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  1. whitesoxwinner

    Trade Watch Rumor

    after all of this we're standing pat?
  2. whitesoxwinner

    Trade Watch Rumor

    Clevinger barely pitched for the Indians this year and they acquired outfield help. Potentially speaking they got worse, but in reality they got better.
  3. doesn't look like we will come close to Bieber tonight
  4. whitesoxwinner

    Other team(s) you'll root for this season?

    That's how to run an organization with a jerry type of owner
  5. whitesoxwinner

    Sox and Sawks to see if the Price is Right

    do a tweet the people want one
  6. whitesoxwinner

    Sox acquire Nomar Mazara for Steele Walker

    Steele walker is the return
  7. whitesoxwinner

    Nomar Mazara Speculation

  8. he's been aggressively tweeting him pro Zack wheeler stuff hahaha
  9. The other one was only at 9 pages!
  10. Guy who had burr DFA hours before we've known:
  11. The org most definitely would've put something out on twitter, especially about yolmer given his tenure with the club
  12. whitesoxwinner

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    Anybody who still cares about what happened last year is a miserable person. And even if you do care, the blame should be placed on the organization feeding people information
  13. whitesoxwinner

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    We should all know merkin enough by now to realize his integrity and how he writes. If you don't, then you must not read much of his stuff