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  1. The Orioles of all teams you hate? Lol
  2. Prep player please White Sox. Keep stock piling talent in the lower minors.
  3. 5 LOB. You too have a game A.J. (at least his ABs were better than Sheets though)
  4. I can not believe Abreu's eye this season. Dude at 35 is still evolving as a hitter.
  5. Lineup is way less dangerous with him in the lineup instead of Robert.
  6. Some prospect named Yasmani Grandal went yard.
  7. I agree with this. Take your chances on Kirilloff.
  8. Polanco scares me more than Kirilloff (never thought I'd say that). I'd walk Polanco personally.
  9. Well that would require him being healthy. I highly doubt his knee is 100%
  10. Stoney ripping the Twins manager a bit and I completely agree. He's made some baffling decisions this game.
  11. Oh my god that has to be the furthest home run by a Sox player this season.
  12. Why even pitch to him? Just a dumb decision by the Twins.
  13. Not sure I would be pitching to Abreu here if I'm the Twins.
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