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  1. Reinsdorf will probably say they dodged a bullet with that albatross of a contract.
  2. Hopefully the kids finish strong. I like the early success but the scouting reports aren't out yet on these kids. Hopefully they adjust when the book is out which will likely be next season.
  3. At least this happened towards the end of the season and he didn't lose much development time.
  4. I would just shut him down. I would not be shocked if Kopech needs a knee clean up in the offseason.
  5. So that's who Brady was talking about when he said "You're sticking with that mother fucker" (Derek Carr).
  6. And hes still only 25 and hitting well this season. They will bet on the potential with the bat. I just don't think he'll ever stay healthy.
  7. Traded if it were up to me. But if he stays, LF and DH and just pray. Eloy is bubble wrap. He can play DH all season and still would get hurt running the bases or swinging in the batters box.
  8. They need to let Vaughn play and develop at 1B. Abreu would be perfect at DH but he will never agree to do that.
  9. Braves need to move on from this dude.
  10. Montgomery and Colas crushing lefties this season is a welcomed sight to see.
  11. Well he's always injured. Probably figured might as well try something to help him.
  12. Watch the Padres sign him and turn him into a solid prospect.
  13. Wow they FINALLY have the full lineup for the first time this season. Guys aren't at their correct positions and/or are still hurt... but all of them are finally there.
  14. An absolute legend! He will be sorely missed. RIP Vin Scully.
  15. Remember Parkman is Giolito's "biggest fan" though.
  16. Cardinals and their prospects would be a match made in heaven.
  17. Would be poetic if he ends up being the "PTBNL" down the road then goes off (and then gets injured alot).
  18. Ah the dreaded PTBNL. Wasn't Tatis Jr. announced as that player way back when in the Shields deal? We already know Uncle Jerry won't do cash considerations.
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