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  1. Can we send all our hitters down for a week in Charlotte to fix their swings?
  2. If Abreu is back, Vaughn will never develop defensively at 1B. Abreu barely DH's as it is and likely won't or refuse in the future.
  3. Another hit for Popeye.
  4. My guy Popeye 4-4, 2B, 2 R tonight. Great to see.
  5. Montgomery and Colas both 1-2 so far.
  6. I hope Sosa tears it up in AAA. Just a clown show organization.
  7. Bai Tampa Bay. Hawks and Pens still stand as the 3 cups crowd lately. Congrats to the Avalanche.
  8. Colas 1-2, RBI, BB so far.
  9. Remember when Parkman said he was heading towards bust territory a month ago? Good times.
  10. Lopez is a stud. I don't see us doing much against him.
  11. Sosa only 6 walks away from tying Tim Anderson for the season.
  12. Jesus the Orioles defense in the OF is insane. We wouldn't know anything about that.
  13. Nothing like sending a kid from AA out there in a pinch hit situation against one of the better relievers in the game this year.
  14. 7'0 wingspan. Lordy. AK definitely has a type that's for sure.
  15. Just shows the younger generation is soft.
  16. LOL La Russa go fuck yourself.
  17. Another hit for Montgomery. Now 3-4.
  18. Never said Curry was better, just talking about the rings aspect. And Curry ain't quite done yet either in that category. But he's cemented his legacy with that Finals MVP.
  19. Steph Curry bout to tie LeBron in rings.... and LeBron won one of those rings during the co-vid year.
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