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1 hour ago, flavum said:

I have an idea of what they can do for the sake of playing until the end with some integrity…

Treat the 5 and 6 seeds exactly the same no matter the record, and let the 1-seed choose who the 3 and 4 seeds host and which side of the bracket they want in the Division Series before they play. So the 1-seed is rewarded for their season and in the best position in their opinion before the playoffs start. 

I understand where you’re coming from, but no. Arizona earned their spot already. They decide what’s best for them, and they decided it’s to rest their players before the postseason. The Rangers (or whoever) shouldn’t expect a favor to the detriment of another team. They could’ve and should’ve won one more game if they were so concerned.

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6 minutes ago, flavum said:

AL playoffs

Tex at TB…winner to Baltimore

Tor at Min…winner to Houston

I was really hoping Houston would play the Twins. Win-win for me no matter what happens. 

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Rays adv, Jays adv, Phillies adv, and Brewers adv

Rays beats O's in Division

Astros beats Jays in Division

Astros beat Rays in ALCS

ATL beats Phillies in Division

LA beats Brewers in Division

ATL beats LA in NCLS

ATL beats Astros in 6 games in WS


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