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  1. maggliopipe

    A Nick Madrigal Sized Sample

    Wasn't Jonathon India linked pretty heavily to the Sox in that draft? Ended up going 5th right after Nick. Coincidentally he's shifted to 2B and has a nice little start to his MLB career with the Reds. It'll be fun to track their careers going forward as he was probably a more realistic alternative to Nicky than Kelenic (given the Sox reluctance to draft HS guys in the first round).
  2. maggliopipe

    The Case for Dalllas Keuchel

    What kind of deal is Kimbrel looking for? If they're going to dive into the free agent market at this point, I'd much prefer to lose a pick signing him than Kuechel. It's clear they've lost their opportunity to sign a game-changing free agent over the next couple years on the offensive side, so maybe they need to change plans and bolster the fuck out of the bullpen instead. A trio of Kimbrel, Colome, Herrara plus all the youngins might do the trick. Would something like 4/56 do it?
  3. maggliopipe

    Sox steamer projections for pitching

    I love what Lopez did down stretch last year. Through July, he had a 1.56 K/BB ratio. August and September (all late season, expanded roster caveats aside) it was 3.25. He seemed like a dude who just decided to stop fucking around, get a plan, and execute the hell out of it. Maybe it will prove to be nothing more than a late season blip, but I've got high hopes. Sure as hell I expect a FIP below 5.12!
  4. maggliopipe

    Carson Fulmer

    QUOTE (NorthSideSox72 @ Nov 25, 2016 -> 03:26 PM) I don't think that's the case. Part of any rebuild is making the decision to protect certain key prospects that are part of "the plan", which in this case means they'd go get some scrap heap guys, combined with a few of last year's AAA guys that are fringe prospects or AAAA guys, and finding stopgaps for the rotation. Man, and there are some real Coop'll fix 'em candidates out there on the free agent market this year. The kind of guys you get a couple good months out of then flip at the deadline. Ya know, like, John Danks, Dan Hudson, Jake Peavy, Edwin Jackson types. I really think Coop could wring some values out of those guys.
  5. maggliopipe

    NBA Thread 2013-2014

    So what's Chris Bosh get this summer if he opts out to become a free agent? He was obviously viewed as a max contract guy 4 summers ago but how have his 4 seasons with the Heat affected his value? On one hand, statistically he had some very nice seasons as a third piece on championship teams. And coaches obviously still rate him highly as he was chosen for the all star team every year IIRC despite not having huge numbers. On the other hand, maybe he showed that he's not the guy to lead your team on a max contract, but as a complementary piece he's great. In which case, he's not a guy that deserves a max contract at 30. He wouldn't be a Bulls target obviously but just curious what others think the Bostrich gets. I think he'll still land a max deal.
  6. maggliopipe

    Rosenthal: Tanaka to Yankees

    It baffles me how upfront KW has been about Tanaka, their meeting, his desired circumstances, etc. It's just so damn out of character. I don't know if he's more loose-lipped because of his new position or if he knows he's got no chance and is looking to keep the fanbase interested or what. He normally saves these talks for after his target signs with somebody else, or is traded to another team.
  7. maggliopipe

    The 2012 Rotation

    I absolutely want Sale in the rotation next year and am running on the assumption that we don't want 3 lefties in there, meaning one of Buehrle or Danks is gone. Where's Danksy stack up relative to other available LH SP this offseason?
  8. maggliopipe

    GT: JFP's Last Stand? Sox @ Twins, 09/06, 7:10 PM

    QUOTE (JoshPR @ Sep 6, 2011 -> 10:51 PM) You can get some at nick tahoe's. Never had a garbage plate Yeah that was the original joint. You really gotta give it a try while you're living there. They used to serve garbage plates at Red Wings games but I can't remember if it was by Nick Tahou's or one of the other 50 garbage plate places that dotted the Rochester landscape.
  9. maggliopipe

    GT: JFP's Last Stand? Sox @ Twins, 09/06, 7:10 PM

    QUOTE (ROC Sox Fan @ Sep 6, 2011 -> 09:57 PM) Great place to catch a ball game, great food too. They were giving away next year's schedule at the game, Charlotte will be in town for 4 games on a weekend in June, you should check it out. Fun to cheer against future Twins when the Knights aren't in town too. Do they still serve garbage plates? Man I miss Rochester.
  10. maggliopipe

    What is your favorite Simpsons episode?

    Homer Badman tops my list, where Homer is accused of sexually harrassing a feminist grad student. What a fantastic show The Simpsons was. There may be some great episodes from the last 10 years but it's too hard to sift through the lousy ones that sully the good name of the series. Not that I blame them for raking in the money and continuing it.
  11. maggliopipe

    2010-2011 NBA Thread

    It would be really difficult to root for that dbag Dwight Howard. Not to mention having to hide him late in games on the offensive end. Obviously, physically he's a beast, but he's a limited beast on the offensive end with a VERY slowly evolving, limited arsenal of post moves who can't hit free throws. He's far and away the Magic's best player, yet he gets limited looks late in games. Speaks volumes when SVG would rather have the ball in Jameer Nelson's hands in crunch time. That said, I think he might flourish not having to be the leader of his team because obviously he either isn't mature enough for that role or just doesn't want it.
  12. maggliopipe

    Most disappointing team in MLB History?

    Haha read the last post, I was very specific, I said you can't call them the most disappointing team in MLB history based on payroll and compare them to teams from 1920, before free agency and 90 years worth of inflation.
  13. maggliopipe

    Most disappointing team in MLB History?

    Juuuust a bit of hyperbole? I'm sure there have been more disappointing teams in MLB history. This is a team that was objectively expected to contend, or perhaps slightly favored, to win a weak division. This wasn't an odds-on favorite to win the Series or anything. And for an analysis of this to encompass MLB History, you also have to ignore payroll and focus on the roster (so as to include teams prior to free agency, inflation, etc). Teams with much higher expectations have also s*** the bed.
  14. maggliopipe

    2011 White Sox closer

    QUOTE (Jordan4life @ Mar 11, 2011 -> 05:03 PM) Not happening. You see how chicken s*** the Rangers are. They're so scared that Feliz will be scarred for life if they remove him from the closer role they'll cheat themselves, Feliz and their fans. Once Sale establishes himself, and I believe he will, in whatever relief role he's put in, he'll be there to stay. But don't fear. Jacob Petricka, Jimmy Gallagher, and Dylan Axelrod are here. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I read Feliz wants to stay in the closer role.
  15. maggliopipe

    Bobby Jenks to the Red Sox

    This is from Gonzalez' article I think yesterday. I don't know whether to be pleased that Ozzie actually recognized that Jenks sucked last year and didn't just have blind faith that he'd turn it around, or to be pissed that he knew Jenks sucked and needed to be demoted but didn't do it for personal reasons.