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  1. Pretty sure he meant Nagy, not Trestman, based on what it says in the rest of that paragraph. Just a mistype of the name. I can't imagine anyone in this world defending Trestman's overall HC competencies. What a disaster that was.
  2. Since we're only carrying 3 RBs to start the season, I think we can effectively consider the punt returner as what will eventually become the roster spot for the 4th RB (once Cohen is back).
  3. I've watched it at least 15 times... I saw a tweet where someone dubbed the radio call over the TV broadcast, which was pretty sweet, but I can't seem to find it via a quick search. I'm still buzzing from last night. Have never felt this way about a regular season game. Kudos to MLB. Now the key is to continue doing things like this, driving interest, and growing the sport.
  4. Absolutely. Not that this is something you can count on, but it's another added benefit of taking the youngest player in the draft. Sometimes guys aren't done growing. Sounds like he's grown another inch or two this year, based on what they said on the BullsTalk podcast earlier this week.
  5. This. 100%. DeRozan is still a good player and a 3 year deal is a fantastic length. Worst case, that contract will be tradeable by next off-season and a great expiring contract the year after. Also, to your point, it sets us up to have a perfectly tradeable asset/contract that doesn't take away from the core of the team if a star player becomes available. Hollinger doesn't account for that, but having that kind of flexibility is pretty important in today's NBA with a new star player seemingly available every off-season. Hollinger offered some fair criticisms in his article, but come on, fighting for the 8th seed and likely the 11th best team? That's just dumb. Also, if Hollinger was better at this job, he'd still be working for an NBA front office instead of The Athletic. So while I appreciate his insight into the inner workings of front office, I don't take his word as gospel.
  6. I think he worded it poorly. I think he maybe meant that we owe the 2023 pick (protected) and if it doesn't convey, they it goes to Orlando in 2024. Either that, or Marks is just flat out wrong.
  7. Very interesting. I was all-in on DeRozan when it was rumored as Lauri as the key piece. I like Young as a bench player far better than Lauri. And I dislike giving up another first round pick considering we already lost 2 to the Magic. But, if it's lottery protected, not as big of a deal. As people have mentioned, from a cap perspective, this sets us up to trade for a superstar if one wants to force a trade - but again, we don't have 1st round draft picks as an asset to give up until 2027. That's far less attractive to any franchise who's trading away a star player. Someone mentioned it earlier, but it would be ideal if we S&T'd Lauri for a first round pick to get back some draft capital.
  8. Even if these moves don't pan out, I love it already. Can you imagine GarPax pulling off a double sign and trade for DeRozan (not that it's occurred; just the idea of doing it), or getting the Pelicans to make a quick decision on Ball so our money is not tied up waiting for them to make a decision? It's so refreshing to have a front office with some imagination and a great understanding of the nuances of navigating the salary cap/managing a roster. The days of simple, narrow thinking are gone. I love it.
  9. If we were going to lose Theis, I like doing it this way. That's a big trade exception that could come in very handy.
  10. I think a trade is certainly possible if a team loses a starter to injury. GMs get desperate.
  11. Let's gooooo! Love Madrigal, but 2nd basemen with no power aren't hard to find. Plus Hernandez's option will now be picked up for $6M next year, so we have an instant replacement. Heuer has potential to be a great reliever and we saw it last year, but worth giving up to get a guy like Kimbrel. Our bullpen is absolutely ridiculous now.
  12. Completely agree on Ledecky. Crazy to see her race in 2 finals so close together, including the 2nd one being 1500m. 15 round-trips laps is unbelievable. The men's 4x200 relay was disappointing - from 1st to 5th in the last 50m of the 3rd leg, and then never really recovered.
  13. Selfishly I hope he ends up at Tennessee and fits right in as a weekend starter next year. But yeah, he seems to have great stuff. Just needs to harness his command, which is a big reason he ended up at UT - he said he liked their plan for him to do that.
  14. It's terrible. He'll be 20 before next season starts. They basically took a college player again without the benefit of playing college competition. He better be underslot allowing us to take a first round talent in the 2nd round. Otherwise it's bad value.
  15. They finally go high school, but taking an old 19 year old negates that. He's basically a college sophomore-aged already. Next year should be his Junior year of college.
  16. Damn. I really didn't want Colson Montgomery.
  17. Hahaha. I know. I don't know how to feel about this. I LOVE Tevan Jenkins the player. We need that kind of physicality and attitude on the OL.
  18. Not going to read this entire thread, but I just want to echo what I am guessing tons of others have said: this is a massive organizational failure. It's not hyperbole in saying Eloy is the worst defensive OF in baseball. Dude never needs to play in the field again, which we've all been saying for at least a year. What good is he if he's always getting hurt? Or worse yet, ends up hurting someone else (Robert) too? So we have a logjam at DH? Then trade someone.
