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  1. whitesoxbrad

    4/21 White Sox @ Tigers | 12:10 PM CT | Lopez v Norris

    Are you kidding me, he is horrible there is no way he is an outfielder.
  2. whitesoxbrad

    4/21 White Sox @ Tigers | 12:10 PM CT | Lopez v Norris

    You are correct, no matter how bad they do, they never change, that is why they are who they are, how frustrating.
  3. How about just give him the take sign, smart baseball, something this organization has zero idea about, they are embarrassing.
  4. Thank you, just to clarify the draft is what I was complaining about.
  5. I like most hoped and dreamed that this rebuild would be producing better talent from the last 3 years from the draft because that is what we have been sold, so I just looked at the minor league pipeline that Jim Callis writes for where they pick their top 10 for each position and pitchers right and left handed and our Chicago White Sox have 1 player from 80 possible players, 1 and that 1 is Nick Madrigal who is third,really is this it, What do the rest of you feel about this aspect of their rebuild.
  6. whitesoxbrad

    Tired of seeing Yolmer Sanchez in starting lineup

    I admire your knowledge and most of the people on this site but no one wants him either now or ever, and the Yankees would never want him ,he normally plays adequate defense but is below average in offense, zero power and strikes out way too much, there is zero reason to play him, we really deserve to start having quality players on this team enough of this garbage.
  7. whitesoxbrad

    Sox @ Yankees, 4/13, 12:05

    For what, What has their drafting produced?
  8. whitesoxbrad

    04/09/2019 Sox vs Rays

    I post fine, What are you insituating
  9. whitesoxbrad

    04/09/2019 Sox vs Rays

    I think the message therapist
  10. whitesoxbrad

    04/09/2019 Sox vs Rays

    I know it does not matter to most of the so called baseball savants on this site but what actual baseball knowledge did hahn have to get his position, because I know of any.
  11. whitesoxbrad

    3/30- Sox at Royals, 1:15 CDT, NBCSC

    The best post of anyone i have read in ages, I love the White sox , but watching them is like watching a high school team, it's like they are soccer and football players trying to play baseball.
  12. whitesoxbrad

    3/25 @ Arizona

    Thank you
  13. whitesoxbrad

    3/25 @ Arizona

    Is the game on tv tonight?
  14. whitesoxbrad

    3/16 vs Dodgers, 3pm, NBCSC

    Boy i think he has actually looked really good in this game thus far, he looks like a professional pitcher which is something I have not seen in a long time from this organization.