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Rick Hahn, if you read this board: please don't hire a cheater.

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29 minutes ago, NWINFan said:

I also believe in giving people a second chance. However, this is what an interview is for. Did the person really learn from it? Regardless, that person must understand that he will be under the microscope for a time. There can't be even an appearance of cheating or unethical behavior. That can be tough, but if the person really wants to turn the page, he will be able to operate under those circumstances. 

And you can definitely trust that what he tells you in that interview about the scandal will be the truth.  Now, the other times he addressed it (before getting caught anyway) he wasn't truthful, but this time he definitely will be.  And if there's another incident in the future, he'll definitely be transparent about it.  Again, not like last time--but definitely this time.  You can count on that.


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16 hours ago, 35thstreetswarm said:


Thanks for the help, but my kids are smart enough to recognize adult rationalization and double-speak when they hear it.  

Then you should have nothing to worry about explaining to them.

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I don't know whether Hinch or Cora are right for the job. The Sox should interview at least several candidates for the position. If they want to give someone a second chance, that's fine with me. Unlike past managerial decisions, I would like to see some deep thought about this.

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23 hours ago, 35thstreetswarm said:


Lifelong Sox fan here.  I won't bore you by establishing my bona fides, but suffice it to say that most who know me would agree my devotion borders on pathological.  Opening day is a holiday in my house.  I've hung on the team's every move for decades.

I was excited and encouraged by the decision to move in a new managerial direction.  I won't speak ill of Ricky Renteria, who was by all accounts well liked and led the team to a great season, but I applaud the front office for "thinking big" and readying the team for sustained postseason success.  But I have been shocked to find my feelings of elation quickly turn to terror as rumors have begun swirling about AJ Hinch (or even Alex Cora) as potential hires.  At the risk of revealing my naivete, I had never even considered they could be options.  Perhaps they are not--but in the event there is truth to these rumors I wanted to make my strong feelings known, for whatever that may be worth.

Like many fans, I have been profoundly troubled about the Astros cheating scandal over the past year.  I've been baffled by the lack of accountability for some of its participants.  While I was encouraged by the initial, and appropriate, reaction of shock and revulsion that met the scandal within the baseball world, I have been surprised by how quickly many have changed course and seem willing to "just move on" from an orchestrated scheme of fraud that infected the game's most basic competitive elements.  I have often tried to imagine how I would have managed all this as an Astros fan, and have felt blessed that I never had to confront this question in anything but the abstract. 

So I ask you, please:  don't force me into a similar position now.  There's no question here -- while their roles differed, AJ Hinch and Alex Cora both led a team that cheated its way to a World Series title, then smiled into the camera as they accepted a trophy they knew in their hearts was tainted by fraud.  They were *fired* by other teams--including the *Houston Astros themselves*--for their roles in this scandal.  How could we, as fans, be excited about hiring either of them to stand as the face of the Chicago White Sox franchise?  How would I explain this to my kids?  It is more difficult every day to impress upon them that they must adhere strictly to moral and ethical standards that so many people and institutions brazenly trample when it's expedient.  Please don't foist these ugly dilemmas on us, not in this corner of our lives.  It has taken a century to recover from the Black Sox scandal that darkened this franchise's legacy.  You hold that legacy in your hands now, and at a precarious moment.  Please do not sully this organization for some minuscule (and questionable) perceived marginal competitive advantage.

Go Sox.

Very well written and heartfelt. You know if they do hire HInch, the cheating scandal will be back in the news and part of that hiring will bring talk of  the 1919 White Sox. Yes it will die down but is that a look we want associated with the Sox as they embark to create a new image ?

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