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  1. Tony Kemp career......... AB R H HR RBI SB AVG OBP OPS 2019 Stats 163 23 37 7 17 4 .227 .308 .725 MLB Career Stats 575 81 138 14 58 16 .240 .322 .697 2019 WAR .6 Career WAR .7 Yolmer Sanchez: 2019 WAR .4 Career WAR 7.0 Just don't get how he's better. It is hot garbage all the way around.
  2. How so? Not trying to be a jerk but I don't see it. I'm interested in why you feel that way.
  3. I am surprised to read the "go get Kemp" posts. This guy would add to the garbage we already have in Yolmer, Tilson, Rondon, Cordell, Engel.
  4. I hope he has another great start next time out and builds a little value. BUT yes please.......trade him for anything.
  5. As I stated, I would love to have Mazara but not for lopez. We are in no shape to be giving away starting pitching. I would give up Fry and a low minor league prospect who has upside.
  6. I would love to get Mazara. There is lots of talent there and he could be a relatively late bloomer. If you hope to get good then you have to take a shot at a guy like this and see if it can work.....IE, Arieta and the Cubs
  7. I cant wait to get Timmy and Eloy back so we can have some kind of balance in this lineup
  8. Dont like it. I dont mind 3-0 green light but not when a guy cant throw a strike and the bases are loaded
  9. I'm asking because I dont know.......is there anybody in the minors that can come up and get a chance to start a few games to see what they can do......prospect or non prospect??
  10. I did not mind the idea of Collins going back to minors but he has got to be better then Reed right now.......right???
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