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  1. I am not a big fan of Sheets' swing. Seems slow and loopy. I'm always waiting for him to pop it up on the infield. I wonder if he will ever be a major league hitter.
  2. I don't know if Ron really wants to be a Cub fan. It doesn't really concern me either way.
  3. NWINFan

    Sometimes You Just Get Beat

    This was the worst Sox post-season appearance since 1983 when they lost three straight to Baltimore and were outscored 17-1. Even the 1919 Black Sox played better than this.
  4. I am disgusted for different reasons.
  5. NWINFan

    Sometimes You Just Get Beat

    Yes, and those 3 came in one season. Every other post-season, the Sox lost every series. You ask a very good question. What are the Sox willing to do to improve and become a real contender in 2022? Because this team got exposed big time. I know the Astros are a superior club, but the Sox performance was absolutely awful. A great deal needs to be done if the Sox are going to be a real player.
  6. NWINFan

    Rick Hahn 2021 End of Season Press Conference

    He probably won't, and JR isn't going to fire him because he probably doesn't see a reason to. Reinsdorf doesn't like to fire people even when there is a good reason. One reason Hahn could leave if he fears he won't have the freedom to complete the rebuild. Or perhaps he sees an opportunity to he can't pass up. Or perhaps the combination of the two. But most likely he'll stay. He has worked for Reinsdorf for a time, and he knows what is in store for him. And most likely, he likes being in the White Sox organization. Seems to me that the biggest speculation about Hahn comes from fans, and they have no say-so in this situation. I am skeptical at this point. I am not impressed with consecutive playoff appearances when one comes in a 60-game season. The job of building this team is far from over. We will see what happens in the off-season. And hopefully, there will be baseball this next season.
  7. NWINFan

    Rick Hahn 2021 End of Season Press Conference

    The White Sox are at a real interesting place. They can no longer use the rebuild as a reason for not winning. Some real decisions have to be made this off -season, and, if they want to become a true contender, they have to spend money, at least some money. Another season of winning a bad division only to get embarrassed in the post-season isn't going to work. Fans who put up with a losing rebuild want more than that. I have no idea what Hahn plans on doing, but I wouldn't want to stay in a situation where I was hamstrung in decision-making. He took the risk of taking on the rebuild; he should have been able to name his own manager to move the team forward. He should be able to make the big decisions now, and he shouldn't have LaRussa or anyone besides JR looking over his shoulder. And if JR doesn't have faith in him, why is he the GM? And what does Jerry Reinsdorf truly want? One more World Series? Or is a figurative second place okay with him?
  8. NWINFan

    ALDS Game 4 - HOU @ CWS - 1:07 pm CDT

    It was a nice eulogy. The White Sox are not a bad team. They are a team that needs fixing.
  9. NWINFan

    Thanks For 2021 Sox

    The last two seasons brought on some exciting baseball. The team was fun to watch and had some big moments. Young players began to develop, and we fans could afford to have some real optimism. The organization deserves credit for acquiring some young talent and for turning things around. The atmosphere at the ball park was great. There were many positives. But the performance in the playoffs was terrible. In the losses, the Sox were outscored 25-6. It is one thing to lose in the post season. It is another to have your hat handed to you. I don't think LaRussa should be made the scapegoat, but I still don't think he was the right hire for this team at this point. And please, no Ozzie Guillen. It is time to move on in many ways and replacing one returning Sox manager with another is not the answer, not that I expect a change to happen here. There is hope for this team, but some fans are living in la-la land. There are big issues that need to be addressed. This team has some big problems. I did enjoy many of the great moments the last two years. The Sox could be truly entertaining. Everything was far from totally bad. I just would like the Sox to truly become an elite team in the American League. That has yet to happen.
  10. NWINFan

    Offseason Thread

    Face it. The Rebuild has taken a hit. Kopech is nowhere near being a major league pitcher and Eloy took a step backwards. This team got exposed big time. If there had been a full season in 2020, that club never would have made the playoffs. This series was an absolute joke. It's useless to say big changes need to be made, because they won't be made. LaRussa is now 2-6 in the playoffs as Sox manager.
  11. NWINFan

