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  1. Haven't we had enough stop gaps: Palka, avi, jay, leury, cordell............ I have no issue with ozuna, pederson, and to a lesser extent castellanos
  2. I respect your opinion. However, anyone who thinks that Castellanos is a better RF'er than Ozuna is misinformed. Ozuna misplayed a few balls last year and they were shown over and over. He was a gold glove outfielder on 2017, that is only 2 years ago. Ozuna has much, much more pop in his bat then Castellanos. I like castellanos but he's a one half wonder. He was not much in Detroit and had one amazing 1/2 of a year. Could it mean that he's figured some things out........sure, however look at some of Ozuna's hard hit metrics and everything tells you that man could absolutely explode at some point. St. Louis is not a hitters park either.....
  3. Of course he hasn't bruce.....if he sign it will be monday
  4. Nobody in their right mind within the white sox organization is going to confirm to Bruce after what happened last year and with Wheeler. I'm not saying this is going to happen or not happen but let's be realistic......
  5. Wasnt that the case with Verlander when he left Detroit? Great pitchers dont go away at 30 years old. MadBum has more left and needs a change
  6. Not sure why people are down on Madbum as a pitcher. My concern is how does his demeanor with a team that plays in the new era of baseball fun.
  7. I agree Greg, we may regret trading Collins if we do
  8. Good. Covey, Yolmer, Banuelos, and a few others to go......
  9. I love what I have seen from Collins of late. I would like to see 500AB's for him next year as a back up catcher. 1st base, and DH
  10. I'm curious to get everybody's take on this guy. Is the real Nick C the guy we saw in Detroit or the guy we have seen with the Cubs. I'm not sure what to make of him. Also, is this a guy that we want to go after and potentially play RF for us? Interested in your thoughts......
  11. Why do we not like 30hr and 111rbi??? With 20 some games left.. Oh wait....we are white Sox fans
  12. This is great .....you have to be high to enjoy this
  13. 2Deep


    Do we have any updates on Yoan and when he might be back? I would love to finish out the year with a healthy core of Gio, Reylo, Cease, Bummer, Yoan, Tim, Eloy..........we are actually a fun team to watch when all these guys are playing.
  14. I've seen enough of Covey, yolmer, jay, detwiler.......before I would say Ruiz
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