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  1. Baz looks like a stud as well Pirates really screwed up that trade
  2. Sox would do that deal immediately, agreed
  3. steveno89

    2021 MLB Draft Day 2 Thread

    Burke may well be the most interesting player we drafted. Great size, and his stuff shows big time potential. Sox generally have developed pitching well, and I expect him to rise up our prospect lists
  4. steveno89

    Royals Listening on Merrifield

    Hard to imagine the Royals moving him within the division
  5. steveno89

    Royals Listening on Merrifield

    The Royals have some interesting prospects in their system, but I cannot see them contending in 2022, or even 2023 for that matter.
  6. steveno89

    Deadline Prediction Thread

    Really do not like the idea of emptying out our lower minors and would much prefer an Escobar rental
  7. steveno89

    Catcher Rumors

    Far smaller sample size, too soon to draw conclusions
  8. steveno89

    Deadline Prediction Thread

    Frazier likely has a sky high asking price because the Pirates do not have to trade him. I do not love the idea of trading for a player based on a career year of production.
  9. steveno89

    Trade Deadline Thread

    Really do not like the idea of trading Burger or Sheets for a rental A few months of Escobar should not end up being all that costly
  10. steveno89

    Deadline Prediction Thread

    Not a fan of either of these trades. Seems like a pretty poor use of assets, especially Burger/Sheets/Kelley
  11. steveno89

    Fangraph's 2021 Trade Value Series

    Madrigal will never have the power to become a true star, but he absolutely could be an annual 4 ish WAR guy Moncada still has the greater upside
  12. steveno89

    Trevor Story

    Guessing today, EE and a reliever
  13. steveno89

    Trade Deadline Thread

    Sheets/Burger have both outperformed expectations since getting called up. I'm not sure where either will get consistent at bats once Jimenez/Robert come back, but it is a good problem to have
  14. steveno89

    Javier Baez - just asking no rumor

    Baez looks foolish to not accept that deal right now
  15. Some team may be desperate enough for pitching to overpay Rodon, but I do think the extensive injury history and short track record of elite performance will give most clubs pause on a big money deal. Sox best bet is to offer the QO and see how things play out