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How to embed Tweets now that URLs default to X.com


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This has come up in multiple threads, so I'm gonna make a guide

1. Get your link, example: https://x.com/JRFegan/status/1797644454746304644
2. Remove the x.com URL and replace with twitter.com, resulting in: https://twitter.com/JRFegan/status/1797644454746304644
3. Copy the new URL, paste it and hit enter. You'll know you did it correctly because the post will say "posting as rich text," resulting in this.

 4. If it's still not working, check these:

a. You may have only edited the URL text, but the hyperlink might still be x.com - make sure the URL itself is twitter.com.
b. You did not hit enter.

5. Alternative method:

a. Tap the three dots in the top right corner of the tweet
b. Select embed post
c. Select the display option you want (video or post)
d. Copy the embed code.
e. On SoxTalk, click the "Source" logo in the posting draft. It is in the top right corner next to the bold symbol.
f. Post the embed code. It might look funky in the draft, but should load when you post.

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Also, another reason why your embedded tweet doesn't post correctly, certain adblockers won't pass through the text properly

just turn off your adblocker before posting the tweet 

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