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  1. QUOTE (G&T @ Jul 8, 2008 -> 08:18 PM) The Royals have him at 89 on the fastball so... Really? WCIU has had him consistently at 92-94 I guess you take gun readings with a grain of salt then.
  2. QUOTE (SoxFan101 @ Jul 8, 2008 -> 08:12 PM) If KW can find a way to do it im all for it. Tex would be an upgrade this year and than will set us up better for the future too if we make the commitment to resign him. No way the Sox trade for him. One name: Boras.
  3. The sad part about this game is that Jose has the best fastball I've seen from him all year, consistently in the 93-94 range If he could have gotten bite on the forkball, I think he'd have about 6 Ks by now, along with no runs. Jose goes as his forkball goes.
  4. Hell, Even with the injury issues I would have traded Contreras and Egbert/Broadway for Harden and Gaudin in an instant. That would have been a better deal for the A's and they could still contend with Contreras in their rotation. I was pining for a Contreras-Harden swap during the offseason, and it would have made sense for both teams at the time. Harden was hurt and had not pitched 100 innings in two years, and Contreras had sucked, but at least the A's could pencil him into the rotation and Jose's stuff, though it had dropped off a bit, was still pretty good.
  5. Cockroaches lose!!! It's about damn time. 1.5 game lead now.
  6. I don't see any way the cockroaches win this game. They have the bottom of the order with suckage like Punto against Papelbon.
  7. Update? Is he going to need TJ?
  8. QUOTE (Chisoxfn @ Jul 2, 2008 -> 10:06 AM) This is fantastic news. Kyle Long is very very raw and a high high risk draft pick (the odds of him panning out lesser than the typical guy with his type of ability). However, if all went right, you are talking about a potential middle of the order bat (I still say he projects better there) with massive power potential (something our system actually lacks, despite the power we have at the major league level). Even if they fall short they have a chance to have the groundwork set for what could happen a couple years from now. If you read the article in the Tribune, they mention him as a left-handed pitcher with a mid 90s fastball. If he does throw that hard, he is more valuable as a pitcher than a first baseman. I would think that the Sox would agree. Lefties with that kind of fastball don't grow on trees, you know, and it is a possiblity that in the unlikely event that he signs, that he'd be ready for the bigs about the same time that Buehrle's contract is up if everything goes well for him.
  9. What happened to Nevin Griffith? I haven't seen him in either Bristol or Great Falls games.
  10. QUOTE (Chisoxfn @ Jun 30, 2008 -> 07:16 PM) Floyds curve is nasty tonight and DJ was commenting on how his velocity is up as well. Yeah, I noticed a few pops at 92-93 with the FB and he's staying at 90-91 with the sinker. I was wondering what happened to the 93-94 mph heat he was throwing last September. Nice to see that he still has it in him. Maybe his velocity gets better as the season goes on.
  11. QUOTE (lostfan @ Jun 30, 2008 -> 08:10 AM) In another thread I compared the Twins to an obnoxious rabid dog that always gets in the way. I would very much like to be the proverbial shotgun that takes them out back and puts them down. I'd actually compare the Twins to cockroaches. Every time you thought they were dead they come right back and become the typical pest. There is no team in baseball I hate more than the Minnesota Twins.
  12. QUOTE (NorthSideSox72 @ Jun 26, 2008 -> 10:29 AM) Wall-E is getting not just good, but downright spectacular reviews. I might have to go see that this weekend. Unless Short Circuit was a Disney movie, they downright stole the robot. Wall-E looks exactly like Johnny-5.
  13. I have a feeling that this one is going to extras.
  14. Thome's shot last night went pretty far, but does anyone know how far the Pujols HR in the 2005 NLCS went? That was the hardest hit ball I've ever seen as long as I've been watching baseball. That had to be over 500 feet. Every time I hear "moon shot" that is the HR I think of.
  15. I hope they take Smoak, but wouldn't be disappointed if they took Crow.
  16. It looks like Smoak may fall to us.
  17. QUOTE (scenario @ Jun 5, 2008 -> 12:26 PM) Regier is not in charge of the draft. He got 'promoted' to a scout position to help him save face when he lost his responsibilities to Buddy Bell. Thanks for clearing that up, that makes me feel a lot better about their pick.
  18. I am absolutely convinced that the Sox will take Castro. It just seems like their MO. If I read correctly, Regier is in charge of the draft this year after Wilder got fired. I am also convinced that he will be a bust, and we will complain about not being able to pick high again for a few years.
  19. Gavin's getting it up there with the fastball today, this is the hardest I've seen him throw all season. He needs to get more bite on the curve though.
  20. QUOTE (Milkman delivers @ May 16, 2008 -> 09:02 PM) And now I realize that this game isn't on the Extra Innings package. Now I have no better choice than to spend time with the woman... You don't have the WGN superstation? It is on that.
  21. I call it pop, and I drink Coke. I also have preferential treatment for other pop. I like Barq's for can root beer. I'd rather drink Goose Island or Roundhouse, but it costs too much to drink on a regular basis. I can't stand A&W or Mug. I really like Jones as well, but again it is very expensive. On the Jarritos topic, I really like the guava, pineapple and mandarin orange flavors.
  22. I noticed last September(from looking at Highlights of Gavin's 6-7 K games on the official website) that Gavin's fastball was at the 93-94 mph range, but was straight. This year, I haven't seen his fastball above 91 mph, but I have noticed that it has much more movement that the 93-94 mph one he was throwing last year. Could this be the reason for his continued success? If he had that velocity in him last year, then I don't know why he wouldn't still be throwing that hard if this isn't the case.
  23. Caddyshack is not that funny. I watched it last summer, and was hoping to laugh my ass off. I laughed one time the whole movie, during the scene when it looks like Bill Murray getting off on the old lady, but it turns out he was washing balls.
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