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  1. bmags

    Ladies and Gentlemen

    does anybody know where i can find attendance to this point of the season and compare it to attendance at this point last year? i remember an old thread...but with the cubs series and this sellout, i gotta believe we are are well on our way...and if we have a july like last years!! Man, we'll fare well past 2 mill
  2. bmags

    Does Mags need glasses?

    he should endorse clear eyes...screw ben stein.
  3. bmags

    Brian Anderson

    atta boy Brian! I hope he breezes through double-A and has an easy triple-A experience, i think he may be a white sox by late may of next year...
  4. bmags

    7/9 Games

    i think in september i would bring up Ruddy yan solely as a pinch runner for maybe a game or two...
  5. bmags

    pavano or maggs???

    i believe you should reward your own...
  6. bmags

    Score Confirms Garcia Deal

    well tonight will dag nabbit
  7. bmags

    Score Confirms Garcia Deal

    not every half price night sells out
  8. bmags

    Wilder: "They wanted Borchard"

    well, i hope both do well, i don't like blasting one and favoring the other when a week ago i was rooting for both...when i heard reed was traded i was po'ed, but, i'm willing to put my faith in borchard and his work ethic, and he will be a star.
  9. bmags

    Score Confirms Garcia Deal

    tonight should sell out i hope... great to have a new long term pitcher...buehrle and freddy 4 life...yes, thats right BG4EVA is my new screen name.
  10. bmags

    7/5 Games

    jeeze...gio is dominating...kanny call up by august?
  11. bmags

    Garcia offered Deal

    to get RJ to accept playing here he'd have to be given a private jet to go home see his family every night...but i don't see how he'd accept this...He could see us stockpiling talent and say, hey, these guys are in it to win, and i wanna be a part of that again...but he could just as easily say that for the Angels, more so the angels in fact.
  12. bmags

    Wilder: "They wanted Borchard"

    Brian anderson=Jeremy Reed Borchard = ... Borchard is a one of a kind prospect in our org..he'll be super
  13. bmags

    Mentioned in Garciaparra rumors..

    I agree.i'm super satisfied with Jose's production this year...his OPS is really great.
  14. bmags

    What this team lacks more than anything

    well, the tallest midget beat our tallest man last year...
  15. bmags

    Garcia offered Deal

    he's already signed a big contract in seattle and then pitched lackamadaisically...maybe he's learned his lesson from that
  16. bmags

    Garcia offered Deal

    were kind of lucky the past three seasons for him haven't been super
  17. bmags

    Did anyone see F 9-11 yet..?

    Steff, i'm not saying they didn't stand to make it once it happened...i'm saying was he worried about an attack on American soil if he stood to make so much money off of it.
  18. bmags

    Did anyone see F 9-11 yet..?

    okay...when the economy is that bad...Hitlers strong bravado of talking about making a third reich is what captivated the people, not because he was more aken to the working man. And in that 1932 election, because he got 30% does not mean he was put into office...because the next election, he recieved far less. I believe it was the berlin times that were telling people all of hitlers fascist agenda. Hitler was offered VIce Chancellor but didn't take it right away. There was a vote from the politicians that would let Hitler into his power position, and he had storm troopers waiting outside for any politician who voted against him...
  19. bmags

    7/4 Games

    adda boy Donny! gotta love great falls scores
  20. bmags

    7/4 Games

    yes i did, sorry...thats a shame...urgh...so much talent wasted
  21. bmags


    he looks like his bat is too heavy for him when he gets in those confidence slumps
  22. bmags

    Things to throw at ANY Cubs fan who dares to croak

    i'd rather just throw something tangible at them.
  23. bmags

    Did anyone see F 9-11 yet..?

    i think he also made the point that we didn't want him in the first place
  24. bmags

    The Sky Isn't Falling Yet - Thread.

    SICK...thanks man!
  25. bmags

    What this team lacks more than anything

    tell me, did you see this in minnesota...or did this series seal your fate?