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  1. I’ve actually discussed this hypothetical with my buddies over a few drinks. It makes you wonder if Philly would even entertain this possibility? However, with their depleted farm and very average team, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind hitting a reset button financially as well as getting some quality prospects back to help replenish the system. Didn’t Harper say he was impressed with the Sox’ sales pitch? Perhaps he would waive his NTC?
  2. That's my question too. It's so hard to navigate. Especially since your competing with other teams for his services. I'm assuming offering Sheets, Kelley, Stiever and Mendick would at least have them listening. Although, i'm unsure the Pirates would think that's enough? What makes Frazier more valuable is the control through 2022. If they are Hell bent on getting a guy on the top 25 MLB prospect list, than Hahn is in trouble unless they are willing to trade pieces from the main roster? Creating more holes doesn't seem to be the approach Hahn wants to take, especially with all of these injuries.
  3. Frazier would be the perfect addition to this team. I even like him out in RF for 2022, despite what some people fear with his lack of power. Abreu, Vaughn, Grandal, Eloy, Robert, and Moncada should provide more than enough power. It would be nice to have another high contact/ high OBP guy to the lineup. I'm having a hard time wondering what prospect package the Pirates would want in return for his services? I saw Heyman's Vaughn suggestion, but that likely wont happen. Vaughn is the future franchise 1B and he is impressing me more and more with the stick. I get the whole "you have to give to get" thing, but if the Pirates are rebuilding, wouldn't a 4 to 5 prospect package be appealing for that franchise?
  4. GreatScott82

    4-1 GT: CWS @ LAA (9:05 PM CT)

    Happy opening day, Sox fans! I have a good feeling about 2021!
  5. GreatScott82

    Sox sign Adam Eaton 1 year, $7m plus option

    Strange. I guess he has a better glove than Brantley and a better bat than Joc? I still want Brantley's bat through. I wonder if that will be considered for a DH/LF platoon with Eloy?
  6. GreatScott82

    Rumor: Sox discussing deal with Cubs/Rangers

    I don’t think the Sox are done looking at the starting pitching trade market. I can still see a blockbuster take place that is centered around Kopech. Just a hunch. Adding Lynn is nice for 2021, but what about adding a front line starter for 2022 and 2023 as well? I personally thought Blake Snell would make perfect sense. I wonder if that is still on the table?
  7. GreatScott82

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    If Grandpa Tony brings in younger fresh minds to be the pitching coach and bench coach, I think that would ease a lot of the stress with this crazy ass hire. The last thing I want to see is some old ass friend of his on the bench.
  8. GreatScott82

    Offseason Targets

    Yes. This happened to every organization in baseball in 2020. My point was that during the previous 3 years (2017-19), the Sox netted amazing profits due to a very low payroll. Although they took a hit in 2020, you would think they would still have a pool of $$ to allocate toward the roster in 2021. I’m aware this team isn’t the Cubs, Red Sox, Yankees or Dodgers, but they should have money to spend on at least one more premium player. Not to mention the Encarnacion and Gio Gonzalez team options will likely be declined, saving them another $20 million. Ive read reports that some teams will be desperately trying to shed payroll this winter because of the economic hit COVID had on their budget. The White Sox should take advantage of this as they should still have cushion from the low payroll rebuild years.
  9. GreatScott82

    Offseason Targets

    Didn’t the Sox make record profits during the 2017, 2018 and 2019 seasons with having very low payrolls? I know the 2020 COVID season hurt every team’s budget at some capacity, but im not buying the Reinsdorf crying poor thing. They still have plenty of $$ to spend on acquisitions, now if they decide to not go ahead and do so, then it’s JR just revealing his #1 priority is actually saving his people $$ and not winning. Even at his very advanced age.
  10. GreatScott82

    Offseason Targets

  11. GreatScott82

    Offseason Targets

    Another interesting nugget out of Philly, their GM Klentak just stepped down... 🤔 If I’m Hahn I’m kicking the tires on Harper...
  12. GreatScott82

    Offseason Targets

    Any chance Philly floats Harper out there or the Brew Crew floats Yelich? I’m assuming the asking price would have to be astronomical... but wondering with COVID impacting every teams budget, if it would be a possibility?
  13. GreatScott82

    Will the Front Office Fire Renteria?

    Can Ricky Renteria lead this team to a World Series? I would say a majority of us would say no after they finished a measly 3-10 during the final 13 games of the regular season and wildcard round. Many of those 10 loses could have easily been victories if it weren't for bullpen mismanagement. To me, this is 100% on Renteria. He experimented when he shouldn't have and tried new things in critical situations. These are things managers shouldn't do in a pennant race. Now with that being said, this season was unique and there were injuries to key players. But all teams felt those same things. This roster wasn't complete yet as well. Having only two reliable starters wasn't going to win this team a championship in 2020. However, not giving your two young starters an opportunity to work through some high pressure situations isn't going to add to their confidence moving forward. That was not good messaging. I would 100% look to improve the managerial position this winter. However, we know the White Sox and their patterns of loyalty. Hahn will likely augment the roster and make this team even better for 2021. Renteria will likely stay. And if they once again crash and burn in 2021 and lets say miss the playoffs, or get bounced in a wildcard game/round OR the divisional round-- that justifies a managerial change x 1000. Long story short, we will see RR back for the 2021 season. So hold onto your butts.
  14. GreatScott82

    2021 Offseason Prediction: Who We Lose and What Will Be Our Needs?

    I think it’s safe to say EE’s option will he declined. That’s an easy fix- Vaughn and Abreu will fill the DH/1B role in 2021. i personally think the starting pitching addition is an easy fix too. Sign Trevor Bauer. However, this right field dilemma is really standing out for most of us. I think it’s safe to say we are tired of platoons and stop gaps etc... Many of us were hoping Mookie hit free agency with the Sox having a seat at the table. And last year we were hoping for a Bryce Harper signing. But this off-season will be unique as it appears as if RF is the final position player puzzle piece. I don’t want Springer... he was heavily involved in the cheating scandal. And I really want Bauer and we know how he feels about the Astros. lol. Ozuna’s defense scares me, but that dude can still mash. But do they want more one sided players? is there a team on the midst of a rebuild that has a complete CF/RF that may be available via trade? I’m still at a loss here. I do think the Sox will end up re-signing McCann. He holds tremendous value for this lineup and hopefully he is open to take less playing time to stay here. This will be a very important and interesting offseason for Hahn and his staff. He has a lot of trade pieces and not too many holes to fill. A position I haven’t seen this organization be in since the early 2000’s.
  15. GreatScott82


    Everything about this game was impressive! I’m very pleased with this offense right now. And huge kudos to Dallas K. Dude can pitch!