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4/26 Games


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I'll always have a complicated view of the sanchez signing (however, if he is actually a starter then he was a slam dunk signing, there is no doubt).

But Sanchez definitely reminds you to give a lot of deference to the guys Paddy does sign. It was hard to look at a 21 year old coming out of cuba who had slash lines of .255/.299/.328 and believe his bat could ever hang in the big leagues. 

Yet here he is on the verge and largely based on the skill of his bat,  not his glove. And you could say the same of Yoelkis power. He muscled up, but did not hit homers in Cuba, a league we were told was so watered down it was worth taking stats with a grain of salt. Yet he hit more homers last year than his entire Cuban career.

The guy can look at these guys in workouts and project, man. 

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3 hours ago, DirtySox said:

Yolbert first pitch swinging in his second AB grounds an RBI single up the middle.

You’ve seen Yolbert way more than just about anyone on here.  Does he have any power or is he the Cuban Madrigal?  Not complaining, just haven’t really followed him as much as most prospects we’ve had over the last decade.

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