. Even if you don't want to give him the 280 label, fine. But no doubt in my mind he was at 265+ and it showed.
  11. Considering he's 6'6, it ain't that farfetched.
  12. No need to cry about it. Just an observation lol.
  13. Mahomes has accomplished more in 6 years than Aaron Rodgers has in 17 years.
  14. Alot of kids using that extra year of eligibility cuz of the covid rule.
  15. Awww yeeeeea. This guy might catapult as my favorite prospect in the org (Jose Rodriguez is still bae for me though).
  16. Looks like he's done for good this time. Took him losing his wife to finally say enough is enough. Retired exactly a year to this day last year too.
  17. The greatest Blackhawk and one of the greatest NHL players to play dead at 84.
  18. If there's any team that can trade alot of assets and still be good for the future, it's the Texans. They have 2 1st round picks this year and 2 next year. If they wanted, they could trade both picks, move up a spot, trade next year's 1st and still have a 1st round pick. Obviously that might be too rich and likely they won't do that, but it's fun to dream.
  19. Say what you will about Ozzie, but he's always told you straight up how it is.
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