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QUOTE (Quinarvy @ Dec 16, 2015 -> 07:41 AM)
Anyone thinking a $1B opening weekend will happen?


I dont think so because i dont think it is a worldwide synced release. It will hit 1B quick though, it will probably blow past Jurassic World

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No way.


Not coming to China until January, and it's not really a known property in the sense that the first three movies came well before the movie theatre build-up here in the last decade.


If too many pirated versions show up, grosses will fall a bit but most will still desire the genuine movie-going experience regardless since it is being billed as such a huge, earth-shattering tentpole event.

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QUOTE (shysocks @ Dec 16, 2015 -> 09:57 AM)
I think - not sure, but I think - I had a major major detail spoiled on an unrelated subreddit yesterday, completely out of nowhere. So I'm also done with the internet for a bit.

Yeah probably a good idea to avoid Reddit until you see it. The mods of several subreddits have been laying down bans left and right for spoilers, and it will only get worse.

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