  19. Good to see. Hopefully 2023 won't matter, but nice to have the protection just in case something goes very wrong.
  20. For sure. The interesting thing about our off-season is that I actually really like all the smaller signings we've made. Bringing back Edwards Jr, Bush, and Ifedi. Jones is good MLB depth. Williams at RB. Blackmon at DL. Wilkinson as a swing OT with some starting experience. Those are quality depth signings, but they don't really matter until the QB position is fixed. And these signings would go over a lot better if we hadn't had to release Fuller to sign Dalton. This is off topic, but I still can't get over Robert Quinn being on the roster - it was an odd signing at the time and a real risk given Quinn has had stretches of bad play in the past and he was on the wrong side of 30. Think about how much this roster could have been improved without his contract on the books. That money should have been earmarked to upgrade OT last year or this year. It just bugs me that our weakest position in 2019 was totally neglected in the 2020 off-season except for bringing in a new OL coach (even though Harry Hiestand is generally known as one of the better OL coaches in football). We had cap space at the time and a real opportunity to bring in, say, Jack Conklin for less money than we paid Quinn. Think how much better off our OL would be heading into next year.
  21. It's not good right now. Trufant also struggles to stay healthy. Not a great pairing when both starting CBs are injury prone.
  22. Haven't had a chance to post since the Dalton news became official. I saw someone pages ago say that all the Pace haters are getting their wish and will be happy with what's happening because the Bears won't be good next year. At least for me, that's totally wrong. I'm not happy because we just wasted another year. We should have blown it all up instead of whatever it is they're doing. 1) There is no guarantee that Pace gets fired after this year. I don't trust George at all. This is feeling like a Cal McNair-Jack Easterby situation without the media fanfare. I don't know what Pace (and Phillips too) has done to pull the wool over George's eyes, but we're getting screwed because of it. The fact that they would not address Pace's contract in the presser scares me into thinking he has much more time than we think. I really hope I'm wrong. 2) I was adamant about wanting to start the rebuild THIS offseason and that's why I hated the decision to bring back Pace. So no, even if it things blow up and everyone is fired and we start a rebuild next year, we just wasted a year. Some people will try to be optimistic and point towards development of young players as reason to watch the games. I agree with it to an extent and by the time the season rolls around, my dumb brain will start to get excited about football and will still watch their games. But really, there's only a few young players we can actually be excited to watch develop:. Roquan is already legit, so I don't include him in this, though of course he could continue to get better. We know he's Pro Bowl caliber. Kmet, Mooney, Mustipher, Daniels, Johnson, Nichols, whoever we draft this year (assuming Pace doesn't trade away every pick to move up 1 spot and take some player who would have fallen to 20 anyway)... who else? I guess Vildor and Shelley could fall into that category now that Fuller and Skrine are gone. It's not like we're loaded with young (age 25 and under) talent. On a related note, I love Jaylon Johnson the player. My problem with him is that he can't stay healthy, and I fear that he never will. He had multiple shoulder surgeries in college and had another shoulder injury last year - he wasn't on the field when we needed him most. Do we expect him to all of a sudden stay healthier against much bigger and stronger competition? I hate to say it, but I don't even count on him. He'll be a Jason Verrett-type. Super talented but never finishes the season healthy. Worst of all, even if we hire a new GM, I fear nothing will change because of it. The ultimate problem is George McCaskey. He just doesn't get it. When Chris Ballard interviewed with the Bears, he supposedly knocked it out of the park, but proposed a lot of organizational changes that he felt the Bears needed to make. And that's ultimately why he didn't get the job - George didn't feel like anything needed to change. And now look at the job he's done with the Colts. He's made a few mistakes (as does every new GM), but he's learning from them. Pace has been on the job for almost a decade and still can't figure it out. Also, I'm tired of hearing (usually in the media) about Joey Laine being a cap expert/guru. No. Do you want to know what's easy? Restructuring deals and kicking the can down the road to create cap space until you eventually have to pay the piper and end up in cap hell. You know what's difficult and actually deserving of being known as a cap guru? Structuring deals so that you don't end up in that position.
  23. Andy Dalton and Nick Foles are basically the same QB. I don't see how adding Dalton would improve the roster, and he'll probably end up costing a lot (~$10M over 1 year) if the Winston and Fitzmagic deals are any indication. I feel like adding Dalton would be Pace making a move simply to make a move. He'll spin it to ownership and the fans like he's trying every avenue to find a QB, but we all know Dalton doesn't move the needle. I'm trying to await judgement until everything is settled, but it is not looking good right now. I really hope I'm wrong.
  24. For sure. It's the unfortunate reality that George McCaskey put us in when he decided to keep the same management structure. My only hope is that they've set some parameters around Pace so he can't just trade away whatever he wants.
  25. Given where both teams are, I like the move for the Colts - they can afford to take that risk. However, I'd have been disappointed to see the Bears do it. I've harped on this a bunch in this thread, but Pace has been careless with trading away draft picks, which has put us in a position where we need to be stockpiling picks rather than trading them away. We need an infusion of youth. The Bears roster is one of the oldest in the NFL, which is a major problem for a team that is barely a playoff team. The good news is that roster turnover can happen very quickly in the NFL, but you need draft picks and cap space to do it, and we have very little of either. It would only make things worse to trade away 2 more picks and take on $47M in guaranteed money over the next 2 years.
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