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  1. You can say that about any big free agent contract, so just never sign any top free agent, including two future Hall of Famers?
  2. Moan4Yoan

    Machado’s Missing $50 Million?

    Exactly. Hahn, you failed miserably with Machado who would have fit the team well. But you still have a massive hole in RF. You said the money will still be spent. Do the right thing and spend the money you have available on the other future Hall of Famer. There will not be another 26 year old Hall of Fame talent available on the free agent market any time soon.
  3. Moan4Yoan

    Machado’s Missing $50 Million?

    How can you not lament it? Of the 6 players Hahn acquired this offseason, 4 (Nova, Alonso, Jay, and McCann) are likely gone after this expected non-competitive 2019 season. The remaining 2 (Colome and Herrera) are likely gone after the 2020 season. This is the very definition of the type of stop-gap players Hahn said he wouldn’t be acquiring. All of the money ($40+ million, and add in a little more to hit $50 million) Hahn spent on these guys could have been thrown at Machado up-front or in the form of a signing bonus who more than likely makes the Sox more competitive in 2019 and going forward than this entire collection of mediocrity Hahn acquired this offseason who will impact 2019 and 2020 only. its the same old front office mentality from the Kenny GM days that Hahn ascribes to as well that they can potentially build a winner with a bunch of cheap retreads and hope for the best because Kenny hit the jackpot one offseason in 2005.
  4. Moan4Yoan

    Goodbye Soxtalk

    No, the majority realizes this. It’s about going forward, not just 2019. Anyone who responds with, “he’s only a difference of 5-6 wins” is just in denial and deflecting on how epic of a failure this was for the Sox front office. These same people who don’t think that missing out on Machado is a big deal should also answer where else these 5-6 extra wins will come from going forward, cuz it sure isn’t coming from the mediocre stop-gaps that Hahn spent $40+ million on this offseason.
  5. Moan4Yoan

    Open Letter To Rick Hahn

    I think I’m mostly disappointed that our front office “wizards” in Hahn and Kenny apparently think that the possibility of earning $70 million in potential 9th and 10th option years is more valuable than $50 million guaranteed for those last two years. Machado would have to get 550 at bats at age 34 to receive the $70 million, otherwise, the Sox would be off the hook. Yeah, just give me the guaranteed $50 million...
  6. Moan4Yoan

    Thinking of cheering for the Cubs next year

    Now use this same magic on Reinsdorf, Kenny, and Hahn!
  7. Moan4Yoan

    Thinking of cheering for the Cubs next year

    Definitely a troll job but you took it too far. Chicago White Sox stayed within the lines of what was acceptable. You have taunted and stomped on the line.
  8. Moan4Yoan

    Goodbye Soxtalk

    But it’s only been one entire decade that the Sox have been awful. Anyone b****ing for over ten years hasn’t been fair to the Sox. 2005, 2006, and 2008 were good years.
  9. Moan4Yoan

    Goodbye Soxtalk

    What has Hahn done well that we should praise him for... or that you personally praise him for? Did you see what he spent $40+ million on this offseason? One really nice trade (Quintana) doesn’t make up for all the awful free agent signings, Tatis Jr. trade, whiffing on Machado, and seemingly neverending years of losing, which will continue this season.
  10. Moan4Yoan

    Goodbye Soxtalk

    Exactly. Machado considered the Sox this offseason but soon the Sox will be in the same position as the Bulls where top players won’t even think of them as a legitimate destination. Kenny and Hahn can be our GarPax.
  11. Moan4Yoan

    Goodbye Soxtalk

    Maybe they should because their decision-making is no better than the common fan’s.
  12. Moan4Yoan

    Goodbye Soxtalk

    New promo... “The White Sox... changing lives since the 2019 offseason.”
  13. Moan4Yoan

    Goodbye Soxtalk

    No ridicule. You are 100% correct and I salute you. 🍻
  14. Great post. You couldn’t get bamboozled worse than Hahn and Kenny did. Raising the fans expectations a year in advance was the best part so they ensured that they would eat shit for this epic failure for a long time.
  15. The best thing is that Hahn will have to own his crappy offseason and continue to lie and say that both Alonso and Jay were targets for the Sox because of their own talents and not due to their ties to Machado.
  16. I will change it to Harper2Phillies. Or PinkSlips4KHahnny KHahnny = Kenny + Hahn. Kind of like GarPax.
  17. Moan4Yoan

    White Sox move up to 6th on pro sports misery index

    Re-poll please. We are number one now.
  18. Moan4Yoan

    Luis Basabe Broken Hand

    And when you’re a Sox fan, it rains shit.
  19. Moan4Yoan

    It's an all-important year for LuBob

    You addressed his strikeouts comment but helped bolster his “too fragile” comment at the same time.
  20. Moan4Yoan

    Cheap White Sox gear

    This is definitely the way to go. I ordered some Bears jerseys (Mack & Hicks) before the season started and while it is extremely slow boat shipping from China, the jerseys are great knockoffs and were dirt-cheap at around $20 each after shipping. DHGate also has an app you can download to do your searching and ordering.
  21. Moan4Yoan

    Speed pitch challenge at Grate Field

    I watched some videos on this from whitesoxdave’s Twitter. I have to wonder what the White Sox marketing staff was thinking -- 11 AM on a Wednesday? Also, they had people pitching with a windup backed up against the bullpen wall. If you watch the videos, look at where the pitching rubber is. Also, could they not have been bothered to at least try to shovel/rake out some of the snow/ice? If you are going to bother having a cool event like this, at least exert some effort and do it right. Great idea, poor execution.