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  1. Has Hinch made any statements about the cheating?
  2. You go Mendick, Yea! Kids K to W isnt too bad. https://www.baseball-reference.com/register/player.fcgi?id=mendic000dan
  3. I cant see on the link the other players that are ranked better than Frank?
  4. The Bulls are getting painful to watch. Losing to Pacers at half by 8.
  5. Maybin has a World Series Ring which is important. Maybin is a decent hitter. Maybin will be 33 in April. Engel is a better fielder and really good late inning replacement in the field. Engel's hitting up to this point is way below average. Engel just turned 28 years old. I'd keep Engel. His hustle and defense are more of what we need and he is younger than Maybin. The video of Maybin watching a HR that fell short instead of hustling around the bases makes me want the guy that hustles every play, like Aaron Rowand, and that is Engel.
  6. I'm so glad to have Stone back! I hope he can be announcing some championship seasons with us!
  7. I was thinking the same thing. Ya never know! Who knows what team could be calling and trying to jack up a trade.
  8. We are HOT!!!! I knew Cishek was good watching him on the Cubs, but looking at his numbers he has only two season with an ERA over 3.00 (3.17in 2014 & 3.58 in 2015). Thats super impressive and if continued, even worthy of HOF votes.
  9. Every good decision requires a sacrifice of some good for another good. So you all are saying you would rather have better fielding than the HR and doubles? ok, im cool wit that.
  10. No Trolls here my friend. I have been a fan since birth. Just forgot about our friend Luis Robert.
  11. Good Point. Castellanos has no fit, unless we trade McCann and/or Mazara. Remember, we also have that nifty hitting catcher Yermin Mercedes.
  12. Sign Castellanos and put him in Center and witness a poor fielding outfiled of Jiminez, Castellanos, and Mazara but will take it because your going to get 120 doubles, and over 100 HR's. Just have Engel ready for late innings.
  13. You may be right when considering 18 year olds k to walk, but once a player gets in 20's the k to w you see in the minors usually carries over to the majors. And a 5 to 1 k to walk rate is not a hitter I'm interested in, or if I am he better hit with the average of Tim Anderson.
  14. 74 ks to 18 bb in the lowest minor league levels isn't a good sign. Hopefully he can improve on this. Seems like he has a good swing.
  15. I love this type of player. Make the defense work, move runners over. Use speed to beat out grounders. He had a decent amount of doubles last year as well.
  16. Don't think Goins was lucky, he was hitting well in AAA. He would have been good to have AAA this season for depth but I'm not making a big deal out of it.
  17. What about Skole and Goins? Goins had the best K to W rate on the entire team!
  18. I didn't know this information, I'm glad this was posted.
  19. Madrigal is exactly what the doctor ordered for a team that had the 6th most strikeouts in the entire MLB in 2019 and was dead last in walks in the entire MLB.
  20. 👍 And Madrigal plays GG defense and can steal bases.
  21. I have not seen a hitter like Madrigal in todays game, one that barely strikes out. I would extend him and put him at the top of the order opening day.
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