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  1. But then we get several months of free agent speculation. That is like 6 months of Christmas here at Soxtalk. Hopefully it's not like last year where most of the presents sucked and all there was to eat was ribbon candy. 😩
  2. Could not have said it better. Thanks. Let's end the tanking and start to kick some ass!! I love the idea of playing a spoiler...make that your playoff push...beat the top talent when you get the chance.
  3. Hey, Dylan Covey was a #14 pick!!...never mind not a good argument for going on a late season run
  4. I'm with you Poppy but I'm also the guy would will be watching every pitch of game 160 when they are down 8-2 and 19 games out ☺️
  5. That is a joke I know but would most posters here be happy if the Sox went on a huge run and finished close to .500 or be upset with the lower draft pick?
  6. He has always been a big fan of Madrigal even when many were down on Madrigal...so give Sir some credit there
  7. Was out at a b day dinner for a relative and just checked the box score...rough 1st inning but dominating afterwards for Cease?
  8. wegner

    2020 MLB Draft Thread

    I've never seen any video on him....does he have a nice swing? What do you see in him? Maybe he'd be there in the 2nd round?
  9. wegner

    8/21 Games

    Agreed. I think he was a very good 2nd round pick. I see him in RF on the South side in a couple years. I think his doubles power will play very nicely in the bottom third of the order when we are ready to contend.
  10. wegner

    8/21 Games

    Steele continuing to rake...I love it!!!
  11. wegner

    Cordell sent down

    Charlotte needs Cordell for the playoff push...Just 1.5 games behind Gwinnett.
  12. How about one of those Bobby Bonilla specials....$1 million a year for 80 years....with inflation that'll be like nothing when we are flying around cars like George Jetson.
  13. wegner

    White Sox at Twinkees 8/21/19

    That series was an ass kicking sandwich. The meat in the middle was crap. But the bread was very nice.
  14. wegner

    White Sox at Twinkees 8/21/19

    I get you. A bad bullpen can screw up an otherwise contending team so any and all reliable arms are important. He definitely deserves a shot to be in the mix with how he has pitched this year. Things sure can change year to year such as Politte/Cotts being unhittable in '05 to....bleh.