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  1. PitchatRisktoZisk

    Worried about the playoff rotation?

    Definitely concerned about Rodon. Many people stated (and were shouted down) that the Sox should have shut Rodon down a couple of times earlier in the season because we ALL knew he wouldn't hold up all year. We're paying for that decision right now and more importantly come October. I guess we were afraid of angering the mighty Scott Boras in the handling of his client.
  2. PitchatRisktoZisk

    Gavin Sheets has a new nickname, courtesy of Stacey King

    King has accomplished 2 things tonight. He's given Sheets a pretty good nickname. Also, he's made us long for the next 5 games of Gordo. Talk about lowering the bar.
  3. PitchatRisktoZisk

    Is there something wrong with TA

  4. PitchatRisktoZisk

    Is there something wrong with TA

    He is not in the lineup again today. That's 3 straight games since his huge game vs. Tampa on Friday. Anyone know what's going on?
  5. PitchatRisktoZisk

    GT 8/21: SOX @ TB, 12:10 NBCSN

    This season is going to end one of two ways. If the Sox flame out early in the playoffs people will say that our division sucked, we weren't big game tested all year, and Larussa screwed up with lineups/matchups/in game decisions and cost us the series. If we make it to the WS, people will say Larussa was an f'ing genius for resting players along the way, managing his roster to keep the team afloat despite all the key injuries, and he is still ahead of his time as a manager. The narrative is already written. It is only a matter of which scenario plays out.
  6. Nah, Yankee fans couldn't care less about the Mets. They wouldn't waste their time.
  7. PitchatRisktoZisk


    Thrilled we won and TA really was the man tonight. That said, the entire 8th was bizarre. Kimbrel got totally squeezed on the leadoff walk. That got into his head. He then was in position to get out of it. TLR made the decision he would prefer Bummer vs. Arrozarena instead of Kimbrel vs. Lowe. Really?!?! And all the righties after him? Real head scratcher to take out the guy you traded for to use in that situation.
  8. PitchatRisktoZisk

    8/14 Sox vs Yankees - 6:10 CT first pitch

    Liam is a 1 pitch pitcher right now. He can't consistently throw the slider for a strike (or close enough for a swing and miss). His fastball has always been straight as a string. Hitters are just sitting dead red right now and crushing him. I think he'll figure it out. Personally I'd use him in a lower leverage spot to regain confidence, but it might feel like a demotion and TLR is loathe to do that to a veteran. Tonight, the minute Collins couldn't block the 2 strike slider in the dirt and allowed Gardner to reach 3rd we were in deep trouble. Liam scrapped the slider and went straight fastball (no pun intended). After the broken bat hit, Liam was toast mentally. The result was the mammoth shot by Gallo.
  9. PitchatRisktoZisk


    Any update on Engel's status with the groin issue he sustained Thursday?
  10. PitchatRisktoZisk

    Sox vs. Yankees 6:15pm CDT - In Iowa - on FOX

    Sorry if I missed this somewhere but any word on why Engel came out of the game? I assume he tweaked something but he was jumping up and down on TA's homer so hopefully not severe. Thanks.
  11. PitchatRisktoZisk


    If Manfred and MLB had a clue this would be the last FOD game. You cannot possibly top this game and all the buildup would seem contrived if you do it again next year. Just drop the mic and walk off the stage MLB.
  12. PitchatRisktoZisk

    It’s morning and Tony LaRussa is trending again.

    Am I the only one that thinks many of Jose's HBP's will be used as exhibits during the CBA negotiations when they discuss an approved "sticky" substance going forward? Or does someone have to get killed before the empty suits at MLB realize the "cure" for spin rate is worse than the "disease"?
  13. PitchatRisktoZisk

    7/31 CWS v CLE 6:10 PM CDT

    You might want to look at the video again. First he did a 180° for no apparent reason. Then he went back to the track and jumped. The ball was NOT over the wall. He could have caught the ball flat footed at the base of the wall. Instead of busting his tail to the wall and setting up, he timed his route, jumped and had the ball hit the heel of the glove.
  14. PitchatRisktoZisk

    Eloy's Groin Injury Thread

    I hope they can too, but there is nothing in our history/conditioning/approach to bringing these guys back to suggest a change in results.
  15. PitchatRisktoZisk

    7/30 CWS v CLE 7:10 PM CDT

    Well the good news is if Kuechel hits him tomorrow, he probably won't feel the 80 mph fastball.