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Burger to the outfield???

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2 hours ago, tray said:

I like Home town players for the WSox like KC 2nd basemen Massey from Palos Park.

Maybe Massey plus a strong pitching prospect for AV.

They already have Pasquantino and Perez among others for 1B. 

Seem to need a 3B more, like Burger. 

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4 hours ago, chitownsportsfan said:

Andrew Vaughn completed a nice White Sox milestone yesterday, as with that latest effort he's now at a nice round -1 fWAR for his career. Even more impressive, FG has him -45.1 runs below average as a defender in a little over 300 career games.

A lot of that is due to the inability for Hahn to field actual corner outfielders. Vaughn has no business regularly playing corner outfielder (139 Games in LF, 63 Games in RF) as he did his first two seasons. I don't think any other team would have done this, especially one in a "multi-championship window",

I do think he needs to significantly improve at 1B or be traded or shifted to DH. He is likely too small to be a successful 1B defensively.

Baseball Reference (Games started)

  • 2023 bWAR -0.1: 0.0 Offense; -1.3 Defense (44 1B, 3 DH)
  • 2022 bWAR -0.2: 1.7 Offense; -2.6 Defense  (40 LF, 39 RF, 29 DH, 22 1B)
  • 2021 bWAR 0.1: 0.9 Offense; -1.3 Defense (86 LF, 14 RF, 10 1B, 4 DH, 1 2B, 1 3B)


  • 2023 fWAR -0.2: -3.2 Offense; -5.9 Defense
  • 2022 fWAR -0.5: 4.9 Offense; -27.4 Defense
  • 2021 fWAR -0.3: -7.6 Offense; -11.8 Defense

That said, he is in his Age 25 season, so he may continue to develop and improve the next few years. Sheets and Burger (Both 27) are already at the typical peak age, haven't shown much either to this point.


  • 2023 fWAR -0.2: 1.4 Offense; -3.4 Defense (17 RF. 6 DH, 5 1B, 2 LF)
  • 2022 fWAR 0.2: -2.7 Offense; -8.8 Defense (78 RF, 15 DH, 9 1B, 2 LF)
  • 2021 fWAR 0.3: 3.2 Offense; -6.1 Defense (21 DH, 11 RF, 10 1B, 3 LF)


  • 2023 fWAR 1.1: 8.1 Offense; -1.0 Defense (20 3B, 9 DH)
  • 2022 fWAR 0.3: 1.6 Offense; -5.0 Defense (36 3B, 8 DH)
  • 2021 fWAR 0.2: 0.4 Offense; 0.5 Defense (7 3B, 3 DH)
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I feel too much hype is given to a young player having a hot streak. I hope he becomes a hall of famer but I fear the league will soon remind us all of what he really is. Leave him hitting 6th or 7th where he doesn't have to have the top of the order pressure of performing like a star player. Leave him to play 3rd as a back up and Dh some of the time. Batting him second and playing second may just ruin a promising young power hitter.

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