    ALDS Game 4 - HOU @ CWS - 1:07 pm CDT

    We need to say good-bye to many people and have for a long time. This team has problems but has no one to address them.
  12. NWINFan

    ALDS Game 4 - HOU @ CWS - 1:07 pm CDT

    I think you're kidding yourself.
  13. NWINFan

    For those who must…

    It is tough being a long-time Sox fan with these post season memories. In 1983, the Winnin Ugly team scored one run in the last three games. In 1993, the Good Guys Who Wore Black, lost three straight home games. In 2000, the Kids Can Play got swept. In 2008, the team didn't even look like they belonged on the same field with the Rays. Now this embarrassment. Yes, there was 2005, but that is 16 going on 17 years ago. Give the 2005 team credit. They are the only team to win post-season series since 1917 World Champions.
  14. NWINFan

    ALDS Game 4 - HOU @ CWS - 1:07 pm CDT

    I don't think it's terrible for the Sox either, in fact it's good. Better chance to beat McCullers at home, and, as we all know, the Sox have to beat him in any case. If I were a Sox player, I'd use this as a motivator. I'd tell myself that the Astros now fear the Sox, and so they can't afford to wait to use their ace. Try to win a low-scoring game and head back to Houston.
  15. NWINFan

    ALDS Game 3 - HOU @ CWS - 7:07pm CDT

    These stats are scary, but Cease has the stuff that can shut down an offense on any given day. Doesn't mean he will dominate Houston, but he has the potential to do so. Fact remains that Lynn and Giolito didn't get the job done. I think Cease has a shot. But what about Game 4, if there is one?
  16. NWINFan

    What now for this series?

    That would be great, but the Sox have won two post-season games since the 2005 WS. This is going to be tough.
  17. NWINFan

    If we don't win at least one in this series...

    All of these are valid points. This team faces some strong challenges this off-season. The rebuild needs to be built upon.
  18. Last three of the last four manager hires: Ozzie Guillen, ex-sox player, Robin Ventura, ex-Sox player, Tony LaRussa, ex-Sox manager. Rick Renteria- he was here as a coach, managed the Cubs, so just give it to him. The real test comes now. The team has some great, young talent. Now, is this organization happy with contending or even dominating a weak division, or does it really want to turn this into an elite American League franchise? Rebuilding just to have some modest success isn't going to cut it. This team has been exposed during the last two months. Work still needs to be done. We will still see how serious the organization is. First thing: LaRussa has to go.
  19. NWINFan

    The problem with the top 6 in the lineup

    I would hope not, but his injury denied him at-bats and hurt his development. He has hit a wall at the worst time. But he has too much talent to give up on him. Hopefully, he stays healthy next year and truly learns how to become dominating major league hitter.
  20. NWINFan

    What now for this series?

    Houston has to feel good about themselves. They have beaten the Sox seven of nine this season. The Sox play better at home but any home field advantage doesn't mean much at this point. I think they can win game three with Cease on the mound, but after that it looks awfully shaky. And the Sox performance in the post-season since 1917 has been terrible. There would have to be some kind of huge momentum changer for the Sox to take this series.
  21. Excluding 2005, the Sox are 5-17 in the post season since divisional play began. Except for 2020 in a three-game series, the Sox have never pushed a series to the maximum length. History says they won't do it this time. 0-6 in Houston. There is no excuse for that. This is just an embarrassment.
  22. I see the Sox brought their dormant offense again. It needs to get on track or this season is over on Sunday.
  23. NWINFan

    White Sox-Astros Game 1 3:07 Start Time

    They really do need one win in Houston, and I don't see why they can't get it. The Astros are good, but winning one of two is not an impossible task. Coming back to Chicago even would be great. I think it will happen. Why shouldn't it happen? Wright won't be pitching.
  24. NWINFan

    10/6 Cardinals at Dodgers

    I am no LA fan, but I am glad they won. Over 100 wins should get you in the playoffs without getting eliminated in one game. I know the two wild cards stir interest, but I don't like it. One wild card is enough. I wonder what changes are on the way.
  25. NWINFan

    Difficult To Assess This Series

    The Sox are the better team, but then we see them do things like Tim Anderson did in that last game against Detroit, and it makes you wonder. If the Sox bullpen doesn't implode, they should advance.