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    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Scary article about what went wrong and what continues to go wrong. It also points many other problems facing this country that have not been addressed. Yet, we are still debating about wearing masks. At the moment, this election cycle is doing little to confront and debate important issues.
  2. I agree with this suggestion. The idea that this season, even a shortened season, was going to last was a long shot. Things need to stop for a time so problems can be further addressed. This should be done not only for the baseball season, but to show the rest of the country what kind of crisis we are in. No, it isn't a wise thing to go to Covid parties or dance around in night clubs. Things are only going worsen if we remain in denial. And people in responsible leadership positions should stop with the horse shit macho stuff. Too bad for the White Sox. The rebuild is finally showing results.
  3. NWINFan

    Can Tim Anderson be our Alex Gordon/Jason Heyward?

    There is no doubt that Tim is an extremely talented player. That is what is so frustrating about his play at short. He doesn't execute on some of the most routine plays. And a defender must first make the routine plays first. It's nice to see some outstanding plays, but it is frustrating to watch an easy grounder go past or through him. He needs to work on the simple stuff; the great stuff will eventually take care of itself. We see that Tim contributes in many ways. If his play at short improves, he can be a true superstar.
  4. NWINFan

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    I can't argue with any of this. But, as John Oliver has asked, why hasn't anyone punched Jared is his self-entitled face?
  5. NWINFan

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    What boggles my mind is why Jared is making any decisions regarding the largest crisis to face the country in its history. What doesn't boggle my mind is the total lack of compassion and empathy.
  6. NWINFan

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    It is no doubt impossible to know, but it illustrates how misguided that rally in Tulsa was.
  7. NWINFan

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    All I can say is that Louie Gohmert is the biggest idiot in Congress. And that is saying something since there are so many. His state is being ravaged, and all he is doing is trying to spread the virus more. His idiocy otherwise leaves me speechless.
  8. NWINFan

    7/29 Sox vs Indians GT

    I just wish Ozzie would go away and never come back.
  9. NWINFan

    Ozzie calling out Ricky's lineups

    Ozzie is campaigning to return to the White Sox manager job. There is no way that should happen. If the FO decides to make a change, it really needs to make change. They haven't gone through this rebuild to go backwards. Hiring Ozzie would be an act of desperation. The situation isn't desperate - it just needs to be addressed. But if they hire a new manager, that manager should have a say on who is on coaching staff. If that means Coop is to go, then he leaves.
  10. NWINFan

    Who else hates Mike Wilbon on PTI

    Yes, he is right about that. You can hate the guy if you like, but the pitching performance in those games against the Twins was awful. Right now, there are many question marks about the White Sox pitching staff. You can't blame Wilbon for that.
  11. Yes, it should. It is time we stop being candy asses and really start fighting this thing. There is no way this season will make it to the end. And to all you paranoids who still think this is a hoax: How about a one-way flight to Saturn? How's that for a conspiracy?
  12. It is time to pause this season right now, fully investigate how this happened, and come up with a policy. I never thought they would get this season in.
  13. There can be only two good things that could come from a cancelled season: No one dies, and maybe more will see how serious this is. From all indications, most still don't realize what is happening and that will only lead to true disaster unless we come out of our denial stage.
  14. NWINFan

    7/26 GT - Twins at Sox - 1:10pm

    Yes, getting pounded is something that makes things worse. Yes, of course, Minnesota has a great offense but giving up 24 runs in two games at home is a bit much. You are right; the gap shouldn't be that massive. Then again, maybe the expectations for this pitching staff should be more realistic. I really didn't expect much out of Kopech, and I certainly don't expect much out of Lopez. At least the team can hit.
  15. NWINFan

    7/26 GT - Twins at Sox - 1:10pm

    These two losses remind me of the last year, and the year before that, and the year before that. Empty stadium and White Sox pitching gets pounded without mercy. Losing two of the first three is no need to panic as bad as these losses were. But I, too, was taken aback by the tone of Benneti and Stone. They really sounded like they were giving up on expectations already. Are they really trying to tell us that Sox pitching is still bad? I thought the Twins had to be favored, but I didn't think the Sox should concede the division to them. What happened to how exciting this team was going to be? What is what this manic-depressive stuff?
  16. NWINFan

    16 Team Playoffs in 2020 Agreed Upon

    I don't like to see the playoffs diluted. I get no pleasure if my team gets in because everybody and his brother are getting in. The regular season needs to be shortened some even under the current system. Playing the World Series in early November is absurd.
  17. NWINFan

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    I am glad to hear it. Things like this need to be done. Many other places haven't done it.
  18. NWINFan

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    A local grocery company took out a full page in the newspaper telling the public that masks are required for any customer to go into any of its stores. In addition, like many other retailers, the grocer installed plastic shields by cashiers. They also made all the aisles in their stores as "one way" to help avoid congestion. The grocer also informed the public that certain items will probably be available during the pandemic and there will be limits on buying that will prevent hoarding. In short, the grocer did this: it did what it could to protect customers and employees. It communicated to the public through the media in a tactful manner. The company had come up with a plan to respond to the situation and was decisive. Maybe the powers-that-be in Washington can learn from this. And maybe the country as a whole will stop the denial routine and realize life is going to be different for a time.
  19. NWINFan

    Jason Bennetti Haters Club

    There is no way I can hate or even dislike Jason. He still needs to grow but I have seen improvement. He can be a little bit of an entertainer and needs to let that go. He is doing a play-by-play after all. Overall, I think he does a good job, and comes across as a decent guy. I know some still miss Hawk, but Hawk he was a bit much at times. He even mentioned that he marched into the manager's office when Jerry Manuel was manager and started lecturing Manuel about game strategy. Hawk was not in the front office; he was in the booth. He had no business sticking his nose into Manuel's business. Stuff like this got old. It was time for Hawk to retire; he couldn't have been connecting with younger fans by talking about the Sixties. Also Harry Carey embarrassed himself in various ways during his last years. I think Jason should have a chance to learn his job. If he doesn't continue to grow and fans are truly offended by him, he won't be able to hold onto his job. Finally, I have had a personal dealing with him and found him to be a decent person.
  20. NWINFan

    JR worried about 2021 season

    I would not say there is zero love for the man. There are times when he shows his generosity, and comes across as likable. Fans loved Veeck even if they when didn't love his teams. He came across as someone who understood how the average fan felt. I don't think Reinsdorf has ever understood White Sox fans. Then came the 1994 strike and the 1997 White Flag Trade. I have vivid memories of the late 90s. That was not a fun time to be a Sox fan. Reinsdorf has had some success and had done some good things. But that 40-year thing is a drawback. Only five playoff appearances in that time. Even the Cubs have more playoff appearances in that time.
  21. I agree in that if Ozzie wants to manage again, it should be somewhere else. It is one thing not to be crazy about Reneteria, it is another to want Ozzie to replace him. Right now this would not be a good match. Time for everyone to move on, starting with Ozzie.
  22. Yes, they were, and they liked sticking their noses in team business. Not to mention, Ozzie did an awful job managing the 2011 team. This is more than a PC thing. Ozzie wore out his welcome here, and other teams are not enamored with him because of 2005. And like I said, he made his own problems in Miami.
  23. Ozzie still doesn't get what happened in Miami. I don't even care what he said about Castro; if he had said that when he was still in Chicago, he might have gotten some heat for it, but it would have died away after a time. He just didn't understand the political climate in Southern Florida, and he still doesn't. There's the first amendment; the man can voice any opinion he wants, but it helps if you know what kind of backlash you may experience. I understand fans like him because he speaks his mind. I do, to an extent. I just believe he should think a little deeper before he does speak. The truth is that he alienated many fans here. Maybe he doesn't understand that, either. Time to move forward. No more Ozzie as Sox manager.
  24. NWINFan

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    This is amazing - and scary. "It's a hoax," and "Everything's fixed," can't be looked at as generic explanations to all our problems. How many scenes of crowded hospitals and refrigerated trucks used as morgues to people have to see to realize that is for real? The major food store in our area is now demanding that customers wear masks. I wonder how much violence this is going to cause. There are times when human nature can't be explained. It would help to have leadership, but that is not going to happen.
  25. NWINFan

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    A local restaurant here in NW Indiana just announced a closing because a staff member tested positive. Which also meant the virus had to be transmitted from or to others. To all those red-baiters out there who want the country to return to the Cold War of the Fifties, this is what happens. A business re-opens only to close again. It then has to pay to clean and sanitize their place and then lose money because the place is not open. Then probably, it will happen again after they re-open. If they can re-open. Sounds cost-effective, doesn't it? But no, let's not social distance or wear a little thing like a mask. And while you're crying about your rights, Trump sends storm troopers to Portland, Oregon.